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jdc26 May 10th, 2017 01:38 PM

My Japan Travels - Follow-along with me
Hi All, thought I'd post a day-to-day update of my one-month travels in Japan.

I left IAD Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 at 12:20pm flying first class (which IMO if you can afford to for such a long haul is the way to go) that was scheduled to arrive at Narita at 15:25, May 10th, 2017. The flight was uneventful until an announcement came about mid-flight asking if a doctor was onboard. Fast-forward about one-half hours we're told that the sick passenger was not getting any better so we would be diverting to Anchorage, Alaska for an emergency landing in 20 mins to let off sick passenger. We set down in Anchorage at about 3:30 local time give or take and was met by paramedics to off load sick passenger. Thereafter, the Captain announced that he's securing a new route to get us on the way to Tokyo while the plane is being re-fueled. After about 2hrs. on the ground we received clearance to take off and are on our way. We then continued uneventfully to Narita and touched down at about 5:40, a bit over 2hrs., of our original scheduled touch down. (Haven't never been to Alaska, I'm thinking I can cross it of my bucket list now, after seeing the snow-capped mountains from my window on the plane.)

Clearing immigration went quick and very smoothly. Picked up my luggage and headed upstairs (4th floor) to pickup up my portable WiFi which I rented from Advanced Global Communications. After picking up wifi I then headed to ATM to withdraw some Yen and went back downstairs to purchased my ticket for the Keisei Skyliner at ¥2470 to Nippori Station. I intended after purchasing my ticket to transfer my Japan Rail voucher but the clerk at Keisei counter said I had no time since my train was already on platform 5 and would be leaving in a few minutes at 6:48 so I'll need to run, but run where when there a many of us heading in the same direction to get on the same train. I made it to the platform, which was super easy to find, and onto the waiting train. Once on the train all the bottom racks for storing your luggage was taken, but I was helped by a very kind Japanese gentleman who saw my struggles. I immediately took the first available seat until a couple came on looking at me and their tickets and pointing which made me look at my ticket only to realized that I was in the wrong seat. My reserved seat was 3A. So up I went to seat 3A only to be told no this is not your seat, you're in 8 (will figure that out later). So back I went to a gentleman who I thought was in my seat only to be told no I'm not. Back again to seat 3A pointing to my ticket "no this is my seat". The kind lady, who never seemed perturbed by this crazy lady telling her she's in her seat, finally explained to me that I'm currently in car 6, but my ticket is for car 8, seat 3A. Humbly apologizing for my error, I grabbed my suitcase and glided 2 cars over to car 8, seat 3A and all's right in my train travel world. So note to anyone catching the Keisei Skyliner, all seats are reserved which is being announced on entry on the train, but who's paying attention to this when you're trying to get on and get settled. (In also the confusion, I left my glasses holder in car 6, but only realized this as the train was pulling into Nippori Station...oh well I swapped one case I had)

The train ride to Nippori Station was on time and fast. I would say in less than 20-30 minutes I was at Nippori after leaving Narita. So if you're staying in the Ueno area (Ueno being the last stop) the Keisei Skyliner is fast and cheap option. Once at Nippori, I had told my host that with the lateness and rain (it's now almost 8pm), I would prefer to take a taxi, which she said was okay but call her once I got the taxi so she could give him directions to her studio which was about 5mins away driving and about 10-12 minutes if I'd walked, but with luggage and me being directionally challenged when arriving at a new location, I imagined it would've taken me much longer. The taxi driver stopped on the corner of the street where my host was waiting and cost ¥570. (One note, with this being my only taxi ride so far, the driver never got out to help me put my luggage in the car even after seeing me struggling to lift a heavy suitcase, not even popping the trunk. So not sure if this is standard Japanese taxi practice or not, if it's standard, I guess I won't hold it against him, but common courtesy dictates that such should be done, especially when a woman is struggling to lift a heavy suitcase).

Anyway, I settled in for the night too tired to even venture out to grab something to eat. I made a cup of tea and as tired as I was sleep eluded me so I tried catching up with some work emails and watching a nature documentary on Netflix until I finally decided to turn it off and tried to sleep which I finally did at about 11:30pm.

So that is my travel day 1. It's now 6:15am and I've been up since about 3am, still on USA time and wondering when or if jet leg will set in and kick me down. I have breakfast with my host at 9am and then I'll head over to Ueno Station, which the attendant at Nippori Station told me can exchange my Japan Rail voucher. Then I'll check out this neat neighborhood before my real adventure begins, trying my hand at actually riding the Tokyo subway to meet my Japanese friends for dinner at Yokohama Station, but I'm armed with the Tokyo subway app, Navitime and Japan Travel apps.

Will update my day 2 adventure tomorrow.

Lolazahra May 10th, 2017 02:42 PM

Great start. Looking forward to following along.

Kathie May 10th, 2017 07:02 PM

Looking forward to your report!

tripplanner001 May 11th, 2017 03:16 AM

Following along too. As for the initial Japanese train confusions, I think most of us have experienced it at some point during our travels there - at least I have.

jdc26 May 11th, 2017 07:44 AM

Thank you guys for following along.

Day 2: sleep still eludes me. Up earlier than I should be, but hey I'm on vacation so time is of no importance unless you have a specific train to catch.

Met my host at her office next door for a lovely Japanese-style vegetarian breakfast of tofu, pickled veggies, miso soup, rice and a very savory tart made mostly from tofu and some barley tea. It's becoming very difficult to find decaf coffee here so far.

After breakfast I decided I'll head to Ueno Station to exchange my Japan Rail voucher, which my host says I can walk to Ueno Park and the Station is also close to park. So off I went and had a chance o enjoy the neighborhood which is mainly older yet modern with many alleys in which one can duct into and explore, I didn't however. Turns out while I was happy the sun was out, it was starting to be uncomfortably too hot for me and I needed a hat (which I hadn't thought to pack) to block some of sun from baking me. I saw a dollar mart across the street and decided to stop in to see if the had any hats. Luckily they had a wide-brimmed black-brown which was perfect. I purchased and put it on. Feeling better I continue on my way and stopped to grab a croissant from a bakery. Ueno Zoo and Park are located right next to each other, never been into Zoos, I bypassed the Zoo and headed for the Park which is as large as I've read it is and lovely. As I entered I stop to take a few pics admiring the park. By this time the croissant I bought was calling for me to take a bite so I sat to enjoy the park while I ate the croissant. I've had many croissants in my life, but this was by far the best croissant I've ever eating. It's was flaky, had just enough butter that the paper bag it was in was not oily and it was deliciously moist. So good it was I decided I'll have to stop on my way back and grab a couple more. After finish eating the croissant, I continued walking through the park still admiring its beauty and watching all the folks who were there either strolling, relaxing, drawing, picnicking, running, etc. the sun was really getting to me despite the hat so I decided to head to Ueno Station, but as I'm heading in that direction it occurred to me that I didn't put the voucher in my back...wholly-crap as Frank Barone would say.

At this point I'm like it's getting too hot to have to go get the voucher and walk back down here, so I decided that'll head back, get the voucher and walk to Nishi-Nippori Station which is much closer to where I'm staying and take the train back to Ueno Station. Of course, on the was back I had to stop and picked up a couple croissants. When the clerk recognized me I said in my limited Japanese 'oishii' to which she smiled.

After getting the voucher I headed to Nishi-Nippori where I took the Yamanote Line to Ueno Station. At Ueno I located the Japan Rail Pass counter, exchanged the voucher for the Pass and went to the JR Office (they're located right next to each other) to get my tickets and reserve my seats. After that I just wondered around the station trying to find something to eat before meeting up with my friends for dinner, but nothing vegetarian really jumped out at me so I ended up only purchasing some bottled water and what appeared to be to slices of whole wheat bread wrapped in the package and walked back to the studio. By the time I returned to the studio it was about time to get ready to go meet my friends.

My friends had gave me instructions to take train back to Ueno, then take JR Utsunomiya line to Numazu leaving at 14:20 and get off at Yokohama Station at 16:53. However, when I got to Ueno the tracks (13-15) that was listed for the Utsunomiya didn't make sense so I went to the JR Office to inquire and was told I needed track 7 (glad I asked). This now caused another cunnundrum as I'd used my Suica card to enter Nishi-Nippori to get to Ueno and I was still inside the system, so again I headed to the JR Office to inquire if I could use the Suica card or would I be able to use my JR pass to get to Yokohama. The clerk told me I can use my JR Pass and personally took me over to the gate to get a refund to my Suica card and told me to now go to track 7. As I was heading to track 7, I head heels running behind only to turn around and saw it was the clerk who took me back to the window haven't realized that my Pass was set to be activated on Saturday the 13th not the 11th and expired on the 2nd. So they stamped it to activate the 11th but the expired date is still the same. Of course, I didn't realized this until after I was on the train. So not sure what to do since I already have my reserved seat tickets.

Anyway, I arrived at Yokohama Station to have coffee with my friend while we waited for her husband. We decided to have coffee at Starbucks, but there was not a seat to be had for 2 people. I told my friend the Starbucks here is worst then the ones in the USA because I've never not been able to find a seat at any Starbucks I've went to. So we found another cafe to have our coffee while we waited and catch up. Once her husband arrived we went to the Yokohama Sky Building 29th floor and had a 6-7 course meal of mainly vegetarian dishes with lots of tofu at Umenohana. It was quite good.

End of day 2. Day 3 coming next.

MaryW May 11th, 2017 04:02 PM

Following along with interest too. Hope you have a great trip.

Boveney May 11th, 2017 05:06 PM

Are you a crafter/sewer? Nippori (walkable from Nishi Nippori) is also known as Fabric Town and is a mecca for anyone who works with textiles. Back to your first day - you must have got the only rude taxi driver in all of metropolitan Tokyo! Will follow your trip with interest.

mrwunrfl May 12th, 2017 09:28 AM

Check off Alaska by seeing it from an airplane? Not in my book :)

thursdaysd May 12th, 2017 10:36 AM

Also following. I use my lightweight folding umbrella as a sunshade rather than wearing a hat (hate hats!).

jdc26 May 12th, 2017 08:09 PM

Thank you all for continuing to follow along.

@Boveney, I'm actually staying close to the Nishi-Nippori Station but since the Keisei Skyliner only stops at Nippori my host asked that I get off there. I definitely found the taxi driver behavior very strange, if not rude.

@mrwunrfl, since I haven't yet been to Alaska and although it's my plan to do so someday and in the event I don't get a chance too, I may as well check it off now.

@thursdaysd, I love hats and have bought quite a few for those hot days.

Day 3, was rather uneventful as I felt the jetlag finally settling in. I met my friend Mari in Kanagawa for an early lunch by taking the train from Nishi Nippori (JR Keihin Tohoku line to Ofuna) and got off at Shinbashi and from Shinbashi transferred to (JR Yokosuka line to Kurihama) and met her at Musashikosugi Station. Since I had my JR Pass she gave me those directions because it was much quicker. Plus she enjoyed seeing how well I would use the trains here. She's beeen very impressed so far. In fact, after spend a few hours with her I made my way too Ginza which really impressed her, but making it to Ginza was through trial and error as it wasn't where I intended to go but it was a blessing as I found another way of getting back to Nishi Nippori without using the Yamanote line, which really impressed Mari. At Ginza, I wondered around a bit finding it not much to my liking with all the high end shops and fancy expensive cars. With jetlag now knocking on my door I head to Ginza Station where I discovered I could take the Chiyoda Line directly to Nishi Nippori, which was quick and oh so easy.

Walking back to the studio I wondered the Yanaka neighborhood where a portion of the street is blocked off to vehicle traffic allowing you to wonder the alleys lined with shops. This is where I picked up a couple nice hats. I also stopped at an Indian restaurant and picked up an order of sumosas before heading in for the day and night. At the studio I ask my sumosas which were really good, showered and before long I was out for the count sleeping through the night, which was good du e to having an early day.

At this moment I'm on the Shinkansen to Mishima (where she said it's raining) meeting Mari and her family for an overnight in Izu before going to Kanazawa Sunday.

Btw, transferring at Tokyo Station for the Shinkansen was super easy. In fact, Japan train travel is not as difficult as I thought it would be.

More to come.

KRNS May 13th, 2017 09:05 AM

Hi, following along also.

Son took Japanese in college so we are thinking about a trip to Japan together. My DH does not like to travel as much as I and at my age of 71 am hesitant to travel alone as I fear I'll fall and break a hip or something.

I wasn't keen to visit Japan as I thought they eat a lot of fish so am interested in your vegetarian meals.

Stay safe and have fun.


mrwunrfl May 13th, 2017 10:29 AM

There are lots of elderly women in Japan. And ancient ones that could be 150 years old and bent over and taking baby steps, real troopers.

thursdaysd May 13th, 2017 12:19 PM

I spent five weeks in Japan last fall, solo, and I am 69. It is a very safe country.

The best beef I have ever eaten was in Japan.

KRNS May 13th, 2017 01:55 PM

I'm not concerned about safety, I am just not comfortable traveling alone in a country where I cannot speak the language. I use Grand Circle Travel and OAT but plan excursions on my own while on these tours as I often do prefer to do my own thing.

I want someone who can get me to a hospital and translate for me if something happens. I am a chicken.

I so admire you who travel solo. I wish I was brave enough to do it. Since my son speaks a little Japanese, I feel comfortable planning a trip with him, otherwise I would use GCT/OAT.


jdc26 May 13th, 2017 04:35 PM

Hi Karen and thanks for following along. After having the pleasure of meeting you, I have to say you look wonderful at 71 and please put your fears of falling in Japan to rest. I am absolutely loving my time here in Japan. As thursdaysd and mrwunrfl have said Japan is truly a great country for the elderly who I've seen out and about on the trains, biking and walking just taking their time (hunched over and all) so I'm sure you'll be fine traversing on your own if your son or husband can't join you.

With respect to vegetarian meals, well that is another situation all together. I'm fortunate to have my Japanese friends here who's been absolutely the best knowing that I'm vegetarian and ordering for me, but for the few hours I've been on my own it was difficult. I have eaten lots of bread here which I don't do when I'm at home as I bake my own bread, but the Japanese bread is unlike any bread I've eaten which is so good. I was happy to run into an Indian restaurant which thankfully I'm at least familiar with their food.

My host was even kind enough to write down in Japanese that I want decaf coffee but I have not have to use it as yet.

I'm now in Izu with my friends and after leaving here today will be on my own until I return to Tokyo in June and will have them with me. They took me to the grocery store yesterday to familiarize me with what I will need to purchase which is a godsend. So I was able to buy decaf coffee, cream, oatmeal, granola, raisins, etc. Mari will also write and draw that I'm vegetarian so I can have with me. I've already emailed my host in Kyoto that I'm a vegetarian and he said not to worry he will point me in the right direction. I'm also armed with the happycow app which can let you know where the closest vegan/vegetarian restaurants are, although I haven't had to use that yet.

Some vegetarian dishes I've had thus far are brown rice, the most amazing Brussel sprouts ever, cabbage slaw, carrot and ginger soup (delish, wish I could have bagged that), of course, tofu, vegetable samosas and miso soup. Mari took me a the restaurant in Mishima where she got married, which required reservations, and was super kind to let them know ahead of time that I'm vegetarian so when we arrived I didn't need to order anything. The lunch consisted of carrot/ginger soup (this one even better than the first), the best Caesar salad and a mixed of veggies on a potato gallete finished with gelatin type pudding dessert.

jdc26 May 13th, 2017 09:49 PM

Today, Sunday May 14th, 2017, I'm on the Shinkansen Hakutaka headed to Kanazawa.

Yesterday I arrived at Mishima to pouring rain (rained all day) where I was met by Mari and Kengo for an overnight in Izu. Before driving to Izu Mari wanted to take me for lunch at the restaurant where her and Kengo had their wedding reception La table de Kudo. Before arriving Mari made reservations (which is require) and informed them that I was a vegetarian.

After lunch I told Mari I'd forgotten my tennis shoes and would like to go running while I'm in Kanazawa and Kyoto as I had I inquired about running areas close by. We drove to a mall where I purchased a pair of running sneakers. After that we head to the grocery store so Mari (who was determined to cook for me) could pick up some groceries as well as showing me how to find what I would need for my stay in Kanazawa, Kyoto and Hiroshima. At the grocery store I picked up oatmeal, decaf coffee, creame, sugar, granola, almond milk and raisins. She also showed me (and I took pics) of other items I would need. We then hit the road for our drive to the Izu Peninsula where they'd rented an airbnb with a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean. It was hard to enjoy the drive as the rain continued to come down. On any other day, the drive would have been very scenic, driving into the tree lined mountains via winding and very narrow roads. We arrived at our host at about after 6:30. The host had given them very detailed instructions once they arrived which was followed to enter the house. The house proved to be everything as advertised. With most of the day gone, it was time to get dinner ready so Mari suggested I take a shower while she prepared dinner. I offered to help but she says I trust her to make dinner.

Mari's dinner consisted of a delicious mix salad, spinach marinated in sesame dressing, grilled mackerel, rice, miso soup (I've been enjoying this soup as I've never had it before, especially the seaweed) and some pickled marinated vegetables of artichoke, mushrooms and tomatoes. Everything I ate was delicious sans the mackerel.

Since we lost so much the day before we wanted to get an early start the next day so after dinner we all turned in for the night.

We awoke today to no rain, had a lovely Japanese styled breakfast of more mackerel, rice, miso soup, Japanese omelette, green tea and Mari wanted me to try fermented soybean which she says has some good health benefits and staple in Japan. I'd told her I would at least give it try and while it's not something I'll like eat again it turned out to have an interesting taste with its sticky gooy-ness and I ate it all which really pleased Mari.

After breakfast we drive up to see Mount Omuro which was so amazing. Cold and windy offering 360 degree panoramic views of the entire Izu Peninsula. Only thing missing was to see Fuji-san who was mysteriously missing. Having had to catch the 12:23 Shinkansen from Mishima we headed back hoping to avoid any traffic. Driving proved to be a bit difficult for me, not sure if the altitude was getting to me from the decent but I was starting to feel very nauseous and actually tasted the fermented soybean trying to make an appearance, but once we leveled off I felt better.

We arrived at Mishima with only a few minutes to spare before the train arrived. And this is where I'm writing my report from. All in all, in enjoyed my few days in Tokyo but especially seeing and spending time with Mari and Kengo. My overall take of Tokyo is that I loved it and am looking forward to my return where I'll spend 4 days including a day in Kamakura and shopping at Kappadashi. I especially enjoyed getting around on the trains that runs like fine tuned machines and probably rival train travels in Switzerland for their promptness.

lcuy May 13th, 2017 10:01 PM

You should be proud of yourself. Natto is very much an acquired taste, and not many people even get past the smell, much less the texture!

Sounds like you are off to a great start. Hope all continues to go well.

jdc26 May 15th, 2017 09:38 PM

@lcuy, thank you. For me the smell wasn't all that bad nor the taste for that matter but I don't think it'll be something I'll be adding to my diet.


I arrived in Kanazawa to beautiful sunny skies and was met at the station by my host who'd offered to pick me up if I can in before 5 since he had an appointment at 6pm. I mentioned to him that it'd rain nonstop in Mishima and the Izu Peninsula and he said I was very lucky because its been the rainiest time in Kanazawa up until the day before I arrived (lucky indeed). Mari had mentioned that she thought Kanazawa Station to be the most beautiful in Japan. Since I still have quite a few more to go through, I'll say it's definitely the most beautiful one I've been through thus far.

We then headed to the car and made our way to the apartment while my host gave me a brief tour of all the attractions as we passed among them Omi-cho Market, Daiwa Department store and expensive shopping area(as he put it), the business district area, Hirokoji/Teramachi/Nomachi (Ninja Temple), Kanazawa Castle Park, 21st Century Museum, Kenroku-en Garden.

We arrived at the apartment my home for the next few days. The apartment is in a perfect location across from a Junior High School (easy landmark) and about a 3-4 mins. walk from Kenroku-en Garden and Kanazawa Castle. (In fact, this has been my running route each morning during my stay so far).

After showing me around the apartment which is more a studio and small by Japanese standard but perfect for me, I headed out to explore the area. I walked along the main road Ohori Dori Ave pass Kenroku-en Garden and at Kanazawa Castle and at Kanazawa Castle Park what do I run into but a wine festival being held at the park. Japanese with their glasses of wine and food sitting out having picnics, belly dancers on stage showing the crowds how to belly dance and everyone dancing and singing along. I could tell that many have been there a while and had their fill and re-fills of wine because quite a few stumbled into me. Unfortunately, I'm no longer drinking but boy do I wish I could've sampled some of the Kanazawa wine. I hung out there for a while before continuing on. I then found the Tourist Office to inquire about going to Shirakawa-go where the kind attendant give a map and pointed out where I could purchase the tickets. By this time it was getting dark so I decided to look for something for dinner. This I must say is turning out to be more difficult than I anticipated, finding vegetarian meals. Finally after stopping at a few restaurants inquiring if they had any entrees that didn't have meat already in it, I settled on a vegetarian sub from Subways. With sandwich in had I headed back to the apartment ate my sandwich with a cup of tea, took a shower Nd it was lights out.

Next morning I woke at about 5:30 and decided with all the bread I'd consume so far, I'll go for a run before starting my day. My run took me up Ohori Dori Ave where I turned right through the Castle Park through the neighborhood behind the Castle Park where I ran into a group of Japanese older women exercising. As I slowed down to watch them they motioned for me to join them which I did and they were also so excited as was I. Although the instructor they were listening to on their radio was in Japanese, for the next 30 mins. I was able to follow along by watching their movements which I picked up rather quickly much to their delight. We worked out doing a series of mostly arm and leg exercises that includes lots of stretching. After we were finished they asked if I was American and when I said yes, they all started laughing in appreciation and as I thank them in Japanese they all (every last one) give me a high-five. While everything on this trip so far has been a highlight and memorable, that will no doubt be in the top 5. While I've heard is that Japanese tend to be shy, I have to say there was nothing shy about these ladies.

As I continued with my run beaming with excitement I couldn't helped but stop and text some of my friends back home who too were as excited as I was to have experienced something like that.

Arriving at the apartment I made myself a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of decaf coffee which I'd purchased while at the grocery store with Mari and brought with me, showered and headed out for my first full day in Kanazaw. First stop was the Kanazawa Castle Park where I (and must've been hundreds others) spent must've been well over 3 hours just walking around it's ground admiring everything inch of it. Then I headed across the bridge to Kenroku-en Garden where I thought I'd died and ended up in heaven. I cannot and will not attempt to find the adjectives to describe my feelings walking around this majestic, beautiful and serene (okay I found a few) piece of nature and art. It's exquisite in its entirety, so beautiful it is that I couldn't bare to leave. If I spent over 3 hours at the Castle, I lost track of how long I was there. In fact, I was there so long I forgot I needed to eat and when I finally did and made my way to try and find something to eat, which wasn't going to well I wished I was still in that enchanted garden that made me forgot I needed to eat. I ended up at H&M store, not to buy anything but because I saw a sign that a restaurant was serving a buffet so I thought there must be something on the buffet I could eat.

As I walked in I was met by a nice host and when I showed her my card in Japanese saying I was a vegetarian, she took me to the buffet where she showed me that I can have anything on the buffet which included pizza, but no veggies pizza. Exasperated, I decided a salad it will be. As I sat down I saw next to me were to American guys who were also wearing the same black shirt as the workers so to went over and asked if they worked there only to be told no they go to school here. Turns out of of them was fluent in Japanese. The attendant explained to him that I should keep an eye out because the bring out different items and if anything comes out that didn't have meat she'll let me know. However, the only thing that came out without meat was a pizza with cheese and corn. I enjoyed my salad and left still hungry.

At this time it was a bit after 5, so I headed to the bus stop getting on the JR bus (figure I'll use my JR pass rather than spend the ¥200) to Kanazawa Station to secure my ticket for Shirkawa-go today but all the bus seats on the time I wanted to return were sold so I purchased a ticket for Wednesday. After getting my ticket I was still hungry and thought I'd better get something to eat for dinner so I headed to the Kanazawa Station to see what I could find. Nothing really piqued my interest until I saw a restaurant named Chili (not like our Chili's) advertising as "vegeful curry linguine", my heart soared as I'm thinking finally a veggie restaurant. However turns out the sauce contained meat. This too would be on my top 5 of memorable experiences. With my google translate I was explaining to the clerk that I didn't want the meat and if she could make it without meat, but she's not able to explain it to me properly. Her manager is on the phone and one of the other clerks I assume who was off or had just gotten off but was walking by came over and the 3 of us was all trying to explain what I wanted which we finally figured out. When the manager got off the phone they explained to her what I wanted, she in turn called someone, I'm assuming the owner and came back and said yes, we'll make it without meat. I then proceeded to pay for the meal and sat and waited for about 10 mins. when the clerk bought a hot bowl filled linguine in the curry-type sauce topped with a bed of lettuce. I don't know how to add a picture otherwise I would post a before and after pic. As I sat there admiring the smell of it, I took a fork full and burned my mouth but I didn't care, it was so delicious, I cleaned the bowl. I then proceeded to the JR bus stop and headed back to the apartment full, where I took a shower and it was lights out.

Sorry for any typos caused by auto correct as I'm on my iPad sitting in a Starbucks.

More to come...

kfreeland900 May 16th, 2017 02:02 AM

Nice!! Thank you for all this info!!

thursdaysd May 16th, 2017 04:53 AM

Sorry that eating is proving difficult. Would veggie tempura work? If you eat eggs I think okonomiyaki might and there was a very good okonomiyaki place in Kanazawa when I was there. I did see a few Indian restaurants last year, one of them was in a food court in a department store.

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