Packing for Japan


Mar 30th, 2005, 06:51 AM
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Packing for Japan

We will be travelling throughout Japan with a JR pass. We have been adviced to go with a 22" carry-on and tote bag for comfort and convenience. Any suggestions on luggage and packing?
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Mar 30th, 2005, 07:31 AM
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That is good advice if you are going to be carrying your luggage w/you and not buying much at all. However, if you are going to be sending your luggage ahead, which is what we ended up doing, you can afford to have more space. It is hard not to buy things in Japan, there is so much fine handwork and so many unique items (and I am not generally a big shopper). We started w/a 21 " roller for each of us, but I took an empty 21" at the last minute. We filled it up in the 1st wk. We sent our luggage on w/luggage delivery service btwn Tokyo and Kyoto and back from there to Narita. Cost $20 a bag. We also had zip-up duffels that we ended up filling up. Problem w/the small bags for us was that we had more than two bags apiece to check on way back to the U.S. and Nothwest wanted (gulp) $225 apiece for the extra duffels! I vowed to take bigger suitcases next time. It is cheaper for sending through the luggage services (a much bigger suitcase would have been $25 to send as opposed to an extra $20 for additional small ones). And we ended up dragging on the big duffels through the airport and on the plane, through customs, not fun.

So if you plan to stay streamlined the whole trip and carry your own bags, then I think a 21" is great. But consider the shopping part if there is any chance you'll do that. For us, taking bigger bags would have been much better, since we sent them ahead of us.

Re packing: the old advice, set out what you think you'll need, and take half of it. I got by with nice coordinated outfits and wore them both day and night- there was no need for the nighttime pieces I brought. I took no jeans, too heavy and I actually found that I felt better in other pants. Japanese women dress sharply and even as a tourist I left better in clothes that were just a bit nicer.

What time of year are you going?
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Mar 30th, 2005, 06:19 PM
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Thanks for the info. We will be leaving on April 15th. I understand is still very cold over there. Would a fleece jacket work? Cities we are visiting are Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone and Tokyo.
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