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WinterTravel Sep 30th, 2005 09:54 PM

Day spa in Singapore?
We have been to Singapore several times, and will be through again at the end of the year on a trip to India. On our way home, we have about 12 hours between flights and thought perhaps it would be nice to relax at a day spa. We'd love any input on day spas in Singapore, especially those with a lovely view/location that would also be able to store our luggage for the day (since we will be coming from/going back to airport from there). Thanks for any suggestions.

WinterTravel Oct 1st, 2005 04:30 PM

We've also seen on the web that most of the top hotels have spas. Does anyone know if they will allow all-day visitors (who are not staying overnight at the hotel)?

Kathie Oct 1st, 2005 06:15 PM

I'm sure that any of the hotel spas would be glad you have you for the day.

wein Oct 2nd, 2005 07:41 PM

Hi I'm a Spa Junkie and hv been to most spas in Singappore, you can find a spa in any hotel or shopping ctr nowadays- there are like 500 spas in Singapore catering to all budgets($30/hr to $150/hr) n size ranges fr 1room shops to 1 acre sizes. For yr needs these 3 spas are the best/ All are at least 25000 sq ft in size, have full facilities and hv top notch service. here is my input:

there is a new Andana spa(tel 68369988) at paragon shopping ctr in orchard rd which has massage with unlimited time at the spa with free flow (delicious)food n drinks.It also has a jacuzzi, theatre, steama and sauna- the works!price for 1 hr massage is S$128 incl food

for scenery nothing beats Spa Botanica at Sentosa Resort (tel 63711288) where you can lounge by the pool. also has full facilities like outdoor waterfall(artificial),mud pool, steam n jacuzzi tho no free food n food in fact! u'd hv to go to the hotel next door for that.Price S$150.

Amrita Spa (tel 63364477) at Raffles Plaza Hotel is also a good day spa where you can spend the whole day there. It is older than the first two but still has excellent facilities like a gym, pool, hot n cold pools and meditation room. has health food but it's not free.$130.

there is also a spa at Changi Village Hotel which is nearest to the airport. I havent tried it so wouldnt know the facilities but reviews are good.

the other smaller spas do not have a waiting area or facilities which would make your visit as wonderful as the 3 mentioned above.

p/s store yr luggage at the airport if u dont wanna lug them around.

WinterTravel Oct 5th, 2005 08:56 PM

Wein - thank you for the great suggestions. As a self-proclaimed "spa junkie" your opinion is very helpful! We wanted to check out the Andana in particular, but cannot seem to find a website -- do you know of one? Also, in your experience do spas open fairly early (our flight into Singapore arrives at 4:40am)?

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