Mar 4th, 2004, 11:38 AM
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Just back from Myanmar; travelled with my girlfriend (not a tour group) and made up our itinerary on the fly. Here's a report on safety.

We had no real problems. The only incident we had that could even be construed as threatening was a muslim guy in the streets of Yangon who popped a plastic bag while glaring at us. Also, Burmese who we encountered on the beach in Ngwe Saung were decidedly less friendly than every other Burmese person we met on the trip. I'm speculating that the devlopment of beach resorts there has come at a cost to the local fisherman and residents.

Otherwise, no problems at all. We were out after dark with no clue on a number of occassions, and I never felt at all threatened. In talking to a couple ex-pat westerners who live in Myanmar, I got the impression that it really is a very safe country.

One clue: really poor vendors to whom we gave too much money by accident (or because we didn't understand how much something cost) would almost always give us our change. That's a sign of an honest people, folks.
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