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russ_in_LA Oct 11th, 2019 11:33 AM

Micro-Managing my Naoshima Visit
So, I'm getting pretty OCD with the planning for this stage of our trip in mid-November. This is partly do to all of the installations that require advance reservations (which I have obtained) and partly because the Benesse website is so damn informative, with bus and ferry schedules, etc. I don't want to miss out on anything, so below is my outline for a schedule. For anyone who has been there and experienced this, can you please give me your feed back on the following:

1) Can we give our small overnight bags to the driver of the Benesse bus when we arrive to bring to Benesse House hotel for us?
2) If not, are there lockers in Honmura where we can leave our small bags before checking in to the hotel?
3) The next day, are there lockers in Miyanoura where we can leave our bags while we are at Teshima, so we can pick them up again before taking the ferry to Uno?
4) Does the amount of time we have allocated for the various things we want to do below look ok? In most cases, bus schedules dictate when we have to move on.

9:42 arrive Miyanoura port
9:47 take Benesse House courtesy bus from Miyanoura port arrive 9:52
10:00 Honmura Lounge to obtain Kinza house tickets and get Minamidera timed tix
10:30 and 10:45 Kinza house visit - timed tickets already reserved
11:00 12:45 visit other art houses, Ando museum and fast lunch
12:50 bus to hotel - arrive 12:55 - check in
13:15 see outdoor artwork in Benesse House Park - 45 min
14:00 visit Benesse House Museum - 1hr
15:10 visit Lee Ufan museum - 45 min
16:00 visit Chichu Art Museum - 1 hour - reserved tickets already purchase
17:08 Take Benesse bus back to Benesse House arrive 17:15
18:30 dinner - reservation already made

The next day

8:53 Take Benesse bus to Miyanoura arrive 9:06
9:20 ferry to Teshima Ieura Port
10:05 Bus to Teshima Art Museum
10:20 Visit Teshima Art Museum 1 hour
11:20 12:20 lunch
12:23 Take bus from Karato Port to Ieura Port arrive 12:40
13:00 Ferry from Ieura port to Honmura Port arrive 13:20
13:35 Benesse Bus from Honmura to Miyanoura Port arrive 13:40
13:55 Take ferry to Uno

Boveney Oct 12th, 2019 03:24 AM

For what it’s worth, planning a Naoshima visit does require some OCD traits because of the ferry schedules. But be aware that inclement weather can cause schedules to go out the window! I remember obsessing about lockers at the terminals - it all worked out fine in the end ( probably covered in my trip report). I also remember ending up walking down the mountain from the Chichu
Art Museum - easy and quite pleasant, so that may be an option. Nobody can really advise how long you will need at each museum - it is so personal, the time needed to appreciate the art. Or maybe you will march through, totally unimpressed!

russ_in_LA Oct 12th, 2019 08:40 AM

Thanks for the feedback! I just found out that guests of the hotel can go to the Benesse house museum until 11pm, so that takes the pressure off a bit :-)

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