For Karen, Althom1122


May 26th, 2006, 10:51 PM
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For Karen, Althom1122

Karen Karen Karen, what can i say but one big thank you. I'm leaving in about a day (eeeee!!) for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and your trip report has been so amazingly helpful. First of all, you were the one who inspired me to even think about adding Cambodia, and just now I went back through your report (took a while ) and cut and pasted half of it into a word document to bring with me on the trip! you should sell that thing as a guidebook!
I really wanted to just tell you thank you so much for all your help. I do also have one or two questions if you have time. What did you do for money in Laos? Were you able to find ATMs in LP or did you use USD? Same with Cambodia? I had another question but it's left me at this point
Thank you again, so much, for that trip report. It really is inspiring and so informative. I only help mine can be as helpful to someone! (eeeeeeeeeeeeee so excited!!!!)
Thank you again,
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May 27th, 2006, 05:09 AM
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Amy, Oh my gosh, you have made my day! I enjoyed doing that report so much because it enabled me to relive the trip (and now I have a record for myself and my daughter), but I've been delighted at how much others seemed to enjoy it as well. So, thank you so much.
In answer to your questions, in Laos we used US dollars almost exclusively. Prices were always given in either kip or dollars - and the exchange rate is so simple (if it costs 1,000 kip, as I remember, that's a dollar). You'll get change in kip if you give USD, so just be sure to spend it (because it's worthless when you leave the country). I don't remember any ATMs in LP.
In Siem Reap, we did use local money on a few occasions (the riel). And yes, there are a few ATMs (we used one across from the old market). Dara told us they'd only been there since about the first of the year. But the dollar was also widely accepted - including from kids selling bracelets at the temples. You can probably get by without getting any riels. Do take a lot of 1 and 5 dollar bills - you'll spend them quickly! I took a combination of all US bills (up to $20) and was extremely glad I did. If you stay in any small guesthouses, they may not take credit cards.
Have a wonderful trip - we can't wait to hear all about it!
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