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coloradoz Apr 1st, 2005 06:39 PM

Need info on Bus schedule to/from Magome
We are staying at a ryokan in Magome on the evening of April 25th with the intention of getting to the Nagoya airport on the afternoon of April 26th. I know how to find info re: train schedules from the nearby train stations but don't know how to find the information on the bus from Magome to the station.
One source indicates there is only one bus a day and another source says the bus runs hourly- Magome to Nakatsugawa.
Any one have any info about this? Maybe a better way to get to Nagoya from Magome?
Thanks for your help

mrwunrfl Apr 1st, 2005 10:19 PM

The JNTO guide for Kiso Valley says there is 1 daily bus to Magome from Nakatsugawa, 34 min, 690 JPY, Nohi Noriai Jidosha Bus. It also says 4 daily runs from Magome to Tsumago, 35 min, 650 yen, Ontake Kotsu Bus. Your travel day is a Tuesday, so the Nohi Bus probably won't be full (might be concerned if it was Sunday). Left my guidebooks in the car. I think that Japan Solo mentions transport options for Magome. I'll get that info out this weekend and get back to you.

mrwunrfl Apr 1st, 2005 10:30 PM

Found a French page that says there is a bus from Meitetsu Bus Center in Nagoya to Magome, 1 hr 30 min.

Linda05 Apr 2nd, 2005 05:24 AM

Hi - I will be spending the night in Magome on 4/14 and was intending to stay there until late in the day on 4/15, then on to Nagoya. Any information confirming when the once daily bus leaves Magome for Nagoya would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

coloradoz Apr 2nd, 2005 08:16 AM

Thanks for the replies. I saw the JNTO guide saying one bus per day from Magome to Nakatsugawa. After posting the original message, I found this on Magome is connected by bus with JR Nakatsugawa Station, the closest train station. Buses depart roughly once an hour and take about 30 minutes to/from Magome.

Nakatsugawa Station is a major station on the JR Chuo Line. The JR Shinano limited express takes about 47 minutes from Nagoya, 80 minutes from Matsumoto and two hours from Nagano to Nakatsugawa.

Elainee Apr 2nd, 2005 09:32 AM

We did the walk from Magome to Tsumago. We took a cab from Nakatsugawa since we got off there instead of Nagiso by mistake. On a Saturday afternoon Nakatsugawa was deserted. We found a man washing his car in his driveway and he helped us by calling a friend who spoke English and the friend called a cab for us. Nothing was open in Nakatsugawa!! The cab ride was very nice, stopped for us to take photos. It must have been expensive...we do not remember the price. We walked from Magome to Tsumago. Wonderful!! We were the only people on the trail after we left the village. The village was very crowded with Japanese tourists. Ate in a very nice noodle shop on the main street. Bought flower seeds from the large store on the corner. Hope to get Japanese flowers this summer in my garden. The walk is more difficult than the guidebooks suggest. It does go over a mountain pass so lots of uphill. It took us much longer than we expected, we thought 1.5 hours, took 2.5 hours. Very interesting, forests, farms, dogs, views. When we got to the first shops in Tsumago it was getting dark so we asked the shopkeeper to call a cab. Same cabdriver. He drove very fast to get us to the Nagiso station and we just made the train back to Matsumoto. If we had had to buy tickets (if we did not have a JR railpass) we would not have made the train. This cab ride was not expensive, it was very short. If you need to get to train station, it seems that going thru Tsumago is easier. The walk was a highlight of our trip. FYI..we really liked Matsumoto.

mrwunrfl Apr 2nd, 2005 10:37 AM

When were you there, Elainee? Good to hear it was not busy as I've read that it was a popular day trip from Nagoya. Maybe the day-trippers are all on tour buses and the public buses are not as busy (in Kamikochi last May I got my departing bus ticket as soon as I arrived. Boarding sequence was in the order that ticket was purchased and I was one of the last people on the bus). Taking the taxi sure made things easy for you.

Glad to hear that you liked Matsumoto; I did too. Did you visit the castle?

Elainee Apr 3rd, 2005 08:06 PM

It was a Sunday, first week in November. Beautiful, warm, sunny day. The many Japanese tourists seem to have taken a bus which left them off at the top of the hill of Magome and they walked down into the village (five minutes), shopped, ate, etc. and then got back on the bus at the foot of the village. We seem to have been the only ones going in our direction (uphill).
We really liked Matsumoto. We enjoyed the castle. The Ukiyo-e Museum was quite special. This is the museum from the company that has made highest quality woodblock prints of most of the famous artists. They also sell prints made from new woodblocks they cut from the originals. Still expensive but not like buying good antique originals. So sorry I only bought one. Loved the Buena Vista Hotel. Comfortable Western-style hotel with the best bargain in dinner in Japan. Can you believe...$12 for a full Western dinner with salad/soup bar (help yourself), appetizer, main course (meat or fish or choice), choice of potato or rice, vegetables, dessert (very fancy...fab grape sorbet, cake, berries, sauce), and ice cream bar with 8 choices (we tried all 8 every evening..all quite excellent), plus one glass beer or very nice wine. WOW!! Especially after three weeks of Japanese food three times a day. We liked the old section of the town we found walking back to hotel from castle. Excellent used bookshops and old/used clothes shops. Bought beautiful robe in shop where I had to take off my shoes. Red light section between train station and hotel, but the men and women there ignored us. Guess they though we were not going to be good for business. All very interesting.

coloradoz Apr 4th, 2005 08:47 AM

To Linda05
I don't have info on the bus from Magome to Nagoya but I think the bus to Nakatsugawa and then the train to Nagoya will be the fstest- and probably about the same price, although I'm not sure of that.

- Bus schedule from Magome to Nakatsugawa:
From the Magome Bus Stop, the buses depart at:
9:40, 10:20, 11:00, 12:30, 13:05, and 14:05.
It is a 30 minute bus ride and the cost is 540 yen

If you catch the 14:05 bus, there is a train at 14:35 which you can get at 14:35 but you possibly wouldn't be able to amke it. The cost is yen 1280. The next train is at 4:56 and costs 2940 because it is an express.
You can get train times and costs at

Linda05 Apr 4th, 2005 09:09 AM

Thanks coloradoz! This is very helpful. It looks like I should plan to get up bright and early that morning in Magome, get my hiking in and then make the 14:05 bus. I should be ok taking the express train because it will be the last day to use my JR pass.

Thanks so much. I'm sure I'd be able to work out details like this when I'm there, but it's so helpful to have some idea of where I'll be and when, in advance.

Three more days and I'm off!! :)

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