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PixieChick Aug 14th, 2005 01:03 AM! Phuket...
I need help on options. I'm a stressed 30-something who is about to get her permanent residency in Australia (yay!) Once it comes through, I'm doing a RTW trip quickly to visit parents, etc. and am planning a stop in Phuket for about 5-7 days. This will be in early-mid September, and I will be booking everything last minute.

I was originally considering some of the hotels in the Laguna area, specifically the Sheraton, but after reading some of the posts here it may be 'far from the action'. I'm not a huge nightlife person (well, not when I'm travelling alone for safety reasons) but would like the option of safely wandering around in the evenings. I want to do some relaxing/beach/poolside stuff as well as diving/snorkelling and day trips or activities (such as a cooking class). Spa options also are appealing.

I'm not too worried about $, as most of the high-end hotels currently have rates for that time of $65USD or so. I can go up to $100 if need be.

So, best option for an active, young woman travelling alone wanting a bit of luxury, diving, water, relaxation, dining options that aren't too expensive?

JamesA Aug 14th, 2005 01:34 AM

The big decision is 'beach', now from what you say I am guessing that in the evnings you might want to do some street stall/market shopping, nice cocktail, dinner and then maybe a stroll or a relaxing drink.
I would suggest you think about Kata or Patong, Kata is much quieter and although easy enough to get a tuk tuk to and from Patong in the evenings it can be a bid aof a pain especially as Septyember is still rainy season.
For diving you need to go 'off island' on usually a day trip, don't book in advance, monitor the weather and then you only have to book the 'day before', so you know the weather will be ok. Most hotel lobbys will have 'Bangkok Post' or 'Nation' paper, check the weather there, not online(!)

You did not especially mention 'beach', in September swimming in the seas can be downright dangerous but this does open the opportunity to those spa/boutique style places that are not so close to the beach but still with easy access.
Now, if you decide you want to be opposite the beach, nice established resort hotel, quite good for single woman traveler, walking distance to shops and restaurants, plus a particular 'bargain' then take a look at the Club Andaman resort in Patong. This place has been around for a decade or more, good solid no messing fine reputation, as was built some time ago benefits from huge gardens across the beach raod, many new places have small grounds as land costs have risen steeply.
The Club Andaman has some room work going on at that time but they promise is only between 10 and 5 so that should not bother, plus side is real good prices!! USD 47-67 for Single with breakfast and tax etc. This is a fine resort hotel and the layout/location is excellent.

Again, which beach is very important but in rainy season Patong does gain an edge because more to do if it rains.
Patong Merlin across the road from beach close to restaurants and shopping also good for single traveler, about USD 60.
I could go on and on and on, here's an idea, take a leisurely browse on these sites, if something that cathces your eye comes up I can tell you about it.

This is a direct link to list of hotels, sortted by beach, you can also sort by price

For Karon I still reckon the "Karon Beach Resort" at about USD 55 a bargain, this is walking to restaurants and shops but much quieter than Patong. At Kata the easy to remember "Kata Beach Resort" around same price also good.

Congratulations on the Aussie residency!! Which part??

On your RTW I really recommend Singapore Airlines/United as that get's you nicely around the world.

JamesA Aug 14th, 2005 01:39 AM

Thara Patong is close to beach but also right in the center of Patong

Another point, if you use Singapore Airlines/United or Singapore Airlines/Lufthansa ask them about their deals for the Phuket sector, you fly into SIN and then use Silk Air(regional division of Singapore Airlines) for the hop to Phuket and back, great little airline, Singapore Airlines should be able to add that at a cheap price, they really promote these connections and you should be able to do that 'add on' flight quite cheap, they have 3 flights a day SIN-Phuket return, takes about 1 hr 30 mins.

rhkkmk Aug 14th, 2005 08:35 AM

i have only been to patong once but i did notice the huge holiday inn right in the sustained a lot of damage in the dec. storm but has been completely refurbrished and is set to reopen 100 % about is directly across from the beach and in the very center of the town of idea of price but it might be an option...

kerikeri Aug 14th, 2005 08:48 AM

i would like to dissent from one thing james has written.

as a lone female i would tell you that three weeks ago i attempted to check into the club andaman. i was repeatedly asked was i alone, i said i was.

i was brought into the little reservations lounge and was asked for my full name and nationality (which is usa). oddly, a few moments later the manager came back and said he was sorry, there suddenly were no rooms (but there had been 15 seconds before and he had shown me several rooms).

to me i could think of no other reason than discrimination, either because i was a lone female (also in my 30s) or an american (the area is very muslim, with a mosque up the street and maybe there are bad feelings.)

in any case, i was very disturbed by my treatment. the man was not thai as i speak thai and he did not speak thai back. i asked to speak to a manager and he said HE was the manager.
in any case, it was less than welcoming and i would suggest you take your money elsewhere- definitely a quiter area would be kata.

as a lone female in patong after dark, i felt every 50 plus fat man staring down my neck and every shopkeeper very agressive until i answered back in thai.

choog dii!

PixieChick Aug 14th, 2005 12:25 PM

Thanks everybody. I guess I'm not fussed about the beach, as I live right by some great ones.

Any thoughts on Club Med in Phuket?

rhkkmk Aug 14th, 2005 07:40 PM

club med is right by the beach not far from an area that was hard hit by the dec looked clean and ready to go when we drove by its back side in june...
i would think that more fun could be had on your own however and much cheaper

JamesA Aug 15th, 2005 02:29 AM

Kerikeri, that is very surprising from Club Andaman, I hope you told them what you thought! I hate anything like that and I have seen your regular posts and you obviously know Asia.

Pixiechick: I personaly would not go for Club med as it is almost entirely families and although quite nice location my humble opinion is certainly not worth the money. Also not that good for local restaurants.

kerikeri Aug 15th, 2005 06:04 AM

thank you, james. i did tell them i was not pleased and that i would be happy to let other visitors know about it! who would have thought the opportunity would present itself so quickly?

for a modest hotel with lots of green and lovely pool area- the duangjitt (spelling) - was not badly hurt and is just steps from the beach and yet very isolated, green and quiet- qualities hard to come by in patong.

the rooms are a bit dreary.

i actually stayed at james' recommendation, royal paradise, which was new and comfy (but the gateuis from uncle charley's were a little loud for my taste).


JamesA Aug 15th, 2005 09:16 AM

Actually the Dunagjitt is one I recommend for value for money and the nearby Coconut Village, I don't think I have ever suggested Royal Paradise ( except for those wishing to be right in nightlife area )as I don't like it!
I think there is a new wing to it and for those who want to be in the center I guess not so bad.
Hope you had a good time otherwise.

kerikeri Aug 15th, 2005 01:16 PM

from june: (not to embarrass you, but just to refresh your memory and give you credit...):

Date: 06/30/2005, 06:13 pm
that's a big request, but i'm hoping someone can suggest a "quiet" guest house or smallish hotel (not horrible) that is within walking distance of shops and the night market.

for example, in chiang mai, i love the river view lodge- simple, but still something nice. near to stuff, but still a little quiet.

thanks so much. i leave shortly and am overwhelmed by the options. i'll only need to stay a few nights. costs, low, but do not have to be rock bottom. location and ambiance most important.



Author: kerikeri
Date: 06/30/2005, 08:17 pm
oh, i get it. the whole beach IS the night market.

well, i can't change the title, but can you suggest a guest house or small hotel near to the main beach?

thanks. just need a base for a few nights.


Author: JamesA
Date: 07/01/2005, 12:53 am
I pressume youi are talking about Patong Beach ?

Phuket is a large island with different beach areas plus Phuket Town so I am pressuming you mean Patong beach.

There are street stalls/market style along the beach road plus a night market area in front of the Royal Paradise Complex.

There is plenty of budget accommodation in Patong, those right in the center you might find a bit noisy/crowded, depending on time of year, but there is an amazing amount of budget accommodation.

Stoney Monday is about USD16, the huge high rise Montana is a budget hotel, again about USD 16 ( very large ), I think the best value is Patong Beach Lodge at about USD 20, it's on Rat-U-Thit wihich is the main road through Patong and a block back from the beach road.

About 10 minutes easy stroll from the centre and 4-5 minutes to beach is the long established Patong Bayshore Hotel, about USD 22-25

If you can manage about USD 32 the Royal Paradise Hotel is right in the center, high rise, right next to the Royal paradise night market, right close to nightlife,

All these are around Rat-U-Thit Road which as said is the main thru road and busiest, do watch for places that are 'not' in this area as many can be way up in the Patong Hills and you have to bike-taxi or tuk tuk to and from, The Royal Paradise is certainly a bargain, Patong Bayshore and Patong Beach Lodge also very good value.

You can find lots even cheaper on but do watch location!


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