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julie Jul 18th, 2002 05:31 AM

has anyone been to Bali??
thinking of going to Bali... does anyone have any suggestions on where to stay, do.... is it very expensive? is 1 week too short including travel from east coast? Beaches, good food, safety, culture, spa are what we are looking for. traveling with sis in early september. thanks for your help!!

Bali Jul 18th, 2002 11:22 AM

Do a text search on Bali, you will find all kinds of info.

julie Jul 18th, 2002 04:48 PM

I know my post was VERY general, and yes, while I am doing general searches on the web and looking at brochures, what I was hoping for was someone who has been there, who had such a memorable experience, they were excited about sharing some personal advice and suggestions. Perhaps a hotel they loved and had plans to go back to, any "must sees", inside info about what to look for, what to watch out for... And, we can possibly extend the trip to about 10 days instead of a week - is this enough time? Thanks!

Kathie Jul 18th, 2002 06:13 PM

What the person above meant was for you to do a search ON THIS BOARD for posts about Bali. You will find lots of info.<BR><BR>Personally, I wouldn't fly to Bali from the east coast for anything less than 10 days. You'll lose a couple of days in flight time.

corie Jul 18th, 2002 06:51 PM

julie- type Bali in the text search box..lots of previous discussions will be filtered out for you. Once you look them over, you'll have much more specific questions that people will be happy to answer. and yes you need about 7 days in the country.

Norma Jul 24th, 2002 08:02 PM

Suggest the best place to post questions on Bali is the forum at<BR> as it is the favourite forum of many many Bali lovers with extensive experience of travel there, and several expats living there.

louisa Jul 25th, 2002 10:29 AM

I love Bali.<BR>I have been twice and stayed at the Melia Bali both times.<BR>It has lovely staff and super rooms, a wonderful beach and all you could wish for if you just want to relax<BR>I know what has been written about Nusa Dua and, yes, it is artificial but you do have contact with locals if you chat to the staff and trips to Galleria, while more expensive than other places on Bali, certainly rank with Ubud for price and friendliness.<BR><BR>If you are interested in Balinese culture, try the trips to the various shows (but take mossie repellent) and, if you want to be really lazy, book in to one of the shows in one of the Nusa Dua hotels - not that far from the real thing.<BR><BR>There are two (at least) excellent museums in Ubud. We took a taxi and, after we had insisted we didnt want to look at any more batik (we had bought enough already) etc. we had a superb day.<BR><BR>Dont miss Tanah Lot, the sunset temple you see everywhere - or the Mother Temple (Besakih)<BR><BR>Bali is wonderful - take the chance - enjoy.<BR><BR><BR>

alistair Sep 22nd, 2002 02:58 PM

My wife and I have been to Bali Five times, We stay in Legian which is between Kuta and Seminyak The hotels are priced bet ween $25/50nz per room[double]with aircon and pvte/fac.The shopping is cheap as chips, the markets are a real experience , we can have lunch for $3/5nz ,legian beach is nevwer more than a 10 minute walk away. The water is warm the skies are clear- not Nov/Dec/ it rains every day. Alistair.

Esther Sep 23rd, 2002 01:51 PM

1 week is too short. <BR>Beaches: I love Kuta. Crowded and lots of characters. There are a lot of 5 stars hotel there that are not expensive at all. <BR>Safety: no problem. Just be careful of pick pockets.<BR>Culture: wonderful, you will not regret the trip.<BR>Spa: wonderful, you will get a queen's treatment for the money.<BR><BR>If you are still worry and want to be sure that you are taken care of once you are there, let me know. I am from Indonesia and I have a trusty travel agency that I used all the time when I want an inland tour. So, you can be pick up and taken care of for the length of your stay, that was what I did all the time if I want to go there. The tour will include guide and driver (w/ private car) for the length of your stay there. <BR><BR>That way safety is more controlled.

Josephine M. Oct 16th, 2002 05:46 PM

Thank you Esther for your assurance that safety is no problem. Now that my sister has vanished the family wants your name and address so they can name you in a tort action for damages based on your faulty advice.

Kathie Oct 16th, 2002 06:31 PM

It is appalling that people can be so nasty in the wake of this tragedy. In some people a tragedy brings out the best, in others, like Josephine, it brings out the worst. How sad.

sue Oct 17th, 2002 02:16 PM

Josephine,<BR>Ester's message was done in sept, how would she ever or anyone have known what would happen, do you not think also those tourist would not have been there had they known what would have happened?? I am very sorry about your sister though!

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