Kids traveling to Tokyo


Jul 27th, 2005, 05:08 PM
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Kids traveling to Tokyo

Hi all,
We are sending our kids to Tokyo with their team coach. Does anyone know what type of forms we need to have to send with him that authorize him to be their gaurdian while out of the country?

Anything else I need to know that would be helpful to avoid any problems that may arise??

Thanks much!
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Jul 27th, 2005, 05:21 PM
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In forms that I've ever seen or heard of. You could phone the Japanese consul/American consul/embassy to get an answer with some sort of authority. You might want to check with the airline too, as I have heard of trouble with kids travelling internationally without both parents (like even with one parent and not the other, though we've not had this experience). Maybe check with the airline too. How old are they?

In our experience, though, we have never had to prove our relationship with our daughter for anything other than when we were first issued her birth certificate/alien registration/US passport. From that point on, she's good to go on her own. Without our signature on anything, she goes on school trips both on foot and on a bus, may be taken the hospital by her teacher for illness or accident at school, and has routine medical and dental checks at school.

Do ensure that they have proof of insurance coverage and sufficient funds to pay a hospital in full should the need arise. Foreign insurance will not be billed by've got to pay first, then be reimbursed. Not all policies cover internationally, so check carefully. You may need to purchase seperate travel insurance.

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Jul 27th, 2005, 05:30 PM
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They are both 14. So in the airline world, they are technically "unaccompanied minors". Since their coach will be their gaurdian on the trip, he will be escorting them etc..

I know folks send their kids off on team and school trips all the time so it shouldn't be a problem, we just want to make sure we do it right.

Good advice on calling the airline and embassy. I will try that and see what they say.

Thanks a bunch!
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