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Griffie Jul 18th, 2004 08:12 AM

Krabi hotels
Can someone provide any recommendations for hotels in Krabi (for August). Since it's low season hopefully there'll be plenty of choices. Need somewhere nice and family-oriented (not too expensive of course) with things to do for teenagers and a nice pool. Has anyone one stayed at the Pavilion Queen's Bay? Does anyone know what the newest hotels might be (there are a lot of hotels in Krabi but have not been able to find which ones are newer). Als any recommendations regarding day-trips to the islands or anywhere nearby would be great. Thanks.

Lyndie Jul 18th, 2004 07:22 PM

Krabi town is a not nice. You'll want to go to Railay West (fabulous beaches & islands to visit)or Ao Nang if you want a little more nightlife. Check out for recommendations. They have a previous guest comments section. We loved Railay West (not East) for the amazing limestone cliffs and crystal water. We hired a speedboat and took a trip around several islands & beaches. You can hire a longtail for 25% of the price of speedboat. There are day trips to Koh Lanta, kayaks, windsurf boards, volleyball etc. on Railay West. We're returning in December. It is truly an amazing part of Thailand. The nicest mid range resort was Sand & Sea (or Sea & Sand). Then there is Rayavadee (sumptuous stuff!!!)In Ao Nang- Somkiet Buri looked really nice (not brand new but great looking resort).

nzers Jul 18th, 2004 09:00 PM

Hi Griffie,
We have just returned from 23 wonderful days in Thailand - our last 3 nights in Railay, Krabi. Concur with Lyndie, Krabi Town is horrible - don't even bother going for a visit, it is a waste of your time. We stayed at Sunrise Tropical Resort which is on Railay East. This resort looks quite new and cost us B3000 per night for a tropical villa plus. Technically it is on the "wrong" side of Railay, BUT...The distance between the two sides (West to East) was less than the walk from our room to the reception at our Phi Phi Hotel! Also, being on the East side gives quicker access to the most beautiful beach on earth, Phra Nang Beach. Sunrise Tropical have interconnecting villas and a really nice pool which is more private than the ones on the West. We spent our evenings over on the West to watch the sunsets and have dinner at the restaurants over there. To be honest, Railay is very compact, much smaller than I expected and maybe next time I would stay at Ao Nang where there is more "action" so to speak. You can visit Railay by longboat very easily.

As far a day trips, a longtail can take you to Chicken & Poda Islands for some great snorkelling, also the ferry goes to Phi Phi Island in the morning and returns late afternoon for a daytrip there and I would highly recommend a trip sea kayaking thru the caves at Phang Nga Bay.

Any more ?? just ask.



Griffie Jul 19th, 2004 12:53 AM

Dear Lyndie and nzers,

Thanks for the advice. I've been looking at the various websites and it seems there are TOO MANY choices. With both your experiences at the hotels you've stayed in, can you tell me whether we'd need two rooms or do these places have villas/suites that can accomodate a family of four (two teenagers). Also do these places include breakfast, airport transfers. Another additional advice (what airline to get there, etc.) would be great. Thanks again.

JamesA Jul 19th, 2004 03:38 AM

Thai Airways has the most flights, Bangkok Airways has a couple but they might be reduced during August. Day trips yes to Phang Nga/James Bond Island, Phi Phi but remember these could be cancelled if the weather is very bad, you are going peak Monsoon time so be prapared. You know about Krabi Town already ! Railey is very nice but if you have teenagers you might think about Ao nang, though appreciate that you need to get away from Ao Nang for beaches. For August had you thought about somewhere in the Gulf where the weather is far less wet?

anna_k Jul 19th, 2004 06:07 AM

I looked at your post yesterday and was going to recommend going to Railay as well. I wouldn't stay in Ao Nang. It is a quick longtail boat ride away if your teens want to go there. We've stayed at the Sand and Sea Resort on West Railay, but there isn't a pool. You can look at some pictures of Railay and the surrounding area at our website

Griffie Jul 19th, 2004 11:50 AM


I do realize it's better on the Gulf side in terms of weather but I also hear that it's peak season in Samui and full of European tourists. We're trying to get away from crowds to enjoy some beautiful scenery/relax but if the weather is going to be that bad, what would you recommend? Have you heard or have any opinion of Pavilion Queen's Bay or Golden Beach in Krabi? Thanks

JamesA Jul 19th, 2004 06:18 PM

Pavilion Queen's Bay has overall a good reputation. Take care when looking at 'new' places as many are built far from the coast, on hillsides etc, watch out for things like 'panoramic views', located 'quiet and scenic setting' etc, just like Real-Estate ads!! Locationwise if you choose Ao nang the 'original' Krabi Resort at the far north end of Ao nang was one of the original places and hence locationwise is good, but was built in the days when Ao nang had a 'beach'! You could get lucky on the weather but just make sure that you keep 'rain day' plans just in case.

Lyndie Jul 19th, 2004 10:58 PM has cheap flights until Dec 31 to Krabi. Transfers 900 baht for bus & boat (3-5 pax). I must have spent 3 months checking out so many places before we decided on Railay West. I guess you just have to keep researching until you're happy with one particular place. Good luck!

gard Jul 19th, 2004 11:05 PM


My wife and I went to Ao Nang near Krabi a couple of years back. We stayed at the Golden beach hotel and we were pretty with our bungalow there. The hotel had a nice pool and it is close to the beach...but the Ao Nang beach was not that great. But you will find beautiful beaches just after a short boat ride :-) We rented a car one day and we went to some hot springs and we also went to the Tiger cave temple. I have posted a trip report with some pictures on my personal homepage :-) Maybe you can find some useful information there. Have a great trip

Stavanger, Norway

Griffie Jul 20th, 2004 02:03 AM

Dear JamesA,

You're right on about location - my concerns exactly. There are so many nice/decent looking new hotels but they don't seem to be on the beach and I wonder how far they are (do we need shuttle bus, can we walk, etc.). What do you mean by when "Ao Nang had a beach? Now, I'm wondering if it's even really worth it to go to Krabi at all or should we just shoot for HuaHin, Samui (although as per my earlier message, I'm concerned with crowds being peak season), or anything on the Gulf side. Any suggestions? We've been to Thailand many times and usually just go to HuaHin but now that the kids are older I thought it might be fun to try something different. Problem is we always go in July/August (because of school) and the weather is never good. You obviously know a lot about Thailand so any suggestions would be great (a 4-5 night getaway that's not too complicated to arrange). THANKS.

Griffie Jul 20th, 2004 02:11 AM


Wow - I've actually found someone else who does a LOT of research before going to a place/booking a hotel.Yes, I see that BKKAir has a cheap flight and if we do go, we'll use BKKAir. I'm very particular about hotels (I drive my husband crazy before every vacation as I do spend a lot of time looking at places to stay). Sand and Sea looks/sounds nice but the fact that it doesn't have a pool makes it out of the question for us. I'll check out other places in West Railay. Meanwhile, I'm open to any other suggestions/advice you might have (on Krabi or anywhere else in Thailand). Thanks

Lyndie Jul 20th, 2004 11:08 PM

Sand & Sea does have a pool! A lovely one at that! anna k must have been there a while ago, I think. I'm sure you'd love it. They had adjoining villas so would be great for your children to be right next door. My other favourite place in Thailand is Fern Resort in Mae Hong Son near Burma border. So glorious-lovely staff-beautiful cabins-oh now you've made me want to go right now!!! Have fun and let us know what you decide.

Mariaan Jul 20th, 2004 11:26 PM

Hi Griffie,
We stayed at Golden Beach in AoNang for two week two years ago and absolutly loved it!!
The location is great and the rooms were spotlessly clean.

ydnpa Jul 26th, 2004 03:57 AM

We stayed at the Pavilion Queens Bay in April. Excellent hotel but it is not on the beach it is 10 minute walk to Ao Nang but there are always motor cyclye taxis that can take up to 4 for 20baht each. Far more choice of restaurants in Ao Nang overe Railey and its easy to go to the better beaches by long tail from Ao Nang. Also prices in Ao Nang seem lower than Railey probably due to the competion

trulyasia Aug 2nd, 2004 12:19 AM

I wouldnt recommend Hua Hin if you dont like Krabi. Boring town and worse beaches. If you go there in the rainy season (like now) you'd be swarmed by mosquitoes!

Nakamanda in Krabi is quite new.A day trip to Phi Phi Lei (where the Beach was filmed) is nice but it doesnt hv accomodation.

brendafaye Aug 16th, 2004 07:55 PM

Were you happy with the accommodations at the Sunrise Tropical? This is our first choice for an upcoming trip, also a first to the beaches of Thailand. Comfort, good food, privacy as well as access to activities are the priorities.

erany Aug 24th, 2004 12:55 PM

Has anyone seen or stayed at thr Railiy bay resory ?

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