I'm back in Bangkok!

Feb 19th, 2005, 06:11 PM
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Good morning, everyone,
This is my last day in BKK, sorry to say, but I shall deal with it. LOL

Siam Paragon is going to be a huge and very upscale shopping venue. They are working very hard on it. I doubt that it is done in 05, maybe early 06? I can't wait to shop there when it is done.

Speaking of shopping, yesterday I went searching for a nice outfit to wear to the Bed Supper Club as a bunch of us will go there tonight, my last night in town. My American size (tall, size 12) is very hard to find in Thai stores. I ended up finding something that FIT (but I didn't buy) in Central Chitlom store. I do not HAVE to buy something for tonight, thank goodness, or I'd be out of luck. Anyway, to those of you who want to shop for Thai clothing, if you are petite, you are in 7th heaven here! If you are of a more "average" American build, you will have some trouble. That's been my experience anyway. I can buy some things that are made larger at the market stalls, but that was not what I had in mind for the Bed tonight.

Bob, son's book is about pool cues. You know that he (and his father) both love to play the game. Son writes the Blue Book of Pool Cues... this is his 3rd edition. I'm happy to be doing data input for him as I can type fast. He has a deadline of end of June and there is still a lot of work to be done. I traveled to SanFran in October and will go to Valley Forga PA in mid-March with him, gathering data.

As far as labels, I ordered mine at my favorite tailor shop. Mac is a good friend and he helps us with tailoring, travel arrangements, etc. He called a label maker, who then met me at Mac's tailor shop, showed me what he had, and I ordered. I was happy with the labels he brought for me yesterday. It will take another week for all of them to get done, so son will bring them home for me. I can then sew them into my purses and scarves! Can't wait! The least number of labels they would make is 6000 (YIKES) which should last me a lifetime... LOL The cost was 2500 baht for all of them. I did not compare prices, orgy7, so I may or may not have gotten the best deal. I just wanted my friend Mac to help me with the project, and he did. I am sure he makes a few hundred baht on the deal as well... (that's fine).

Today Odd, at Central Chitlom hair salon, 2nd floor walkway, is going to color my hair. I'm naturally a brunette (rather mousy brown) and I will have him give me something close to my natural color to cover the grey at the roots, and then add highlights. Hope it doesn't turn out chartreusse! (sp) I've had my hair colored here in BKK a couple of times and have had success, so I'm really not that concerned about a problem this time. LOL

I may or may not be able to post tonight or tomorrow morning, as we will be out a bit late, and my flight is a bit early (7am) out of BKK. I shall maybe have time in the United lounge at the airport and hopefully it will be a hotspot. My upgrade to business class SHOULD come through, if it hasn't already. In any case, it has been great chatting with everyone on line, from BKK. I shall report in after my safe return home, if not before.

Sawadee kah... and happy travels to everyone.
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Feb 19th, 2005, 07:56 PM
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carol---that about a penny a peice for the labels...thats fantastic....are they embroidered??

have a great trip...when can you return....?? to bkk that is...

interesting about the book---pool cues...
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Feb 20th, 2005, 05:10 PM
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OMG Carol-you should start your own designer collection with 6000 labels!
Great to read your posts-thanks for the daily entertainment! Happy & safe travelling to you!
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Feb 20th, 2005, 05:29 PM
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carol -- can you please give some tips on bargaining in regards to place of shopping. i.e., how to tell what % to start offering as i assume it varies from place to place. i'm leaving tuesday...please help! you trip report is awesome. what a great time!
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Feb 20th, 2005, 09:24 PM
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Good morning, or good afternoon, I'm en route home so am skipping through the time zones. I'm in Narita (Tokyo) and the Red Carpet club is a wireless "hot spot"... lucky me. I hope my computer battery holds out for a while.

Bob, the labels are not embroidered, I don't think, but they do have a bumpy texture! I know you can get them like that. Mine are very plain... all I wanted was my web site name, that's it. They are about 3" long and maybe 3/4" high, with just the 1-line web address. I like them... that's what counts! LOL The color is lt grey printing on a black label. The back side of the label is lt grey, if that means anything. So the writing shows on both sides of the label. I am hoping they are easy to stitch inside my wares.

We had a wonderful night for my last night in BKK. "The boys" took me to The Bed Supper Club where we had a marvelous gourmet meal. Met an interesting couple from Chicago originally, Miami now, who sold a clothing business in about '92 and just started traveling. They write for Conde Nast and Travel & Leisure magazines as well as some in-flight magazines too. They were at The Bed, first time in Thailand. We gave them some tips on some other places to see while in BKK. I didn't think to ask which hotel they had chosen... darn.

Anyway, back to The Bed menu... one of "the boys" slipped a copy of it in my purse so I have all the details. The food was absolutely excellent! We also had a nice red wine (2 bottles). The set price is 1090 baht per person for the three course meal. For starters, I had a chilled asparagus broth w/goat cream cheese (dollops), enoki mushrooms and truffle oil that was very interesting. Certainly something I've never had before. For my main course I had the Miso marinated scallops and cauliflower on brown rice risotte and passion fruit reduction. It was sensational! My dessert was a white chocolate banana crepe w/cherry compote, cinnamon sauce and milk chocolate ice cream. I hope it sounds as heavenly as it tasted!

Other mains were a venison, a lamb loin, a salmon filet, and a chicken penne pasta. I won't go into all the descriptions unless someone wants specifics. Just hollar!

After dinner we returned to the top of State Tower to Sky Bar for the view and one last glass of wine. There was a lovely breeze 65 floors up, and the lights of the city of BKK were so awe inspiring! We really must try to eat at the Italian restaurant up there the next time.

I will probably get back to BKK in Oct of this year, but it is possible I would go before that, if the option becomes available! I am helping w/my son's book and that means a lot of work between now and the end of June. After that is the process of putting the book together, and we shall spend some time in Minneapolis doing that. I want to learn the process as my hubby is also writing, son will publish his work in BKK and I shall edit!!

Lyndie, the idea of desiging my own purses has certainly popped into my head. I may just do that! I have been a purse fanatic almost all my life and there are things I always want in a bag, but can never seem to find it all in one!! They must be designed by men... LOL Oh, by the way, I finally did buy two Jim Thompson bags that last day in BKK. I am sure my friend at home will like one of them, and I'll keep the other!

hipvirgochick: As far as bargaining, the Thais LOVE the GAME so don't hesitate to start at about half of what they are asking. If you are in a market, such as Suan Lum, Nari Phand, or Pratunam, or weekend market, you ALWAYS bargain. Obviously, in a dept store it isn't possible. At MBK (you will see this when you go there) there are regular stores, and then there are market stalls... little shops... and you will want to bargain at these little shops and stalls, for sure. THEY expect it! I think if you paid full price and didn't bargain, you would be barraged by every vendor in the place to buy, buy, buy! The word would get out, I guarantee!

I managed about 3 hours of sleep before I had to get up and head out to the airport this morning. Lucky for me, I had packed in the last couple of days, when I had some spare time. Son is bringing home some things for me (thank you!!!). I would have had to buy a new big suitcase if not for his help. IF I need more items before son comes home, he can go the market and get them for me! Or, hubby is going to BKK for 3 weeks in March, maybe HE could do my shopping!!! LOL

I shall be home in Chicago in another 15 hours or so. I hope I can sleep on the plane. A seat in business class helps. My upgrades came through the day before leaving BKK.

I shall post on my safe return to small town USA! Thanks, everyone, for the kind words always.

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Feb 20th, 2005, 11:00 PM
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carol; thanks for the great report. i have learned alot, and will make good use of the info. hope to try tawandang, and will drag hombre orgy for the chili at the pool hall. maybe even play a game with him to see who pays. back to chilly chicago, keep warm.
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Feb 21st, 2005, 04:28 PM
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I'm back home in small town USA. The flight home was long as always, but I got my business class seat in the upper deck so it wasn't quite so bad.

The flight over Alaska got a little bit bumpy! Other than that, it was uneventful. Flight attendants ran out of US customs documents in English so some folks had to fill out the Japanese version!

The BKK to NRT segment had a friendlier crew than the NRT to ORD segment!

It's good to be raiding my own fridge once again. There's no chili... darn! Kuranosuke, do enjoy Ming's chili at the Brunswick. It's really excellent!! If you see my son there, say "hi" and tell him you chat with his mom on fodors.com. LOL Son is still in BKK for 3 more weeks.

I shall be away from my computer for 5 days as hubby and I go to Louisville KY day after tomorrow. It is supposed to be in the 50's there (?). It was 35 when I landed in Chicago this afternoon.

Happy travels to you all! Now I think I'll sleep....

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Feb 21st, 2005, 05:59 PM
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thanks carol for another wonderful series of reports...
now that you can reflect on the serviced apartment that you had, how do you compare it to the others you have had, and do you much prefer the apt. to a hotel and why?? so many questions....i can't get my wife to commit to an apartment....the pool is one thing that we really use both morning and later in the day to deal with the heat and the apartments just don't offer anything very nice in that regard....and if i changed who would be the new marriott spokesman???

we may look at labels...6000 is quite a few...

now get to work on that web site...how else are we going to buy some of your old used discarded purses??
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Feb 22nd, 2005, 02:01 AM
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I'm up at 4 this morning! Jetlag...

Bob, to answer your question about getting an apartment vs hotel room, and especially when I am there for a full two weeks. I guess I prefer the apt route because of the space. I like unpacking into drawers and closets. I like leaving my things in my apt if I leave for two days to go to the beach.

I like having a kitchen, even if I don't use it to cook a "meal." We can have toast and juice and coffee or soup/noodles because there is the fridge, toaster, burner, pots, utensils, dishes, etc.

I also like having a "livingroom" to lounge in after a day of touring and shopping in BKK. You are right about the pools not being so "nice" at the apt. We had an 8th floor pool at Omni. It looked nice, but nothing fancy. I went there to have a look but never put on my swimsuit to jump in. I noticed people using it all the time though. There is also a big workout room on the 8th flr... I LOOKED at the treadmill... (just LOOKED) LOL.

The apartments are serviced every day, just like a hotel room. Even though Omni's location is a little further from the skytrain station, I think I like it better than the more modern Grand President. Omni seems a bit larger, and maybe less gadgets (no fancy TV/DVD equip). People who own condos at Omni are very friendly. You can sit and chat with them every morning over coffee and the Bangkok Post newspaper.

Patumwan House, which I mentioned early in this thread, is a very basic but very clean apartment building. That's where we first stayed in BKK, due to the location very close to son's favorite book printing company. (son publishes) I still love the friendliness of the folks at that place and the sounds of the roosters crowing in the morning and the noise of the motors of the canal boats speeding by right down below. You just don't get that in the big hi-rise condo type places (or in small town USA). Patumwan is like the next big building you see looking down the canal from Jim Thompson house, if you look towards Siam. 8 flooks, I think. But no pool. They have beautiful birds outside in cages that sing and talk. One says "let me out" in English!! It's a very Thai place, when compared to Omni or G.P.

I shall try to get some work done on my web site in the near future. I promise! Then I can market my old used discarded purses... (smile). I will continue to lurk around this forum and add my 2 cents now and then!

Have a great day!

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Feb 22nd, 2005, 07:01 PM
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carol...not now and then...we need you routinely....thanks

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Feb 23rd, 2005, 04:46 AM
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Thanks, Bob. OK, you've twisted my arm. I promise to stick around!
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Feb 23rd, 2005, 09:23 AM
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dear Carol,
Enjoyed your travelogue. I hope you are still reading this forum or if there is anyone else who can give me any info, I would greatly appreciate it.
Is the Skybar in the open or is it inside the building? In the pictures there is a round lighted bar by the Sirocco Restaurant. Is that a bar?
Please let me know.
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Feb 23rd, 2005, 07:02 PM
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i believe it is mostly outside
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Feb 23rd, 2005, 09:28 PM
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Sirocco itself and the lighted bar are completely outside -- with only a 3.5 foot parapet wall, something that would never pass under US safety codes! But it is perfectly safe and absolutely stunning. Windy enough that I was glad to have a sweater. Right now there is a wonderful American singer, Ella-Fitzgerald style, who is a regular performer there. A not to be missed experience, if it's in your budget. There is also an indoor bar and oyster bar on the same level with great views and an indoor restaurant, Mezzaluna, one floor up, views ditto. Even if the restaurants are too pricey, the staff a couple of nights ago let people simply walk out to see the view, without making a purchase, but I don't know whether that is usual or not.
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Feb 24th, 2005, 07:08 AM
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I'll be happy when the Paragon mall opens,too. It's being built on the sight of the old Siam Intercontinental Hotel where I stayed regularly before it was torn down..a couple of months after the last time I stayed at the hotel(March 2002 was when I last stayed there.)While at the Siam Intercontinental Hotel,we guests were being told that a new Intercontinental hotel was going to be built with a shopping center.The hotel had a VERY loyal following that was very depressed over the hotel being torn down.It was a very down-to-earth place with the largest land space of any hotel in Bangkok and gorgeous peacocks running around.A lot of weddings were held on the grounds. I attended one that I wasn't officially invited to, but someone, in the wedding party, saw me walking around the grounds and invited me to join the group. It was a young Thai couple...very upper crust...being married...a beautiful ceremony. One day I was on the sky train a couple of years ago and noticed a mall coming up and I asked around and was told that no new hotel would be built.What a disappointment. Happy Travels!
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Feb 24th, 2005, 08:49 AM
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I too used to stay at the Siam Intercontinental and was very sad to learn it had been torn down to make way for yet, another shopping mall and modern hotel in Bangkok. The hotel was the perfect location in Siam square, not too expensive, and had beautiful grounds on which to walk around. The architecture of the hotel was also something unique and it is a shame that is was torn down.
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Feb 24th, 2005, 09:47 AM
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TNNC....It's great to hear someone else mourn the lost of the Siam Intercontinental. I used to get a gorgeous club level room for $89. overlooking the palm tree-lined courtyard with the peacocks. The place was great with it's very Thai architecture and those wonderful antique-looking lanterns outside along the covered walkways. Plus it was great that all of the buildings, except one, were only two-storied so there were no elevators except in that one structure,where they'd stick the organized groups. Plus, there were no gadgets in the rooms that you needed a instructional manuel to figure out how to do simple tasks like turn on the lights or open the curtains. And I loved the clothes line that extended across the whole length of the bathtub. I could do all the laundry in the bathroom sink and hang it up to dry!Those were the good old days...however, I've been most fortunate to find that very similiar charm at the Four Seasons....minus the peacocks. I've met many workers at the Four Seasons who worked for years at the Siam Intercontinental. Happy Travels!
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Feb 24th, 2005, 05:28 PM
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You've been give exact information before I could respond, re: State Tower. Yes, it is outside, and the view is outstanding. NO, it would NOT pass a US safety test, but I agree that it is safe!

Siroco is outside, Sky Bar is outside, and there is an oyster bar inside. I did not see the restaurant inside, but I don't doubt that it is there. I was with one friend who does not like heights and he stayed inside in the oyster bar rather than coming outside and down the gorgeous staircase to see the view.

Enjoy your time in BKK.
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Feb 24th, 2005, 07:40 PM
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carol---waht was the dress at those places?? same as any nice bkk place??
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Feb 24th, 2005, 08:18 PM
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the conversion of siam mall has started recently....

Peragon, siam mall and discovery are all owened by same group....

perogon will be upscale mall
siam, geared for teens
discover.. furniture and household goods.

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