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Beauty Jul 9th, 1999 06:58 AM

How long in Thailand?
I'm going to Thailand the first week of November and I was wondering how long should I schedule myself to see most of the attractions? Right now I'm thinking of 6 days, but I would like to take a few days to go outside of Bangkok and see some other attractions as well. <BR> <BR>Thanks.

Mike Jul 9th, 1999 12:46 PM

Six days is pretty short. Last August we spent 3 days in Bangkok (must see it, but three days was more than enough for us!), 1 in Ayutthaya, 5 in Chiang Mai, and 4 in Koh Samui. It is so easy and relatively cheap to get almost anywhere in Thailand within 90 minutes by Thai or Bangkok Airlines, so travel times do not eat up large chunks of the trip. <BR> <BR>If you like history, the ruins of Ayuttaya were an excellent day trip from BKK (hire a songthaew driver for a day to show you around the ruins - the well known Mr. Pock was excellent), an easy 1 hour train ride from the airport. Chiang Mai is a whole different world from BKK, and only an hour away by plane. One highlight was hiring a van driver and hiking guide from Chiang Mai for a day to Doi Inthanon, which is a great national park. <BR>

sirano Jul 11th, 1999 03:09 AM

bangkok alone could swallow up your 6 days if you like visting temples and places of antiquity. If you are also interested in enjoying their beaches give yourself another 4-5 days and Ching-mai is a real treat if you have another 5-6 days to spare. Have fun take care of yourself and wallet.

ron Jul 17th, 1999 10:39 PM

MIke-- <BR> <BR>I am about to do the Bangkok/Chiang mai/Koh Samui trip very shortly. Give the time and cost of transportation, what is the most logical order of cities to visit? Many Thanks...

Mike Jul 18th, 1999 03:33 PM

Ron, <BR> <BR>Since you will probably arrive at BKK, Bangkok is the logical starting point. We made all flight arrangements once there with our hotel (Mandarin) travel agent. We wanted to relax at the end of an adventurous trip, so we did Koh Samui last. KS is very relaxed and not highly developed, so it lends itself to relaxing. Be sure to book the KS flight first thing, because it will be the most difficult ticket based on demand. Be sure to rent a motorbike for the time you are in KS, and tour around the island as much as possible and to get to the much cheaper grocery stores. We had never been on a motorbike before and had no problems, so long as you are careful, and they are cheap. Don't even think of driving anywhere else in Thailand. We never had problems booking Thai Airways, as they had many flights to Chiang Mai from BKK and back. So, BKK to Chiang Mai to KS and back to BKK was great for us. Be sure to do your travel planning for Chiang Mai at home, as we found it very difficult to get good information there is spite of TAT and travel agents everywhere. is an excellent website to check for info. In BKK, take metered taxis everywhere, or the river boat taxi. In Chiang Mai, Red Top Songthaews or Tuk-Tuks are everywhere and very good. Bon Voyage! <BR> <BR> <BR>

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