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kakijalan Mar 25th, 2008 08:08 PM

Options for Jogjakarta
I will be heading for Solo and Jogja this weekend. We've arranged for a car and driver and more or less have our itinerary set, which will include Borobudur and nearby temples, Prambanan, Sultan's kraton, the various handicraft villages, Parangtritis sunset, batik in Solo etc.

One of the plan is to go to Deing Plateau.

Having read reviews, I've discovered that the journey may take a while (3 1/2hr each way). While I am excited about seeing natural panoramic beauty, I'm not sure whether my elderly parents would be as equally excited. 7 hrs travelling time is beginning to sound rather tiring.

So, if I need to drop Deing Plateau, what else could we do in the area?

p/s: we'll be there fo 5D4N, arriving early morning, departing late afternoon. So that's really 4 1/2 days of sightseeing opportunity

MichaelBKK Mar 26th, 2008 12:56 AM

Are you basing in Solo, Yogya, or a little of both. If you're spending some time in Solo, then the market, sultan's palace and hill temples like Candi Sukuh are worth it. You can do all these in a day trip from Yogya.

marmot Mar 26th, 2008 03:49 AM

kakijalan, I think it depends a lot on where you're staying. From your name it sounds like you're from the area so you probably know the limitations of a crowded, hot, polluted Asian city. Staying a few nights in the country side (or at least at a hotel with nice grounds and a pool) can be a nice relief.

You need to plan ample time to get out of the heat, for spa treatments, naps etc.

Personally, I like long drives through the Javanese country side. It is a long haul to do the Dieng Plateau in one day, but you can stop along the way at cafes or handicraft shops. Depending on what you're interested in you'll find workshops making bamboo items, batik, puppets, glass paintings all over the area.

I'd also suggest that you stay at least one night in the vicinity of Borobudur as the monument deserves repeat visits at different times of day. It's really nice to take village walks in the countryside.

I would try to see a Javanese dance and gamelan performance -- could be classical at the Kraton in Yogya, touristy but flamboyant at Prambanan, and ethnic and folksy in the villages. The area is also known for mysticism and you may be able to see firewalking or trance dancing. And don't miss the opportunity to see a shadow puppet performance, especially in a village setting.

Becalm Mar 26th, 2008 06:03 PM

As an alternative to the Deing Plateau
look at Gedong Songo whose temples are similar to the DP temples. "They are probably the most beautifully sited of all Java's temples and the views alone are worth the trip." The trip takes you past terraced orchards, rose gardens, sulphur springs, a flower and vegetable market, warungs and waterfalls. About a two hour drive from Yogya and one hour+ from Borobudur.

The temples are an average of 150m apart and its about a 20 minute walk to a temple which is totally resored. The total walking path is 2400m long but your parents don't have to walk the entire way if they are not up to it.

kakijalan Mar 27th, 2008 09:39 AM

Many thanks!

Am leaving in a few hours time :)

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