How Much Money?


Sep 13th, 1998, 12:31 PM
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How Much Money?

My husband & I will be trekking in Nepal early October through November, and can't figure out how much money we'll need. We are budget travellers mainly because we find that's the best way to experience a country and get "closer" to the natives. I've heard we'll need anywhere from $10-50/day but would like a more precise estimation. We'll probably look for low to middle-end accomodations in Kathmandu, and stay in teahouses while we're trekking. Any suggestions on the money question, or anything else for that matter? Thank you.
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Jan 15th, 1999, 05:03 PM
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Based on the date of your message, I gather that this reply is too late for you. But, if others are checking this forum, I was in Nepal last month and did the Jomsom Trek.

While trekking, the most I paid for a single room was Rs250 (just under US$4.00), the least I paid was Rs30 (just under US$0.45). In each case the room was self-contained (the more expensive room even had a sit-down toilet). Even with food included, I found it nearly impossible to spend $10 per day while trekking (however, if you drink beer while trekking your bill can add up).

In KTM, I went more upscale, spending US$30 per day for a room with a full bath and cable TV. You can easily get something quite nice and clean for half that. As for food in KTM, even if you if you want to splurge and be extra safe, you can certainly come in under $15 per day.

Otherwise, I highly recommend the trip. (Personlly, I would try to minimize my time in Kathmandu.)
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