HELP ME!! Have been 9 Hours in BKK AP

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HELP ME!! Have been 9 Hours in BKK AP

Too silly story.
I have been kill 8-9 Hours at BKK airport to wait on my transit flight.
Everytime I visit Europe this experience always have occured.

I will be Paris this December and should be transit at BKK Airport too.

This time i want to take a look at BKK Downtown. Is it no problem?

I am afraid of any unpleasant experience.
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charlie: yes, indeed that's a pretty long lay over. But you might know that BKK Intl. Airport is some 25 kms north of downtown and the roads are busy 24/24h.
They might have some special trips downtown of a couple of hours like Singapore's Changi. Have a look at
You'll find a link for BKK Intl. Airport.
On the other hand, with the security checks these days, I advise you be very careful not to miss your plane to Europe.
What about changing to a different airline with better connections? What do you fly, Thai?
Good luck.
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Thank you for your prompt and correct reply.
You got the point!
That's my problem to go outside of BKK Airport.
Yes! I have been to use Thai Airways for the trip to Europe from Korea.

Killing time in BKK Airport is always painful and I have a Star Alliance Silver Card. Soon be Gold Card.

What can I do at BKK Airport? LOL.
As you know, this is systematic problem.
Is there no solution for this problem?

Thank you again your hospitality.

Charlie JEONG
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Charlie: Killing time at any airport is ALWAYS painful. I remember of only 4 hours at Paris CDG when going from Zurich to the French Antilles with Air France. That was long too, especially when coming back jetlagged.
But I would go to the Information Desk for tourists. They might have a solution for you. I find BKK difficult to get around and a lot of tourist sites are spread all over the city. Have been there a couple of times and still get lost, although I am an experienced traveller.
Maybe a Bangkok resident shows up with a good suggestion.
Greetings to you from Switzerland!
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Glad to hear from you again.
You get the point this time 2.
I agree with your all opinion.
I think I was experienced traveller but too difficult to find a solution at BKK AP.
No problem at HK, Malaysia, Frankfurt, Nice. BKK is very tough AP to kill a time.

WOW. You live in a Zurich.
I have been to Zurich in winter of 1999.
Have been to Valenstadt and Sargans through Zurich.
Bahnhofstrasse is one of the most my favortie districts.
Everything is perpect to me.

Let's keep in touch.
If you have a opportunity to fly to Korea, I'll be your guide.

This time I will be in Paris in December.
If you have any good thoughts on Paris, pls let me know any good points and delights in Paris.

Thank you for again your hospitality and good-hearted advise.

With my best wishes,

Charlie JEONG
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OK, so we agree on BKK Intl. Airport. Maybe you rent a room for the day and just sleep.
I am not sure I will ever end up in Korea... it's a loong way.
Glad you enjoyed Switzerland. But the Bahnhofstrasse is not really representative. Upscale designer stores like everywhere in this world. But Zurich is a nice city to live in. On the lake, close to the countryside and the mountains, close to a lot of nice places in Europe as well. Paris, just one hour to fly, six hours by train.

I have been living in Paris and go there on a very regularly basis. I will mail you some time before December. Right now, too much work and holiday ahead in a week. I am a little concerned about taking the plane, but what can we do. Heading for Djerba Island, Tunisia.
My sister just cancelled a NCY trip. I feel sorry for what happened and everybody who lost family members and friends. You will hear from me, before you go to Paris!

PS: Do not use my above e-mail address, it's not real.
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Hi Ursula:

It's a great pleasure to receive a mail from you everytime.

Well. I got the point.
Have a nice weekend and good experience.

Hope to hearing from you soon.
Pls let me know your email adress to my new email as [email protected]

I think I guess we can be a good friend and I will be visit you in my possible travel to Zurich.

Thank you for all your comments.


Old Sep 22nd, 2001, 03:12 PM
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BKK is connected to both Bangkok and Ayutthaya by frequent commuter trains. Either city would be worth the trip.
Old Sep 23rd, 2001, 09:41 PM
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Thank you for your reply.
If possible, pls let me know how long does it take and any additional informations on Commuter trains from BKK AP TO BKK DOWNTOWN.

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