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Hong Kong Hotel on MTR airport express stop

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I was wondering if someone could suggest a hotel in Hong Kong ( I am thinking Kowloon area) that sits directly on or next to the MTR airport express stop. I will get into Hong Kong Airport at 8 pm and will have only about 24 hours there. Therefore I can not mess around with too much transportation changes. Hope someone can help me :)
THank You,

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    Kowloon station has W and opening later this year, the Ritz Carlton. Hong Kong station has the Four Seasons.

    The Kowloon Airport Express station is not convenient for sightseeing.

    You may also want to consider the Marriott SkyCity next to the airport.

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    Thanks for the reply!I definitely want to spend the night in Hong Kong, but not in the airport area. Does Hong Kong Station have hotels within quick walking distance (other than the Four Seasons)??

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    Only hotel within quick walking distance from the Hong Kong AE station is the Mandarin Oriental.

    Most hotels are a quick shuttle or taxi ride from either the Kowloon or HK AE stations anyways.

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    While the W is a perfectly nice hotel, it does NOT have a harbour view and has a rather isolated location. It is surrounded on three sides by highways or very busy roads and on fourth by a huge piece of vacant land. There is literally nothing to walk to in the neighborhood. You will be taking taxis and perhaps the subway a lot to actually see anything of Hong Kong if you stay there. It would not be anywhere near my first choice for Hong Kong, esp. for a short visit. If you are going to stay in that isolated location, I would choose the Ritz-Carlton (opening March or after 2011) as it has an stunning view which IMO makes up for its isolated location. (The building in which it is located blocks the views from the W.)

    Perhaps you have the wrong impression of how close things are in Hong Kong. A very wide range of hotels can be reached within less than a 10 minute taxi ride from the Airport Express Stations on both the Kowloon and Hong Kong Island side. These rides would cost about US$3-6. (I actualy think it will take you that long to get upstairs and find the W from the Kowloon Station.) Other hotels are perhaps 15 minutes or so by cab. (There is also a free shuttle bus which makes a circuit to many hotels from each station, although a taxi is of course faster.) So even with just 24 hours, I would not look exclusively only at hotels on the Airport Express line, which will in fact limit your hotel choices.

    If budget is not a huge issue for you, for 24 hours I would probably choose the Peninsula, the Intercontinental or the Sheraton Towers, all in Kowloon. While not my favourite place, for that short a stay the location of the hotels offers great views and easy access to the Star Ferry to get to Hong Kong Island. Otherwise, the Four Seasons, Mandarin in Central, or the JW Marriott/Conrad/Island Shangri-La or Upper House (all located in Pacific Place) would be good choices location-wise. From Pacific Place you can walk to the bottom of the Peak Tram and in the other direction to some interesting local market areas and good restaurants. The Four Seasons/Mandarin are in excellent locations in Central. If you can provide a budget, I would have other suggestions, or run a search on this board. You should be able can find websites for all the above, for the Upper House see See

    If you still believe that you want a hotel walkable from the Airport Express Station, in addition to the Mandarin Oriental and the Four Seasons already mentioned, the Landmark Mandarin hotel and the Hotel LKF are also quite walkable from the Airport Express station provided you don’t mind a walk with luggage. The Hotel LKF would require a bit of an uphill and some stairs. The Landmark Mandarin is closer and can be reached via covered/indoor pedestrian walkways (as can the Mandarin Oriental, which would be a tad closer. The Four Seasons is about the same as the Mandarin, perhaps 500 yards further. Hard to say. But to the Four Seasons would be all indoors via the shopping mall connected to the Airport Express Station.) The Landmark Mandarin is run the the Mandarin Oriental. For the Hotel LFK see

    That being said, I don’t know that you would want to walk to any hotel even just with a small rolling suitcase. Walking from the Hong Kong Island Airport Express station can be quite confusing, even for locals, as much of the walking is done on elevated pedestrian walkways or through malls where signage is poor. Wandering around trying to figure out how to find even a hotel as close (and iconic) as the Mandarin Oriental at 9:30 pm or so may not be that much fun. While perfectly safe, there may not be a huge amount of people around at that time. Most shops in downtown close at 9 pm.

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    WOW!!! I was hoping you would reply to my post :) It will take me some time to sort through all your helpful information. I am sure I have some questions within the next few days! The Four Seasons/Ritz/Shangri-La are most likely over my budget. I am hoping to spend $300 or ( preferrably) less. Thanks so much for all the useful info!

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    With less than 24 hours and a budget US$300 or less, you might consider the hotels listed below. Note that there are literally dozens of hotels which would be at or below that budget. However, as you basically only have one day, I am only listing hotels which IMO are the best location for such a short trip. They are located where you can walk or ferry to the basic main tourist sites (Peak Tram, Kowloon waterfront, local food markets/temples esp). By the time you arrive into Hong Kong, it will be 9:30 pm or so. While you could go to the Peak or walk along the Kowloon waterfront if you wanted to, other sites like temples, markets, etc are going to be closed. (You also may have an issue having dinner anywhere but a hotel restaurant at that hour, other than of course casual noodle restaurants which serve all hours and are of course fine for a simple meal.) That leaves you only about 10 hours the next day to sightsee. (Assuming an 8 pm departure and that you have already checked in for the flight (see below), you should leave for the airport about 6 - 6:30 pm)

    I think that most of the hotels on the above posts, including mine, are going to be over the US$300 budget. (I doubt you can get the W for that price, as I am seeing rates of just over US$300, not including tax, for September.) September is part of the convention/event season and you will find higher prices than at other times. Esp if you are here on a weekday versus weekends, when business hotels are a little cheaper.

    1. Salisbury YMCA – they are showing mid-week September rates of US$150 for a harbour view room. Not a luxe hotel, but perfectly fine and a superb location and views. (Don’t get anything other than a harbour view, or IMO this location is not worth it.) Less than 10 minutes in a cab from the Kowloon Airport Express Station.

    2. Hyatt Regency - they are showing mid-week harbour view rooms at US$230. This hotel is brand new, and is a few blocks from the Kowloon waterfront. Fairly good location, but a very nice hotel. Again, get a harbour view or IMO it probably is not worth the money. (Don’t confuse this hotel with the Grand Hyatt on the Hong Kong side which is quite a bit more expensive.)

    3. Hotel LKF – are showing the 50 square meter rooms at US$300, not including tax (I think). This hotel has a great location on Hong Kong Island, it is in the midst of the main dining area and located near the antique/boutique area of SOHO. It is walkable in 5 minutes downhill to Central and you can walk to the Peak Tram. This hotel has no pool, but for 24 hours you may not care. (As mentioned while theoretically walkable from the Airport Express, I am not sure I would do it. Perhaps on the way back out to the airport, as that part would be downhill, in daylight and you would know a bit of your direction at that point. It’s also bloody hot here in September, and it could be raining. But otherwise a very short taxi ride.)

    4. Metropark Wan Chai - A budget hotel, they are showing rates for the Executive Spacious Room (their largest and I assume best) at US$190 including breakfast. They have other rooms for less, these may be quite small, so read the website See . I have always liked this hotel. Its advantages are that the Wan Chai ferry pier is a few blocks away, so you can get over to Kowloon to see the view easily. It also is an easy walk to the interesting market areas of Wan Chai (and some restaurants). Otherwise, a quick taxi ride to Central areas. IMO it is not as nice a hotel as the Hyatt or the LKF, but probably as good as or better than the Salisbury. This chain has a few other hotels in Hong Kong, IMO this is the best location for such a short stay.

    I like hotels like the Bishop Lei in Mid-Levels on Hong Kong Island (see but am not sure that it is a great location for basically 10 hours. You could get a grand harbour view suite for about US$150 (again their largest and best room. They have rooms for less, but they can be small, so read the website). The advantage to this is that you can walk to the mid-level escalators and the restaurants and antique/boutique area of SOHO. They have a shuttle down to Central. They harbour view rooms have some quite nice views of Hong Kong (not the classic post card view, those are from Kowloon, the Salisbury YMCA has those.) I am just not sure that for only 24 hours it is the best choice for location. If you had a few days, then I think it would be quite good.

    There are also hotels in Causeway Bay, the far eastern section of Wan Chai. I am not a huge fan of this area for a first-time tourist and for such a short trip, as there are no major tourist sites in the area, so you will spend time getting to sights (and then back to your hotel to collect luggage, etc). If you are here exclusively for clothes shopping, then Causeway Bay is a good location, but I always assume that you aren't travelleing to spend time shoppping for basically the same stuff you can get at home, but would prefer to see something different like the local street food markets. (There are 2 interesting temples in Causeway Bay and a rather lovely cathedral, but virtally nothing else. And believe me, I have looked.) Hotels in Causeway Bay to look which should be in your budget would be the Metro park Causeway Bay (see the Metro park website, the Rosedale on the Park (, the L’Hotel ( the Park Lane ( and the Excelsior (http://www.mandarinoriental its operated by the Mandarin group).

    You might also seriously consider staying at one of the airport hotels. There are three hotels at the airport: the Regal, the Marriott Sky City and the Novotel. The Regal is attached to the main terminal, the Marriott and Novotel Citygate is a few minutes' taxi or shuttle bus ride away.,, or The reason for this is that you may not be able (nor want to) do anything on the night you arrive, and so being able to get to your hotel via a 5-minute shuttle or walking (for the Regal) can be attractive. You could of course check into an airport hotel, change clothes and then just head into Hong Kong to look at the night view from the Kowloon side and/or the Peak that same night (assuming you have the energy.) You could then spend the next day in Hong Kong itself and go back to either collect bags or go right to the airport.

    The first thing you might want to do when you land in Hong Kong is try to check in for your flight which departs the next day. This would save you a LOT of time the next day, and free up time for sightseeing. Most airlines allow you to check in for a flight up to 48 hours before departure. The website for Hong Kong airport is, they have information on early check-in. Also, to the extent you can organize yourself, I would either check-in your large luggage at the same time, or leave your larger bags AT the airport overnight. There are checked baggage facilities located in the main arrivals hall (called the Meeters and Greeters Hall). It will cost you about US$6 a bag and is well worth not having to drag big bags downtown with you. Info on this can be found at

    I have to also note that I personally would spend more than 24 hours in Hong Kong, as there is a lot to see and do. I know you have about 11 days in Bali and Lombok and IMO, you could sacrifice a Lombok night for a night in Hong Kong.

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    Hi Cicerone,
    Thank You for the incredibly useful info. Amazing. I know one day in Hong Kong is too short, it is unfortunatly the way things worked out for this trip :( I know we will return to Hong Kong soon to really take it all in.
    Thank You so much again.
    Also, what do you think about the Sheraton? I can get a friends and family rate there ?

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    Stay at the Y in a Harbour view room. It is a nice hotel and with the money you save, you can take a taxi to the station, or even take a taxi all the way out to the airport. Heck, taxis are cheap in HK; you can take taxis everywhere and still save money over a Sheraton or others.

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    The Sheraton is on the same road as the Salisbury YMCA and offers some very nice harbour views, if you can get a friends and family rate there that would probably be a good choice. My caveat would be that you get a harbour view room on a high floor in the Towers portion of the hotel if at all possible. Even a friends and family rate is going to cost you something, and you may as well get a view room if you can, as you probably would pay less for a harbour view room at the YMCA a few hundred yards down the road. So not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but see if you can arrange that.

    Also the Sheraton is across the street from the New World Centre which is being torn down and replaced by a very tall building. So there is some scaffolding, trucks, noise, etc. It may interfere a bit with views, hard to say as I have not been in the rooms. But that is another reason to try to get a room in the Towers which is the tallest portion of the hotel. (The tall building will eventually significantly affect views from the Sheraton, but probably not for another year or so.)

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