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Honeymoon in Bangkok,Tokyo,Singapore&HongKong

Honeymoon in Bangkok,Tokyo,Singapore&HongKong

Old Apr 5th, 1999, 01:06 PM
Phil & Sandra
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Honeymoon in Bangkok,Tokyo,Singapore&HongKong

My fiancee and I are adventure travelers, but we have never been to Asia. We cannot wait to visit Asia for our honeymoon. While we are looking for some relaxation, we are looking for an enriching cultural experience and to see things we have never seen before.
The trip we are considering visits Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong for 3 nights each. How does this sound?
We appreciate your advice. What cannot be missed in each city?
S & P
Old Apr 6th, 1999, 04:47 PM
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I have been to Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok but not Tokyo. I would reccomend Hong Kong go to Peak on a clear day Stanley Market is fun but has a lot of things also night market take a boat trip to lantau and see Big Buddha. I have stayed at Marriot (very nice) ask for harbor view and also Kowloon Hotel nice but rooms are small but great location. good restaurant is Great Shanghai restaurant (around corner from Kowloon hotel off Nathan Rd) . In Singapore Westin hotel is the best or Sheraton. 3days there is enough Jurong Bird Park is worth it. The night safari is supposed to be great but we missed it. In Bangkok 1 day is more than enough it is a big dirty city but I would head to Chiang Mai for 2 days Westin is nice call the 800 res number and req the Asian Valu rate about 65.00 USD and due the elephant safari and see some temples and do not miss the night bazaar I have never seen such a great open air market anywhere. Or go to Phuket the beaches are amazing and its really cheap you can get a 1st class hotel for about 75.00 USD. have fun. I hope this helps. ck out website www.asiatravel.com I think that is its bk hotels thru that they are cheaper than calling direct.
Old Apr 12th, 1999, 06:14 AM
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I would like to tell you that there is a research showing that Bangkok and Hong Kong are not romantic cities at all. But if you are looking for cultural experiences, it should be fine. I think 3 days in Singapore would be too many, For others is ok. Hong Kong don't forget to cross the ferry to Kowloon to see the panoromic view of HongKong from the other side, a must. While a must in Bangkok is the grand Palace and the temple of the Emerald Buddha, the biggest national museum in SE asia is nearby, not far from the Palace. The tricycle Taxi is "Tuk-Tuk". Tokyo is too busy, but it is best for the public transport, and very clean. Don't miss Kinjuku/ Kensa area.
Old Apr 16th, 1999, 01:05 AM
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Your trip sounds like a rather hectic one, as I've been to them all. It's not relaxing enough for a honeymoon, but definitely great when you're young and energetic, and looking for adventure.
I've lived in Hong Kong and Bangkok, so I can tell you they're quite an experience. Apart from what you've been told, I think a ferry ride in the evening watching the beautiful harbour lights would add some romance to your honeymoon. Try Repulse Bay, dine there, then walk down the beach there. It's different from the hustle and bustle.Forget Stanley, there aren't any bargains. For fun, go to Lan Kwai Fong and SOHO area (both near Central) for drinks and dinner and join the young executives there for some real city fun.
For Bangkok, it's not as dirty and awesome as it sounds, you have to appreciate the culture and the people. They're a fun-loving community. It's not at all romantic, but have some cold drinks at the Oriental Hotel and enjoy the beautiful sights along the water, you can try the Sunday buffet at Sukhothai Hotel (Sathorn Road, BKK), one of the best foods I've had in the world. Exquisite service.
Tokyo is quite exciting, try window shopping, sales clerks are nice, try and appreciate the beautiful displays and artistic floral arrangements ikebana). Great Japanese food everywhere. Try Akasaka.
Singapore is squeaky clean, but limit to 2 days, and save more time for Thailand as you can go to so many other places.
Have fun. Happy Honeymoon.
Old Apr 22nd, 1999, 01:02 PM
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dear s and p,

i've lived in HK and traveled to all those cities, and i agree that 3 days in sing is too many unless you plan a sidetrip to bintan. my husband and i did a 5 week honeymoon through europe and a little asia, and the best part was that we planned little resort breaks in between all the cities. we had one on the amalfi coast in italy, and again in bali. i HIGHLY recommend that you do the same. you will need it or you will come back from your honeymoon all tired instead of glowing. bintan is a 30 minute ferry ride from sing- and there is nothing to do but relax and be lovey- which is what you should be doing on a honeymoon.

bangkok is crazy but i love it- the food is the most amazing thing in the world. try cabbages and condoms. we went to the red light district and it was so depressing, but it will open your eyes and make you appreciate what you have.

as long as you are not a major shopper, than 3 days in each should be fine. but try to add a break somewhere.

good luck with the wedding.
Old May 28th, 1999, 01:39 AM
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I live in Hongkong and I did visit Bangkok & Tokyo. I suggest to spend one more night in Tokyo & Hongkong, instead of Singapore (I heard Singapore is quite boring city already I havn't been there). Bangkok is OK, but traffic is a big problem. For Tokyo, try to stay at less popular areas with subway connection.
Old May 29th, 1999, 01:59 AM
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Hi I am from Singapore.
Well no its not difficult to go around in Singapore.

Its quite a small country and the bus and train links are really good.
To be precise, almost every stop of any neighbourhood.
Getting around in the city itself is easy cos they got these bus numbers on
the boards. So with that and the map to know the roads u are heading too
... its not a problem.

If u do get lost, just ask anyone!

I have put up a page on Singapore with photos I took when i visited some of
the attractions in singapore like Chinese Gardens, Jurong Bird Park and
others. I intend to put up more pics after i been to the recent Arts
Festival 1999 and Nasa World Tour.
Pls do check my message boards as i put up events currently happening in

Pls do visit my travel website at Tikita's Island

I hope u enjoy your stay
Old May 29th, 1999, 05:55 PM
Jun Nishizono
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If your priority is cultural experience, I would rather suggest visiting Beijing, Kyoto, Bangkok and Bali. To my eyes, Singapore and Tokyo are just westernized big cities.
Old Jun 1st, 1999, 02:51 PM
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If you attempt this itinery you will not fully enjoy your Asian experience. To try and fit in these 4 major cities/countries within a 2 week timeframe will allow you to get nothing but a superficial look at each place before rushing off to the next. An example would be that of the 3 nights planned for Tokyo from the time your plane touches down until you get into Tokyo central is will in all probability be 3-4 hours because of transport and traffic - you will also need to allow at least the same amount of time on departure which will mean off course very little real time in Tokyo. My job means that I am traveling throughout Asia constantly (300,000 miles last year in Asia alone) and I would advise that you cut the trip down to 2 or 3 cities if you are time limited or increase the length of time of the trip otherwise you'll enjoy the photos of the trip when you get home more than the trip itself. If you are fixed on the cities listed then I would recommend 3 and drop Singapore if you go to Hong Kong (by the way I disagree with other posters that Singapore would be boring over 3 days - in fact you would probably be able to get closer culturally in this city over 3 days than any of the others because of the ease of getting around and tasting the different lifestyles). For a 3 city intinery I would fly into Tokyo and spend 5 nights in Japan, getting out of Tokyo by express/bullet train after a day or so and go to Kyoto, 4 nights in Hong Kong where you will have the most exciting time and then the final part of the trip in Bangkok if only to see just how different Asia can be. Think carefully about this as your Honeymoon should be a time for each other not for checking bags into airports!!!
Old Jun 5th, 1999, 04:53 AM
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If you are going to Hong Kong, may be you should make a day trip to Macau. It is an hour away. It is one of the few Asian cities where you can still see the old, European colonial past mix with Asian culture. Macau has penlty of good Portugese-Chinese fusion food. You should drop by one of the casino. The renovations are ugly and the gamblers are extremely unfriendly. It will be a great culture shock experiences for people who have never been to Asia.


PS: Macau is not as dangerous as the press reported. There were a lot of criminal activities going on, but none of it were targeted at foreigners.


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