Multiple Entry Visa??


Apr 6th, 2010, 08:41 AM
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Multiple Entry Visa??

Help - How do i handle this? Kind of feel stupid asking for help on this issue which I should have addressed before I planned my trip...
I have a round trip ticket on Singapore Airlines from Los Angeles to Mumbai;
I am 'breaking journey' on my return trip back home - however I am not staying in
Singapore. I am taking a side trip to Bali by a different airline. And the issue or question has to do with visas and checked in luggage.
Here are the details - bear with me if it appears there is superfluous information..I am frazzled as i speak, mean type.
I flew to India on April 3rd by Singapore airlines; I leave India on April 20th and reach Singapore 21st morning; I fly to Bali the same evening and return a week later by KLM . I resume my journey back home on Singapore airlines. Sounds simple enough -yea? Well here's the problem - can I as an american get a multiple entry visa at singapore? Cos I will have checked in luggage that i presume i will have to collect after clearing immigration. Nicht? Hope I am making sense..
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Apr 6th, 2010, 09:19 AM
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You don't need any visa for Singapore as a US citizen. You'll be stamped in each time you arrive and go through immigration.
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Apr 6th, 2010, 11:29 PM
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I am not sure if you are planning on spending any time actually IN Singapore on your trip, as you don’t indicate how long your layover is on April 21 between your flight from Mumbai and your onward flight to Bali, or whether there is any significant layover between your KLM flight from Bali back to Singapore and your onward flight to LAX. If both layovers are only a few hours, and if you don’t intend to leave the airport for either layover, you won’t go through Immigration at all, but will be in the Transit/Transit area of the airport the entire time . If you have time during either layover, you might want to go to downtown Singapore for a few hours. If you do plan to leave the airport, as Kathie has noted, as a US passport holder you don’t need to apply for a visa.

For the Mumbai – Bali leg, as your connecting flights are on the same day, you should be able to get your luggage checked through to Bali when you check-in with Singapore Airlines in Mumbai. This may depend on how many hours there are between your connecting flights, if it is more than like 8 hours Singapore Airlines may not be able to check the luggage all the way through. But if they can do it, this will save you a lot of time and hassle of collecting bags in Singapore, storing them at the airport during the layover, and then repeating the process just a few hours later for your Bali flight. (Don’t worry if the airline to Singapore and the airline to Bali are not the same, as virtually all airlines have baggage transfer agreements. Don’t confuse airline mileage partners with simple baggage transfer between flights. They are different; the airlines do not have to be partners to check luggage all the way through on connecting flights. When you check-in in India with Singapore Air, they should be able to tell you whether they can check your luggage all the way through to Bali.)

Assuming you just have a one day layover when returning on KLM to Singapore, I would also ask KLM at Denpassar Bali to check you bags all the way through to LAX.

The above assumes you won’t need any of your checked luggage during your layovers in Singapore. If you do, then you will have to collect the bags at Singapore. I have provided info on baggage storage at Changi in one of your previous posts.

As you are flying different airlines on the flights to and from Bali, you won’t be able to get boarding passes for the connecting flights when you check-in in Mumbai and Bali. However, for the flight to Bali, you don’t need to go out to the Departure Hall to do this, just go to the correct transfer desk for your airline after you get off the plane but before you go through Immigration. For info on transit/transfer at Changi, go to If your KLM flight from Bali and the onward Singapore Airlines flight to LAX depart on the same day, you can use the same transit/transfer process to get a boarding pass for the LAX flight. If you are spending time in Singapore after Bali, then you will have to go through the regular check-in procedure in the Departure Hall on the day of your flight to LAX.
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Apr 15th, 2010, 10:32 PM
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You guys are the best...thank you thank you thank you.
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