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mkb Jun 3rd, 2007 05:47 PM

Japan trip July -revised =please comment
So now we are down to 3 days kyoto

Kanazawa 1 day

Takayama 2 days

hiroshima 2 days

miyajima 1 day

kurishiki 2 days (but last day is monday and things are closed)

leave japan at osaka itami on a tuesday.

Am I still jumping around too much, and is the travel logical so that we can get to see places....thanks, mkb

Barkinpark Jun 3rd, 2007 07:50 PM

I think Miyajima only needs half a day. It's a small island off Hiroshima.

Mara Jun 3rd, 2007 07:57 PM

I am looking at some of the same places for my next trip to Japan which I am currently fantasizing about. I was also planning on two days in Kurashiki, one of which I was thinking to go to Onomichi possibly. I was thinking of stopping in Hiroshima on my way to spend the night in Miyajima. Don't know about the necessity for two days in Hiroshima.....

KimJapan Jun 3rd, 2007 11:12 PM

Reverse Kanazawa and Takayama as to time. There is much more to see and do in Kanazawa than in Takayama. Personally, I would go to Shirakawa-go rather than Takayama, as S-go is a big village with lots of old character, grass roofed houses and a warm feeling. Takayama is a small city, smaller than Kanazawa, but city nonetheless, that happens to have a part of it preserved for tourists. The old part is nice enough, but not worth two days at all.

Hiroshima and Miyajima sound right to me, or you could do Hiroshima in a day, Miyajima in a day, and add a day to Kyoto if you like.

peggionthego Jun 4th, 2007 06:29 AM

Between Kyoto and Hiroshima is Himeji Castle which I highly could get off the train, store luggage if you don't have much, tour the castle (just a moderate walk from the train station), and get back on the train.

mrwunrfl Jun 4th, 2007 11:12 AM

Ok, you are making progress with your itinerary.

It's a 6-hour trip from Takayama to Hiroshima.

You could take an 8:20ish train, the Wide View Hida Limited Express from Kyoto to Takayama arriving around 12:11PM. See the sites of Takayama and spend the night (at the Best Western). Take the non-JR bus the next morning to Shirakawago, spend the day there, then take a late afternoon bus to Kanazawa. Spend the night. Spend the whole next day seeing Kanazawa and spend the night there. Next day travel to Kurashiki (four hours 15 min) or to Hiroshima (4h 45m).

If you arrive in Hiroshima in the evening then you can spend all the next day there and a second night. Then go to Miyajima in the morning and stay overnight.

Or arrive in Hiroshima in the evening, see the Peace Park and museum in the morning, and go to Miyajima at 3PM or so to check into a ryokan and spend the night there.

I agree with peggieonthego about stopping at Himeji. You can do that on Monday, on the way to Osaka.

I assume you are traveling light. You might need a 14-day JR Pass, coming from Tokyo. Your DH might get by with a 7-day pass.

mrwunrfl Jun 4th, 2007 11:19 AM

It is a busy schedule. You can slow it down some by skipping Kurashiki (or 1 night there should be plenty). Spend a night at Shirakawago or a second night at Kanazawa.

Or leave Kyoto for Takayama later, to arrive at night or early evening and spend two nights in Takayama.

Lots of options.

Have you visited yet for train schedule and travel time info?

This page has good practical info:

In particular, this one should be useful to you:

kawa Jun 4th, 2007 02:03 PM

I agree with mrwunrfl. I did the Kyoto-Taka-Shira-Kana-Kyoto loop based on his recommendation and it worked out great. The Hida express from Kyoto to Takayama is a beautiful trip through the mountains. I also agree with Kimjapan that you should stay a night in Shirakawago. The charm and peacefulness is unlike any other place you will experience, especially after the daytrippers have gone late in the day. I liken it to staying in an outdoor museum.

cshellen Jun 5th, 2007 01:11 AM

I just returned from Japan and visited a couple of the places you mentioned:

HIROSHIMA: We saw all of the sites (full museum tour included) at a leisurely pace in 3 hours, including commute time to and from the train station.

MIYAJIMA: This place is totally magical. We stayed overnight on the island at a ryokan (Iwaso) and were SO happy we did. There's a great sky tram up to Mt. Misen, lamps lit at night in the town (which you can't see if you don't stay on the island), low tide when you can touch the famous Torii. I highly recommend stealing time from Hiroshima to spend more time there - it was absolutely the highlight of our trip. Plus, they have the world's biggest spatula. ;-)

HIMEIJI: We did what peggionthego said and left our luggage at the station for a quick 4-hour excursion. The castle and gardens are pretty spectacular and a departure from the scores of temples and shrines you'll see.

KYOTO: At least 3 days in Kyoto is a good idea... it's far bigger than we expected, and there's a lot to do. One thing: an American we met at the Gion Corner told us about a free service that pairs Japanese "guides" with English-speaking visitors. They practice their English as they take you around to the sites. Something to consider.

Have a great time - it's a fantastic place!

hawaiiantraveler Dec 19th, 2007 03:34 PM


If you are still around would you mind giving a report on Iwaso. I think we are leaning toward them other than Kinsuikan on Miyajima in April. Any info would be appreciated.


mflickermd Dec 19th, 2007 03:42 PM

We stayed at Iwaso last year and it was our second time.The first time,we had a room in the new section.This year we had a "cottage".spectacular-elegant-classic-The inn is also in a beautiful location. It is not cheap, but absolutely worth the splurge.

hawaiiantraveler Dec 19th, 2007 03:52 PM


Thanks for answering. We are being offered 21,000 yen per person per night in the "Shinkan" new annex building for a Japanese room with private bath and toilet.

They also offer the "Hanare" private residence with private hot spring bath and toilet en suite for 40,000 yen per person per night. We are thinking of trying the latter and since you have done both may I ask you if it worth the extra money to you for the Hanare accommodations?

Have also read that members of the Royal Family have stayed in the Hanare accommodations more than once.


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