Final Itinerary Check


Jul 13th, 2005, 01:01 PM
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Final Itinerary Check

Hello all,

Thanks for all your help over the last several months in putting together the Japan leg of my honeymoon next month. Below is a rough outline of our itinerary for your review and comments (includes dates, locations, accomodations, and activities). We have a lot of open days remaining that we'll fill based on our mood and likely the weather. Thanks again and happy travels to all!
- Jeff

Wed-8/3 - Depart SF
Thu-8/4 - Arrive at Kansai - Osaka [Osaka Hilton] - Activate 21-day JR Pass
Fri-8/5 - Train to Tokyo [Tokyo Hilton]
Sat-8/6 - Tokyo [Tokyo Hilton]
Sun-8/7 - Tokyo [Tokyo Hilton] - Attend baseball game
Mon-8/8 - Tokyo [Tokyo Hilton] - Day trip to Nikko or Hakone
Tue-8/9 - Tokyo [Tokyo Hilton]
Wed-8/10 - Train to Takayama [Sumiyoshi Ryokan]
Thu-8/11 - Takayama [Sumiyoshi Ryokan]
Fri-8/12 - Takayama [Sumiyoshi Ryokan] - Day trip to Kamikochi to hike or Shirakawa-go
Sat-8/13 - Train to Kyoto [Westin Miyako] Obon festivals
Sun-8/14 - Kyoto [Westin Miyako] - Explore Higashiyama area
Mon-8/15 - Kyoto [Westin Miyako] - Day trip to Kibune/Kumara or Ohara
Tue-8/16 - Kyoto [Westin Miyako] - Explore Arashiyama area; Gozan Daimanji Festival at night
Wed-8/17 - Kyoto [Westin Miyako] - Possible day trip to Nara and Fushimi Inari Shrine
Thu-8/18 - Kyoto [Westin Miyako]
Fri-8/19 - Early train to Hiroshima [Kukeisan Ryokan in Miyajima] - Visit Peace Park, A-Bomb Dome, and Miyajima in the evening
Sat-8/20 - Train to Kansai for evening flight to Hawaii (one week stay there)
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Jul 26th, 2005, 04:52 AM
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That's going to be a fun trip, Jeff. If you'd like to see some photos of where you might be going, please go to and click on the link button number 5.

On the top of the page are several photos of Shirakawago in the snow.

Below the sumo photos and Kabukicho shots you will see a photo of the Wide View Hida limited express train arriving at Gero station bound for Takayama.

After that are several photos of Takayama. The farmhouses are in the Hida no Sato in Takayama which I recommend visiting if you don't go to Shirakawago.

The last 17 photos on the page show Kamikochi. The photos are from the easy walking path along the river, but I believe that there is some serious hiking nearby. There are a couple of hotels there with public access to their baths.

Congrats on the wedding and have a great trip!
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