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AsiaNewbie Jan 4th, 2006 08:29 PM

Last three nights in BKK -- which hotel to splurge at???
Fodorites -- I haven't been here long, but you've helped me in so many ways. I need advice on a favourite topic -- which luxury hotel in BKK?

We have three nights left in BKK from Jan 29-Feb 1. If money were no object, then I'd try the Oriental for all three nights. But it's just too steep. I'd be willing to go for just one night, but the hubby isn't keen on traipsing between hotels. Do you think it's worth me convincing him that the Oriental is worth a 'one-night stand'?

Soooo, I'm trying to decide among the Peninsula, Shangri-La, Conrad and Sukhothai. Conrad is the most affordable. Sukhothai and Shangri-La are also reasonably priced b/c of discounts applied if you stay three nights in a row.

I think the Shangri-La looks nice, but doesn't have the same 'je ne sais quoi' as the others. Both Conrad and Sukhothai have their share of fans, but neither is on the river. Some folks seem to think the Sukhothai is a bit worn around the edges??

I've also looked into the Four Seasons, and their 'moderate' room seems to fit our budget too. Decisions, decisions. Any thoughts???

BradinBangkok Jan 4th, 2006 08:34 PM

I would stay at the Peninsula if you plan on spending time at the hotel & on the river. The Four Seasons is the best location for downtown shopping, and its close to the sky train.

Guenmai Jan 4th, 2006 10:35 PM

I'm definitely a Four Seasons fan...two thumbs way has been my home-away-from-home for years until I decided on this trip to rent an apartment for three weeks. But, I've still skytrained over there a few times on this trip in order to eat at Biscotti and also to just lounge in the lobby and have a cool drink. Plus the location can't be beat. It's in the heart of the shopping and easy to get to some really good restaurants in town...the skytrain is across the street. Since you only have 3 days, I would stay at the FS. I arranged for an extensive walk through of the Sukothai a few years ago and it's beautiful. I saw rooms at all price levels. BUT, it's not conveniently located near the skytrain. I stayed next door at the Metropolitan in Aug 2004. Loved it. As for the Shangri-La...haven't stayed there, but I did stay at the Pen..not for me...and could look across the river and see the inside of the the Shangri-la...and they didn't look very exciting to can do better. As for the Conrad.. I passed by it the other day...and Bangkok it's important to be near the skytrain...the Conrad is a bit of a walk. So for a newbie...go to the FS....unless you must have a river hotel. As for the Oriental...I stayed there in August 2005 to compare it to the Pen and as far as I'm concerned, there's no comparison....the Oriental wins. As for staying one night at the Oriental and then changing hotels...well...I only stayed there one night and then went back over to the FS. I have no problem with hotel hopping in order to try out new hotels and in new areas so that when I return each year, there's always something fresh. Happy Travels!

Lyndie Jan 5th, 2006 12:45 AM

The Shangri-La in Dec 2005 was not the close to perfect hotel we stayed at in July 2003. Pls don't set yourself up for a fall. The Shang had become a package tourist hotel for Chinese/Korean tour groups. It has nothing good going for it except the location. So sad, but true.

DonTopaz Jan 5th, 2006 03:40 AM

I'd consider staying in a club-floor room at the InterContinental, which I suspect would cost less than a room at the FS.

The IC is a very, very good hotel with excellent service and facilities (though a step below the Four Seasons). The Club, however, is a terrific place -- it occupies much of the 37th floor and has several areas to sit, relax, or use one of their PCs. Breakfast and hors d'oeuvres and cocktails in the afternoon are included. The IC has an excellent spa, a decent rooftop pool, and good restaurants.

The IC is in an even better location than the FS, connected directly to the Gaysorn Plaza and Skytrain, and just a few steps to the Central Chitlom store.

BillT Jan 5th, 2006 04:29 AM

For that special experience nothing beats staying at a 5 star on the river.
For best value at a 5 star on the river its a no brainer- its the Penn period.
It beat out the Oriental again this year in Conde Nast surveys and always gets high marks. Its fairly new so you can be sure everything works, the service is great and the hotel is elegant. Staff is friendly/respectful.
We loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rhkkmk Jan 5th, 2006 05:10 AM

try to decide on location first....if you have not stayed on the river i guess i would go for that...

i have stayed twice at the shangri-la and liked it...not sure about how it has changed in one is very nice...the rooms are nice and the lobby is the grandest next to the oriental...and the skytrain is right next door...the pool is ok and its restaurants are very is good too....

but my favorite choice would be the peninsula on the has everything going for it....

the oriental would be a good choice but i just have trouble with all that extra $$...also i do note the very negetive review published here in the last day or fairness you rarely see negetive reviews...

but i think the suggestion for the intercontinental is an excellent one...
it is an older hotel and i have not been in its lobby but the location can't be beat if you don't mind being away from the river and want central bkk....four seasons is ok, but i don't like its pool area and it really is a business hotel in many ways, although its lobby is dramatic and its restaurants are hard to beat....

for slightly less money i also love the marriott....both marriotts actually but the resort and spa on the river is very nice and has the best garden setting of any hotel in money and go to nicer restaurants or buy yourself something special....

i guess on the hotel front i have to ask myself: how much time am i really in my room?? if alot then the room itself is important and i would choose the peninsula, if not that long then i would choose location and other ambiances????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????

BillT Jan 5th, 2006 05:14 AM

The Intercontinetal has a great lobby- we had dinner there and I recall the lobby as very nice. I agree the location is very central with the skytrain right out front!

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