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Pat and Val Jul 11th, 1999 10:21 PM

Honeymoon suggestions for Bali and Thailand
We're going for a honeymoon for 3 weeks and would like to see Thailand and Bali in October. Is this a good time to go? Can anyone suggest a good itinerary with a mix of beaches, hiking, temples, and adventures? Thanks -Pat and Val

Teresa Jul 12th, 1999 08:25 PM

Hi Val & Pat, <BR> <BR>My family and I went to Bali last march, and are going to Thailand in September/October. It will be the rainy season in Thailand, it's quieter that time of year, but the waters are not so clear and the seas can be rough, so water sports and trips in small boats can be unavailable or not at their best. <BR> <BR>In Bali we stayed in Legian, close to Kuta (10 minute taxi ride) but a little quieter and not so much hassle. We also spent a few days in Ubud. We were told airconditioning was not necessary there, it is! Ubud's good for shopping, especially paintings, and for hiking and day trips to the northern areas. From Legian we did the "Bali Hai Cruise", which was a fantastic day out, cruise to Lembogan Island where they have their own pool, full B.B.Q., village tour, glass bottom boats, snorkelling trips and unlimited banana boat rides - all inclusive. But I would not advise you to do a similar trip, which is cheaper, but a different company. My Aunt did that, and was totally dissapointed. They chose a Yacht (they thought it would be better sailing) but they motored all the way, anyway, banana boat rides were very limited, went to a different part of the Island, and in general not very good. <BR> <BR>If I can be of any more assistance, please feel free to email me. Hope you have a great holiday! <BR> <BR>Teresa

Kathy Jul 16th, 1999 06:13 PM

Chiang Mai is nice for 2-3 days Westin Hotel call 800 number ask for Asain Valu rate abt 65.00 USD, go to nite market and do a day tour of elephant camps . Phuket is nice we stayed at Thavorn Village and reaaly loved it but I think next time i would stay closer tp Patong Beach. Lots of good shopping there and bargaining is dif than Hong Kong if something is say 600 Baht and you offer 300 they say OK I guess I expect them to counter offer so if you bargain offer a really lo- ball and see what they say? We got t-shirts for 5 USD and they are nice thick ones not the cheap kind that fall apart after one wash. We also got a lot of colorful wraps for cheap (the type of thing u wear over a bathing suit) <BR>

Daeng Aug 2nd, 1999 07:05 AM

I have been Bali 2 years ago before the political problem in Indonesia.I think bali is the perfect place but i'm not sure about the safety in this period and the health service i think Thailand is better if you can afford or insurance. <BR>Thailand is bigger than Bali and you can choose everything you want Chiangmai,Maehonsorn,Phuket or Pattaya <BR>I think Thailand is better in this situation.

Gretchen Aug 2nd, 1999 01:08 PM

I really like Thailand but it is always very hot. The best place to stay is along the River near the Oriental Hotel. Many trips start and end there. Because of the Asian crisis you could find some excellent hotels at about $100. Don't miss the Royal Palace and a block away, Wat Po for the best message....that's where they train the messeuers of Thailand. We loved the bus trip to the ancient capital followed by the river ride back to the Oriental Hotel. <BR> <BR>Bali is a wonderful place I would like to return to. I loved the music and the stories. We stayed at the DaWata Beach Hotel which was out of Denpasar, on the ocean with great rooms, great price and a wonderful setting. Hired drivers to take us around the island from Ubud because we would never want to try to drive there. You must see the religious processions carrying food to the temples.

Meg Aug 4th, 1999 08:16 AM

Another part of Thailand that you may want to see in addition to Bangkok and Chiang Mai is Phuket - or one of the other island areas down the Malay peninsula such as Krabi or the Phi Phi Islands. Phuket can be touristy but has some wonderful places to stay. Krabi and Phi Phi are supposed to be secluded but get day tour groups during the day. We loved Thailand and are returning for our second trip early next year. Have a wondeful honeymoon. <BR>

Beata Aug 15th, 1999 01:58 AM

My husband and I just got back from spending a couple of week in Ubud. We stayed in the just opened Puri Gargito, a very comfortable home away from home in the midst of glorious ricefields. The house has one bedroom, livingroom, shower with hot water, kitchen and dining area. <BR>It was great to take long walks in the surrounding area in the morning and late afternoon, and just hangout on the cool backporch during mid-day when it is really hot. It was also interesting to watch the friendly farmers work on their fields. The house is located about 15 minutes of leisurely walk from downtown Ubud where all the shops & restaurants are. <BR>Unlike other parts of Indonesia, Bali is very peaceful. All the political problems haven't affected it one bit. At US$ 50.00 a night, it was a marvelous deal. Breakfast of delicious pancake & fresh fruit juice is included. <BR>Owner Bram Armada can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected]

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