Discovery Pass v. Eddie


May 26th, 2006, 01:17 PM
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Discovery Pass v. Eddie

Hello! I hope youre all enjoying this wonderful Friday afternoon!

Here are some figures from Eddie and some figures that I gathered from the Bangkok Airways website (Discovery Pass).

E = Eddie; DP = Discovery Pass

10/29 BKK to REP
DP: Bangkok Airways via Discovery pass $117 per person
E: PG938/29OCT.BKK-REP.1450/1600 via Eddie

11/1 REP to LPQ
DP: SIEM REAP AIRWAYS (FT) via Discovery pass $117 per person
E: PG931/01NOV.REP-BKK.0920/1030
PG632/01NOV.BKK-LPQ.1130/1325 via Eddie

11/5 LPQ to CNX
DP: Lao Airlines (QV) $117 per person
E: QV635/05NOV.LPQ-CNX.1400/1500 via Eddie
(Lao airlines website has a virus. File: laoairlines[1].htm virus name: VBS/Terrosist.ow)

11/8 CNX to BKK
DP: Bangkok Airways (PG) via Discovery pass $59.50 per person
E: Daily services every hour with flying time 1.10hr via Eddie

Via Eddie:
THB23715 per ticket (inclusive of ticket taxes/fuel surcharge THB4150-subject to changes) which comes to $618.701 per ticket (according to

Via Discovery Pass:
$410.50 per ticket

Do my calculations seem about right?

If I go with the pass, do I make the flight reservations when I call to order the pass?

If I order the pass instead of going with Eddie wont I be like a traitor? Like, asking him to do all that work and then turning around and giving my business to someone else??

*Just as a note, when I entered Eddie’s flights into the corresponding airlines’ websites, the total costs of my intercontinental flights were much higher than what Eddie quoted (just illustrating what youve said all along-that Eddie can get good deals)!
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May 26th, 2006, 02:24 PM
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I am using Eddie for my BKK-RGN round trip flights for my February Myanmar trip. This past February I did not even bother to contact him for my Discovery Pass tickets BKK-REP, REP-BKK, BKK-LPQ and LPQ-BKK. I would just go and reserve the Discovery Pass flights. I have received quotes from Eddie before but not booked with him - don't worry about it. You make the flight reservations when you call to reserve the Pass. As I recall Bangkok Air will require you to send them a check and then they will issue you your tickets.
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May 26th, 2006, 03:14 PM
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You forgot the flight from Bangkok to LP which would add another $117. Also the flight LP to CM is cheaper at $80 rather than using the pass. The new cost would be $410.50 +117 +80 -117 = 490.50

Don't worry about Eddie. Use the cheapest way possible. Unfortunately Eddie can't help you with the Bangkok Air pass as it has to be done outside of Thailand. But he could book the Lao flight from LP to CM if you do not use the pass

Since you are travelling at the begining of the busy season I would make all the reservations for flights as long as you are sure of your dates
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