Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Ranthambore

Feb 5th, 2009, 05:37 AM
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Can we track you on Google latitude during the three months you're in India?
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Feb 5th, 2009, 08:01 AM
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Dogster: Man you remind me of the character played by Jack Nicholson in "The Bucket List." I mean you are always on the go, seeing new sights. Are you retired and very rich?
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Feb 5th, 2009, 12:59 PM
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Hi Pariskid: In Varanasi I highly recommend the Ganges View Hotel--lovely and gracious, excellent location right on the Ganges and terrific veggie dinners. See my posting titled "Just returned from Northern India" for more information on our itinerary and the hotels we liked. Also that posting has information on a very lovely and responsible young man who was our driver for 13 days and assisted with trip planning. ([email protected])
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Feb 5th, 2009, 01:36 PM
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In 2005 I can attest the road from Agra to Ranthambore was just dreadful Apart from the pot holes, distressing sights of peolpe selling their children for sex by the roadside, 'dancing' bears, yuck.

There is no comparison between a good Southern African game park (believe me if you research it right you can hire a car & visit state parks for a fraction of the top end luxury options) and Indian 'tiger' reserves. But I do understand the desire to see those tigers - just that as so many have said above, your schedule is punishing, too much, too soon, too hot... Make it more achievable, & promise to visit another time. You need to buy yourselves some time to sit and enjoy those fantastic sights & smells.

Good luck.
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Feb 5th, 2009, 03:07 PM
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Haven't seen the movie, jacket - but basically 'yes' and 'yes'.

Marija: Track me on Google? nah. I'll post the itinerary - even then you'll have trouble finding me. Kavanth, Chhotra Udepur, Balasinore, Dasada, Danta, Poshina - not exactly the tourist hot-spots, eh?

Where? you're saying. lol. Me too.
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Feb 5th, 2009, 03:18 PM
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Good for you Dogster. BTW do see the movie. Great performances by two great actors.
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Feb 5th, 2009, 06:27 PM
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Hi...I got back from a month in India in mid-Nov and went to the places (among others of course)you are thinking of visiting...In Delhi I stayed
at the Thikana; it a B&B type venue but differnt that what you might think of if you are US or Brit...go to their website and to New York Times website for some opinions/reviews..People who own it are is great and you'll learn something about India cooking...they will get you a car and driver at legit rates...I wouldnt spend a lot of time in Delhi (two days is fine, with a car/driver you can do lots more in a short time)...I stayed in the Clarks Shiraz in Agra and it's fine...not upscale but fine...when you go to TM go early and the line will probably be long...women in one line/men in the other...dont take anything but camera...water and a little map is part of the entry fee but you have to ask for it...but give the summer, you will probably want extra water...spend lots time is fantastic...tho most reviews I have read suggest only one night in Agra...I wish I had spent one more day just to walk around in the bazaars, etc...obviously go to the fort...Ranthambore...go, go, go and I stayed at the Tiger Den...people were really helpful and "cabin" was more than enough and I would suspect that they have likewise space for 4...dining staff was great and food is fine, a pretty good massage, least one day book a jeep (they hold four vs the "van" at 20 or so...more expensive (1500 rupee($30)more I think but worth it)...I lucked out and saw the fabled Bengal Tiger on both safari trips...but in general, trip is worth it, just plain fun...Jaipur...go there, too. I stayed at the Alsisar Haveli and it was fine, matter of fact I enjoyed it as it is unique...but get a room(s) on one of the uppper floors...not on the main/or street level...Jaipur is a lot of fun for siteseeing and just waking the shops...particularly if you are in to shopping and just want atmosphere...good resturants, too. Again, I used car/driver/ do the major stuff and then walked a lot...obviously budget plays a role but I took a car and driver from Delhi to Agra, to Ranthambore and to's a great, fun experience to ride the roads of India...I felt it was great and in retrospect a unique and extremely worthwhile experience and worth the extra money...I use a travel company to do all the selection of hotels, airplanes, drivers/guides...and it was quick, convenient and stress free...if you would like the name of the agency, let me know...I highly recommend them and the gal who did all the "heavy lifting" for fact I got to calling her my guardian angel! Always checking on me to make sure everything was ok. I think all the hotel I mentioned would work well with the kids...they are airconditioned and so were the cars, antything to make it a more comfortable
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Feb 6th, 2009, 11:17 AM
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We spent 17 days in India and Nepal in Dec. 2007. we wanted to see tigers so we booked three days at Ranthambore. We had amazing sightings on the second and third days, but most people we met spent the same amount of time and never saw any tigers. If you really want to see the tigers, spend more time in Ranthambore. It would be a shame to drive all that way just for one game drive. We did 6 and could have gone for more!
Our itinerary was this:
Day 1 Depart SFO
Day 2 Arrive Delhi at night
Day 3 Delhi
Day 4 Drive to Jaipur, relax (5.5 hour drive
Day 5 Jaipur
Day 6 Jaipur
Day 7 Drive to Ranthambore (5 hours)
Day 8 Ranthambore
Day 9 Ranthambore
Day 10 Ranthambore, train to Agra/Fatepuh sikri
Day 11 Agra/drve to Khajurahu
Day 12 Kahujurahu
DAy 13 Fly to Varanasi
Day 14 Varanasi/ fly to Kathmandu
Day 15 Kathmandu
Day 16 Dulekell
Day 17 Back to Kathmandu/ fly to Delhi/ fly home
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Feb 6th, 2009, 06:14 PM
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The drive from Agra to Ranthambore. I am late to this discussion, but what a day that was. Fatehpur Sikr was amazing so I am glad I saw that.

I am also glad I saw the back roads of Rajasthan. Though I probably didn't need HOURS and HOURS of it.

Here is a video clip from my India trip:

The last 5 minutes or so are driving away from Fatehpuhr Sikr and through Rajasthan, arriving at the Ranthambore Regency late at night.

3 drives in Ranthambore, 3 tigers seen. 2 heard mating. I should have gone to see the Fort too.

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Feb 7th, 2009, 10:36 AM
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Hello all,

I am very much in the thread, been reading all the posts. Now my husband is helping me with this. He loves trains and so does my son. They are inclined to doing most of the place to place by train rather than by car and get on the express trains. Yes i know express trains in India are not super fast.

Delhi - 2 days
Delhi to Agra by train. Train leaves at 6:15am and gets at 8:15am. We found a hotel opposite the station. It was Yatris Nivas but has been bought over by the Tata group and remodelled. It is called Ginger. I ahve talked to couple of people who have stayed there.

Agra - 2 days
Taj, Fort, drive to Fatehpursikri
Agra to Ranthambore by train. Train leaves at 7:40 AM and reaches Ranthambore at 10:55 AM. the game drives start at 3 PM.

Ranthambore - 1day
Another AM game drive (6 AM to 10AM ), see the fort and leave by train at 2:30 to Jaipur and reach Jaipur at 4:45 PM.

Jaipur - 2 days

Fly to S.India and do nothing

I am looking at hotels in Agra, Ranthambore and Jaipur.

This plan looks good. We will have to hire a car for the day at Agra and Jaipur.

I will post again once I have the hotel information.

Have a great Wknd!

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Feb 7th, 2009, 03:22 PM
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Don't know how you've arranged this but unless you see the fort without going back to your lodging, you will not see the fort, have lunch, get packed and get to the train - too much to do. If you skip lunch, you can do it.
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Feb 9th, 2009, 06:49 AM
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We have to fly to hyd from Jaipur and all the flights with the exception one indigo flight at 6am and a spicejet flight at 2:45pm. The fares show up as Rs699 and when you go to complete it adds Rs.8000 as fuel charge.

The other airlines want to take us from Jaipur to Delhi or Mumbai or Goa and connect us 7 hrs later.

Is there a better way to do this or should we change the entire plan and take a train to Ranthambore from Delhi on day 1, jaipur, Agra & Fatehpursikri, then Delhi and fly out of Delhi.

My son loved the idea of taking the trains. He has travelled twice by train in India.

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Feb 9th, 2009, 07:48 AM
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Why Hyderabad? why not Mysore, or Kochi, or Goa, if you're flying?
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Feb 9th, 2009, 06:10 PM
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dtnestea, your post is a little unclear. Do you need to get to Hyderabad at the end of your trip to northern India? Or you can fly home out of Delhi? Also, at the start of your trip are flying into Delhi from some third place, most likely from Frankfurt? (I have seen your other posts)

I think in either case, some options would be (assuming a start by landing in Delhi and the 2 nights in Delhi): train to Agra, drive to Jaipur stopping at Fatephur Sikri, drive or train to Ranthambore, train to Delhi, fly home or to Hyderabad.

Another route would be: train Delhi to Ranthambore, drive to Jaipur, drive to Agra stopping at Fatephur Sikri, drive from Agra to airport for flight to home or Hyderabad. (While the drive takes longer than the super-fast trains, driving right to the airport may be faster than training into central Delhi, as with the train you would need about an hour to get from the station to the airport depending on time and traffic and the station in Delhi at which you end up; Nizamuddin station is south and would be closer to the airport). However, if your flight departs late at night, you donít want to do the drive up from Agra at night, so taking a later evening train would make more sense and give you more time in Agra.

It would be helpful to know what time you are arriving into Delhi from Frankfurt, as that might make a difference in the routing, i.e. there may be a fast train you could get to one place versus the other that may make going to Ranthambore first more attractive than going to Agra or vice versa. It would also be helpful to know what time your flight departs to Hyderabad or home (canít tell where you are going at the end of the 8 days).

I guess I should point out that if you have 28 hours, you COULD take the a train from Jaipur to Hyderabad, the Jaipur-Mysore Express/2976. This would probably be an unforgettable journey. US$60 for first class, but you might actually be more comfortable in the 3-tier AC where you could lie down, for US$26.

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Feb 9th, 2009, 08:18 PM
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Hello Cicerone, Our flight from Frankfurt arrives at 12:05AM. We have to end up in Hyderabad. We will fly back home from there on a direct flight.

At this point with the routing an rerouting and looking at the maps and time tables I am ready for sedation.

Looking at your post I think we should take a train to Ranthambore from Delhi. That way we can catch some sleep on the train and just do a evening game drive and rest. Next day also, do a game drive and the fort. Maybe have the hotel pack us lunch. Take the train to Jaipur.

Spend 2 days in Jaipur and then 2 days in Agra and 2 days in Delhi.

If we can hire a car one way and it works cheaper, travel by a car. But lot of people say that roads in Rajasthan are not that good.

We gave up on Bharatpur. My son and I did one of the bird sanctuaries in Mysore few years back.

Thanks for all your help!
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Feb 9th, 2009, 11:56 PM
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OK, thanks that is helpful. From Delhi it is 3-4 hours to Ranthambore by train. However, according to the schedule, I believe that there is only one morning train, and it does not arrive into Ranthambore until 1 pm, and if it is at all late, you may well miss the afternoon game drive which depart around 2:30. The drives go out at set times and they will not wait for you. So my suggestion would be to sightsee in Delhi first for 2 nights, and then take a late afternoon/early evening train from Delhi, and arrive Ranthambore at night. Itís nice to see countryside from the train if you can, but not so much if you are doing so sitting on the train tracks during a delay and missing a game drive. There is a train that leaves Delhi at 5 pm and arrives at 8:30 pm that might work well for a departure after your second night/day in Delhi. Itís #2954 and departs from Nizamuddin station. You should of course check the train schedules to make sure my information is correct and current.

From Ranthambore, you can either get a driver to take you up to Jaipur or take the train. The road between Ranthambore and Jaipur is good, there was a recent post that there is some construction on it which might slow things down but I donít believe affects the quality/condition of that road, but look for that post. After Jaipur you can drive to Agra, stopping at Fatephur Sikri, again that road is good. The worst road on your route is between Ranthambore and Agra, but you are avoiding that one. Bharataphur is on the way bewteen Jaipur and Agra, and could theoretically be included, but IMO you donít really have time with only 8 days and doing all the places you already have, so I donít think it is worth it.

Then from Agra you can decide whether it makes more sense to drive or train up to Delhi for your flight to Hyderabad, look at the flight and train schedules. It is also possible to fly on Kingfisher from Agra to Hyderabad via a connection in Delhi, not sure of the cost, there is about a 2 hour lay-over in Delhi for this routing, but overall this would be easier than train or driving if you donít mind paying for it. If you were planning on driving between Agra and Delhi, the flight costs may not actually be much more (the train of course is cheaper, but then figure out the cost of getting from the train station to the airport as well.)

I also would say that even though Spice Jet and Indigo add the fuel charges, that the fares all in donít look that bad. Itís like the discount airlines in the US that are so cheap, and then you have to add in the taxes. The total fare is like US$178, so maybe you should just stick to your original plan of flying from Jaipur. Are the flights from Delhi to Hyderabad that much cheaper?
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Feb 12th, 2009, 06:21 PM
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Hello everyone,

Need advice on hotel in Agra. I just got a quote $159 for the Gateway Hotel. 5th floor Taj View for 2 nights. Is that a good deal? Should I go ahead and make this reservation.

Also, has anyone heard of Pearl Place In Jaipur. Trip Advisor gave good reviews on it. It is the the only place I have seen so far that said that the rates are same for all.

If this is done, then I am left with Ranthambore.

Thank you!
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Feb 12th, 2009, 09:31 PM
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Jasvilas gets very good reviews as a budget hotel in Jaipur. have you looked into them?
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Feb 15th, 2009, 05:25 AM
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If you go to Jas Vilas be sure to ask for an extra mattress. Beds are harder than most.

Also had an interesting experience there: we didn't eat any meals there although they were included. We ordered from Pizza Hut for lunch and had a great delivered pizza. When it came time to check out we told the manager that we owed him for the pizza and instead he handed us 500 ruppees! No idea why!
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Feb 15th, 2009, 08:01 PM
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dtnestea, Peronally I think you are mad, crazy or a masochist trying to cram everything into 8 days *lol* or is this your husband's idea of a joke *grins*.

But since you're doing it, I'd have have done anything to stay at the Amarvilas in Agra because it's pure heaven on a stick, especially if you get one of the balcony rooms! No other hotel has the same breath-taking views of the Taj.

Incidentally, Jas Vilas is an absolute delight. Try to see the Monkey Temple in Jaipur, also. We found that more interesting than the Amber Fort.

Can't really recommend the Delhi B&B (where we stayed) as it's prices - for what it offers - is pretty steep.

Let us all know how your 2-week crammed into barely 8-days vacation goes!!!

See you in London in 2112 for the Olympics where you will doubtless be the "hot" item in the new event, "How much of India I can see in barely 8 days"!!!
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