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Traveller Feb 7th, 2002 06:44 AM

Help with hotel in Osaka,weather, etc...?
We will be going to Japan for the 1st time at the end of March for 8 to 10 days (depends on the flight). Well, actually,it's the 1st time we see more than just an airport - I know Narita very well. We will fly into Osaka for a few days,to visit Japanese friends, then take the train to Kyoto.<BR><BR>From other msg on this site, I gather that the train is easy to take to Kyoto, and that it is generally more interesting than Osaka. For the "must sees" in Kyoto I'll check a guidebook.(Unless of course, someone wants to add their "must sees" :) ? Hmmm...)<BR><BR>Can anyone recommend a reasonable hotel in Osaka(I hear Japan is expensive), or a good website? This is for 2 adults & 1 child. We will stay at the Granvia while in Kyoto.<BR><BR>I'm a bit concerned about the weather because where we're living the temp is 28 to 32C ALL year. Having been here for a while now, we find 20C to be quite cool. We're going to freeze aren't we? We have a few warm clothes, not much. Has anyone bee there at that time of year?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help/ideas !

Florence Feb 7th, 2002 09:58 AM

28 to 32C all year ? I'm horribly jealous ;-&gt; <BR><BR>I have bad news for you: you'll have to take all your warm clothes since the average temperature in the Kansai area at the end of March is 9 to 20 C. The good news is that it is the ideal temperature for all the walking there is to do visiting all those beautiful temples, gardens, castles, fleamarkets, shops and craft studios.<BR><BR>I wish you a great trip.

veronica Feb 8th, 2002 06:09 AM

Nikko hotel and Nankai South Tower hotel are both very good.<BR><BR>In Kyoto, do not miss the train station. It may be the best in the world.Modern architecture, lots of dining and shopping.

Traveller Mar 11th, 2002 06:59 AM

Florence <BR>Thanks for your reply. I saw from some other posts that you seem to be a regular. Do you live in Japan, or are you a frequent traveler? Can you recommend a good info site? (We will only be doing day trips from Kyoto/Osaka).<BR><BR>Veronica<BR>I won't miss the Kyoto train station.As I understand it my hotel, the Granvia, is either in or on the train station!<BR>I'll check out the 2 hotels you mentioned.Thanks

Florence Mar 11th, 2002 10:22 AM

I'm a (not) frequent (enough) traveller to Japan who lives in Switzerland. I love to talk about Japan and help travellers since it helps me pass the time until the next trip. <BR><BR>Some sites:<BR><BR>General travelling infos:<BR><BR> Osaka tourist office<BR><BR>Kyoto Visitor's guide (great up to date information, good maps, don't forget to get a copy from the TIC or your hotel)<BR><BR><BR>On arrival in Osaka, go to the TIC for maps and informations on current events. In Kyoto, the TIC will give you informations on the latest openings, exhibitions, help you planning daytrips, find a goodwill guide (usually a student willing to practice English while showint you the city. All you have to pay is his/her transportation and lunch).<BR>Don't miss the Nishiki food market, Nishijin textile center, traditional craft museum (not the craft center = tourist trap). Try to visit one of the 2 big monthly flea markets (listed in Kyoto visitor's guide). <BR><BR>A great book about Kyoto: Diane Durston "The living traditions of Old Kyoto", Kodansha. Lists all manners of traditional shops, restaurants and craft studios.

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