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Firecracker Apr 21st, 2006 06:28 AM

Help, please - 4 days in Phuket at the JW Marriott

I'll be in Phuket for four days, from April 23 - 26th, staying at the J.W. Marriott. I have three full days to entertain myself (arrive early Sunday morning, leave Wednesday morning) and am looking for suggestions on things to do. Advice about the property (favorite restaurants, best spa treatments, anything to avoid), and things to do off-property would be much appreciated.

This trip has come about at the last minute (I found out today and I'll be on an airplane tomorrow!) so I haven't done much research. I checked out - does anyone know if rainy season has started?



DrZZ Apr 21st, 2006 06:46 AM

I can't say that I feel too worried for you. How can you possibly go wrong? My suggestion would be to relax, enjoy and let circumstances unfold as you discover them. You'll get a lot of better information once you arrive in Phuket than anyone could possibly give you via long distance in the next 24-hours. And if it rains? Who cares. You'll be in paradise. Though I seriously doubt that the official "rainy season" has yet begun. Sanuk. (I.e., Have fun.)

hastern01 Apr 21st, 2006 06:49 AM

It's a beautiful property. We were there the first week of May, 2004, and had beautiful weather (no rain) though I don't know about the rains this year. The John Gray sea canoe Hongs by Starlight Trip was one of the highlights of our entire trip to Thailand. I wouldn't miss it. (They do 90% of the paddling for you).
Have a great time.

sfmaster Apr 21st, 2006 04:31 PM

Wow firecracker sounds like fun!

OJudy Apr 21st, 2006 05:08 PM

I was there for three days last month. It's an absolute paradise. The seafood restaurant is very good - so is the Italian. We had breakfast in the Siam Deli each morning; there is one in the cafe also, I believe. I really enjoyed getting a massage on the beach under a tree with the soft breezes blowing and the waves lapping the shore. It was only 400 baht! I got a henna tattoo for the same price. Fun! I never made it to the spa within the resort but I'm sure it is wonderful. Check out the website - you will not be disappointed. I'm so envious!

rhkkmk Apr 21st, 2006 05:34 PM

i spent four days there last june...we left the hotel only once and that was for the entire day when we rented a car (it was delivered to us at the hotel and picked up there afterwards) and spent the whole day exploring around the island...we found the island to be only of medium interest quite honestly....very over delveloped...we are not into adventurism so the kyaks held no interest for us nor diving or snorkeling and the beaches were only so so quite honestly, but at home we live nearby to fabulous beaches...

you have not told us what you like to do and what is the purpose of this trip for you...let me assume relaxation...if this is the case i think you will find that at the hotel...there are several pools and a huge beach although the undertow is very difficult so few use the beaches...

all of the hotel restaurants are good, but pricey...pricey for thailand but not for the west...

as said above the italian is quite decent....we did not try the seafood one as we come from a seafood area at home and it is hard to beat our local places...

the main restaurant is quite good too and moderate in price...the morning buffet breakfast is worth the money...hope you have that included in your room rate....if not try it and also try the deli as mentioned above...

ask for a tour of the time shares while there for future use...

you will love it...

btw, it is quite far from anything else on the island and transportation is somewhat is in the far north of the island not too far from the airport...

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