New features on hyperdia for Japan Rail


Dec 30th, 2013, 06:00 PM
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New features on hyperdia for Japan Rail

For maybe the first time I looked at the homepage and read the information section. It includes the date (Dec 20) of the last timetable updates (not that it matters much).

The new features as of Sept 30 are "HYPERDIA by VOICE" and "HYPERDIA for Android" for mobile access to timetables.

Also, there is a red button on the homepage labeled "SmartDia". It might be an interesting thing but I can't tell because it links to a webpage that is in Japanese. The important! thing is the name: SmartDia. You can only say that as "smart dee ah" (or maybe "smart dye ah" but I doubt very much that would be right).

That means that hyperdia is "hyper DEE ah" and not "hy PERD ee ah" like I have been saying/thinking for over a decade. Who knew?
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Dec 30th, 2013, 06:11 PM
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mrwunrfl - I recently got a android tablet and I downloaded the hyperdia app - not that I probably would even use it in Japan since there's so little wifi there but it sure is fun to have.

Will try to figure out what Smart Dia is when I have some time....
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