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marie_scotland Jun 22nd, 2005 01:39 PM

KL, Melacca, Penang, Langkawi
Hi guys,

I have been researching our trip for Sept 2005 until my eyes are falling out *laughs* have decided to dump several places following some posts eg Bali but think we are finally getting there...

what do you think of this?

We fly to KL arrive early afternoon 4/9 and fly back 18/9 at 2am (trying not to think of that one!)

KL - Mandarin Oriental 4th to 7th
Melacca - 7th lunchtime to 8th (how should we get there from KL?)
Penang - E&0 (Writers suite?) 8th to 10th then get the ferry to Langkawi(does the ferry also do Melacca to Penang?)
Langkawi - 10th to 15th - Datai/Andaman if we can get good deals - fly airasia to KL early afternoon
KL - Hilton 15th to 18th (only 2 nights really)

Am I hitting the mark or trying to squash too much in? If we were to drop one place would it be Melacca?

We are in our mid 30's so dont mind jumping around the place!

Thanks in advance


JannaG Jun 23rd, 2005 12:18 AM

Malacca/Melaka is south of KL while Penang is in the north. To travel from Melaka to Penang, you'd need to pass by KL again (fly from KL. Taking a coach from Melaka to Penang would take over 10 hours or so I think). One suggestion is for you to fly straight to Penang from KL and then proceed to Langkawi before flying back to KL and then taking a trip to Melaka. Since you were already in KL at the early part of the trip, you have the option to stay another night in Melaka if you liked that place, leaving your final night in KL for some last minute shopping.

You can take a bus, train, hire a driver or drive yourself to Melaka to and from KL - it's an approximate 2-2.5 hour drive on good highways with proper rest stops. Melaka town itself is small so it's relatively easy to navigate. If you're just staying a night or two, it may be worth the car rental for the flexibility.

twofortheroad Jun 23rd, 2005 07:47 AM

I agree with JannaG. Bus or train from melaka to Penang would take to long. You could save some travelling if you went to melaka first or last, first stop, taking a cab from KLIA directly to melaka and then a bus to KL or cab to KLIA for flight to Penang, or last stop, taking a cab from Melaka directly to KLIA. We did this some 4 years ago, and the cab to Melaka from KLIA was about $30. From Melaka we went to Lumut, some 3 hours short of Penang, and our best choice, eliminationg bus or train, was again a cab, some 6 hours, for about $70. After Lumut, we took a cab to Penang, some 3 hours, about $30. From Penang, we took the ferry to Langkawi. From Langkawi, we flew directly to KLIA for our flight home. Keep in mind that it's about an hour to KL from KLIA.

marie_scotland Jun 26th, 2005 02:26 AM

thanks for your 2 responses - definitely more food for thought! I think that half the battle is knowing where you want to go and now we are 100% sure and your assistance is invaluable in helping us make sure we get the best route there!

Huge thanks


kakijalan Jul 6th, 2005 01:49 AM

Your itinerary sounds ok.
Personally i think you can even make Malacca a day trip (8am-8pm kind of thing) from KL and spend the extra day in Penang.
Both are historical cities but I find Penang nicer and have more places to visit.
From KL to Malacca you can either take a bus or drive. But I'm not so sure about the public transportation there so driving may be a better option. Alternatively, your hotel (in KL) can help arrange for the trip using a tour group or driver&guide (the latter will allow more flexibility).
To get to Penang from KL, my choice would be on AirAsia since it's not expensive. For something a bit more rustic you can take the overnight train (but you'll need to take a ferry from mainland).

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