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kawh Jan 23rd, 2009 05:26 PM

Phuket - Hotels with Rooms Right on Beach??
We are looking for a place to stay in/near Phuket that is on the beach. We prefer a smaller place, rather than a corporate mega-hotel... but will settle if the price is right. We want to be able to SEE and HEAR the water from our room -- not a short walk downhill or from across the pool and landscaping.

Any recommendations for places that fit the bill-- hopefully no more than US $100 ? We don't need anything fancy, but would like a pool and, if we can dream, a hot tub. thanks,
sebastopol, ca

jcasale Jan 23rd, 2009 08:04 PM

It depends on what time of year you are going. If you are there in the summer (low season) you will get better deals. We stayed in a wonderful hotel right on the beach, but it is big - the Kata Beach Resort. In June we spent about $105 US per night. There are two pools and a hot tub. A great buffet breakfast. And the sunsets over the water were magnificent. I'd stay there again in a minute!

By the way - I used to work for a company that was based in Sebastopol. Hadn't heard that name in a long time. The owners were Wayne and Nancy, but I'll be damned if I can remember their last name. The company was National Training Associates. Ever heard of them?

Bella_Bluebell Jan 23rd, 2009 11:23 PM

your $ will not go far in phuket and there aren't that many places with rooms right on the beach as you describe. if you would go north to khao lak, your money will go further - check out which has info about khao lak and links to the website where you can see pics of the resorts, reviews, rates etc. there are many more traditional bungalow type resorts than you find in phuket where we have found there to be more hotel type buildings that may have seaviews for a price but are set back from the water. in khao lak some of the bungalows are quite upmarket, some more low key. khao lak is 1.5 hours drive from phuket airport. there are some posters on the thailand/khao lak forum who know khao lak very well if you have further questions and we can't help you here.

JamesA Jan 24th, 2009 06:46 PM

What you get for you $ depends on time of year, what is $100 un March could be $40 in July.
May to September though is the rainy season, how much rain you get can never be known, you might get 7 days of perfect sunshine, you may get a few odd rain showers, you could be stuck in your resort because the roads are flooded. It varies so much. May or June not so bad though.
Thavorn Beach Village which is north from busy Patong would give you a seaview bungalow for $45, Ocean view villa $85, though for something that is guarenteed absolute beachfront so you step from your room onto the sand and into the sea, well, if it's low season rough seas and waves but not be the best location.
I think we need to know what time of year before anything else.
If it is during the middle of the year then perhaps Samui would be better, not just for weather but the 'ease' to find places with absolute beachfront, though prices won't be great at that time.

JamesA Jan 24th, 2009 06:48 PM

Also the type of area you want, quiet and remote, busy or whatever in between.

kawh Jan 26th, 2009 10:48 PM

thanks for the replies. we are going in july. we would prefer a quiet-ish spot... not too busy. we don't mind a taxi ride to the action.

btw== jcasale-- don't think we know wayne and nancy or the company. it's a small town-- but i probably knew more people when we lived in L.A. -- we live in the country now and it's pretty quiet!

JamesA Jan 27th, 2009 01:14 AM

July is low season rainy season, not the wettest but it's still low season. You can get lucky with the weather, it's a chance.
Rates are far lower in July.
If you want 'quiet' but taxi/tuk tuk to the 'action' then you won't want to be too far away from Patong as that is where the busy nightlife etc is.
Kata Beach resort is good as it is 'on the beach' but very much a resort hotel.
The $100 price range is ok but adding in the location plus beaing right on the beach still limits.
I guess a lot of people think there are masses of resorts right on the beaches, there are not as many as most think.
Now the good news !
Thavorn beach Village is north of Patong, winding hilly coast road but not far from Patong. They run a shuttle I think or otherwise get a tuk-tuk. That is a 'quiet area'. Because it is July the rates are low, so your $100 will go a long way. Bungalows from about $40 to Ocean View Villa for about $ 85, that is not going to be steping onto the beach but it's a very tropical island style place.

There are of course lots of places, but forgetting those where it really is quite a way to get back late if you have been for a 'night out' Thavorn Village comes up quite well. Many of the beach areas that are reasonable distance to nightlife are areas with beach roads between the majority of the accommodation and the beach itself.
Kamala beach hotel is on the beach, but I doubt it would suit you, more a block 3 star vacation hotel style.

If you want better weather and lots of places you can step right onto the sands and into the water, perhaps look at Koh Samui as an alternative. You will get better weather and the idea of room to beach is a great deal easier and also be easy access to Chaweng for nightlife.
I would suggest reading up on Samui.
You 'can' get lucky and have not a drop of rain on Phuket, it might be a few evening showers, you might have a late afternoon downpour, or, you could hit a bad patch and get very wet indeed without going near the sea.
Also you must considor that the sea can be too dangerous for swimming.
I prefer Phuket to Samui, but in July and for what you are looking for, I would readup and then get back to us.

Bella_Bluebell Jan 27th, 2009 01:42 AM

We found it hard to get places right on the sand in samui as well. If you would looked at ko pha ngan (boat ride from samui), then you could definitely get something in that price range). Look at Thong Nai Pan Noi - resort called Baan Panburi.

Or as suggested above Khao Lak - lots of beachfront bungalows and good 'green' season rates that mean they would be in your price bracket,

shanek Jan 27th, 2009 10:03 AM

Hi Kwah,
Seascape Resort is a small, Thai owned resort on the very best part of Chaweng beach in Samui. It is at the quieter but more beautiful southern end of a long stunning beach and is still walking distance away from 100's of bars and restaraunts.
They have an absolute beachfront bungalow that will be within your price range. This is virtually 'on' the beach and the resort is nice without being lux. If this room is not available, they have many other deluxe bungalows with a seaview that would be between 10-40m from the sand, these are a little cheaper.

Samui would be great at that time of year, fantastic weather and water conditions virtually guaranteed.
I really like Samui, it gets a bad rap for being overdeveloped but it is still less so than Phuket. It can be considered a bit of a party Island but the "scene" is much less lurid than some of the other major places and because Chaweng is such a large beach, when you are on the beach in front of one of the southern resorts you are still in paradise. The Island itself has lots to offer as it was not originally built around tourism. It was originally based on agriculture and has a thriving coconut industry. You can still get off the well worn track and visit some lovely temples and local villages and there are some very quiet beaches further south.

simpsonc510 Jan 27th, 2009 11:19 AM

I just stayed at Seascape last Apr/May. Yes, it is on a quieter section of Chaweng. Right next door is Poppie's which has a nice restaurant you might want to try.

Seascape is pretty basic, but do-able. DS stayed in one of the bungalows close to the beach. I opted for the newer "motel" section by the office, and a longer walk to the beach. This resort is owned by a friend of DS's so we opted to try it out.

Another place to consider is the Crystal Bay Resort. It is located on a smaller private beach just beyond Chaweng. No pool, but right along the beach! The best room in the house is really nice!!

kawh Jan 27th, 2009 03:32 PM

wow... more great suggestions and food for thought. you know... i need to be careful about phrasing things. by "on the beach" i mean beachfront... no obstructions...can hear the water. it can be above ground floor. i am going to check into the weather factor some more... end of july may be tough, but that's our only choice.
thanks again, kawh

Bella_Bluebell Jan 28th, 2009 03:31 AM

If weather is important, then you will definitely be better off on the eastern coast - samui and pha ngan - although even there you can get a bit of rain but statistically it is less likely. It is very easy and quick to hop between the islands down there so you could check out both. We liked bophut beach on samui - I think peace resort might have bungalows that are beachfront but not sure about price. If you like diving, Ko Tao might suit you as well.

btw, just noticed what you said about a hot tub - our experience of 'hot' tubs in thailand is that they are often very cold!! :)

Zoey Jun 22nd, 2009 02:30 PM

If you are willing to consider Koh Samui, I would recommend Rockys Boutique Resort. We stayed there 3 years ago in July for our honeymoon. It was a quiet resort with a private beach steps from the beachfront villas. It was a gorgeous resort and the staff was willing to make our honeymoon wonderful with a private dinner in their sala and in-room couples massages. Check out for deals on rooms.

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