Honeymoon help


Aug 6th, 2002, 07:49 AM
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Honeymoon help

We are getting ready to leave for our honeymoon this Sunday (8/11/02)and are staying at the 4S at Sayan and Jimbaran Bay for 8 nights. How much spending money should we take. I know the service is supposed to be great, but how much of it is included in you package and how much of it do you pay for out of pocket? How expensive are meals. Is it best to carry travelers' checks or pay by credit card? Do you tip at restaurants or tip for room service, drivers, etc.?

Any other advice? Weather in August? Attire?

I really would appreciate any advice. We are so much looking forward to our trip!!
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Aug 6th, 2002, 08:33 AM
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I'm so jealous! I also spent my honeymoon at the 4S Sayan/Jimbaran bay last year. It was completely relaxing and wonderful. As for the $$ issue, anytime I was walking around the grounds of the 4S, I didn't take my wallet. I left it in the safe in my room. Anything you purchase on the grounds of the 4S compound you can charge to the room. Service is completely included, in fact, I tried to tip our check-in person and he seemed kind of embarrassed. After that point, I carried no cash whatsoever and no one seemed to mind. I think there is a service charge included in the charge of the room, although I can't remember for sure now.
The meals can range from $100 per person (at the very top end) to $20 per person depending on the type of restaurant. We had over 1/2 of our meals in our room because the room service is so fantastic! You can even have a 5-course meal in your room. I could go on and on, but just enjoy your experience get massages, plunge in your pool every day, and just relax!!
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