Hong Kong - MTR or Octopus Card


Jan 9th, 2016, 06:47 PM
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Hong Kong - MTR or Octopus Card

I will be in Hong Kong from a Thursday morning to Sunday morning, My plan is to take the Airport Express to Kowloon and back to the airport. I have a tour booked that includes hotel pick-up and Victoria Peak tram. I also have a night boat cruise for the symphony of lights that I believe I can walk to from my hotel. I will likely ride the Star Ferry, go to Stanley and do some other toursty stuff. I may go to the Big Buddha Saturday afternoon after I move to the Marriott SkyCity at the airport.

Is the Octopus card going to be advantageous, or is Airport Express and a MTR day pass to do some of the touristy running around my best option. I have some concern about the deposit and getting a refund on the Octopus Card. Seems like a hassle

Signed, A Hong Kong novice
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Jan 10th, 2016, 05:29 AM
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The advantage of the Octopus card is convenience: no issues with having to buy single tickets or having coins for trams or Star Ferry. Also very useful for buying anything at most convenience stores. (And if you're 65, you can easily get the Senior Octopus card, giving you about half off on many trips.) I find it very simple and quick both to get the Octopus card and to cash out any unused amount at HK Airport. At the airport, there are several Airport Express service centers, and you can buy/return the Octopus at any of them. When I was at the airport last month, there was a long line at the service center in the Arrivals Hall, and no one at the service center near the entrance to the Airport Express trains.
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Jan 11th, 2016, 08:39 PM
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MTR day or tourist passes won't cover ferries, buses and trams. Unless you don't plan on taking any of those, get an Octopus. As Don says, it's pretty easy to get a refund.
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