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mahjarunner Jul 13th, 2013 05:04 PM

Clothing for Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Singapore in late Oct/early Nov
Wondering if we can get some advice on what to wear for Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Singapore for our trip Oct 25-Nov 6. I am a little unclear about the acceptable clothing and weather needs for this time of year because it seems some guidebooks refer to this time period as the rainy season and others say it will be really hot. I guess there are also differences between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, and I am starting to get a little overwhelmed trying to figure out if I need to start buying hot weather clothes now while they are still in season. I will take an umbrella, but do I need a rain coat, or heavier clothes for Chiang Mai?

It also seems that different guidebooks offer different advice on clothing styles. For example, I've read walking shorts are not ok, but others say they are ok. I realize we need to wear different clothes in temples but even that is conflicting. Shoulders covered, ok - do sleeves have to be full, or is 3/4 ok? Are capris or ankle pants ok, or do ankles have to be covered? Are open toed shoes ok or do they have to be closed? How short is too short for a skirt or dress (i.e. is knee length okay)? What about in Singapore? Are shorts or capris acceptable there?

We are in our 40s so we wont wear tight clothes or look like we are going to the beach, but we do want to be comfortable and generally like to dress fashionably and in natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk - are these ok for the humidity?)

Thanks in advance!

Hanuman Jul 13th, 2013 06:25 PM

For Thailand:

If you are visiting a temple or an official place (palaces etc) then I suggest pants and shirts(short sleeves, long sleeves, polo shirts etc).

Apart from that shorts and t-shirts are fine for shopping touring casual dining.

Chiang Mai for late October and early November will be slightly cooler than Bangkok but it doesn't normally start to get cold there until December. IMO the same type of clothing for Bangkok will be OK for Chiang Mai.

An umbrella is good to carry around as it will offer sun protection when it's hot as well as the obvious protection against the rain.


IMO the same type of clothing as Bangkok. Casual dining and general touring = shorts and t-shirts if you want to is OK.

rhkkmk Jul 13th, 2013 07:31 PM

things have changed a lot in the last few years...

it will be very hot and humid in all those places, only slightly less hot in CM.

as hanuman has said at "royal places" like the grand palace and some royal wats you will need appropriate clothing--no shorts, short skirts, low cut items. generally a pair of slacks and a shirt are required.

at many of the nicer restaurants you will feel out of place in shorts and T-shirts and the like.

my by-line is to go and feel comfortable but be considerate of other's feelings.

Singapore is less strict, but it is a city as is bkk and folks tend to dress differently than they might at a resort..

my uniform as a man is: chinos and a polo or sport shirt..

my wife wears crop pants and a blouse, often with a cap sleeve

silverlex Jul 14th, 2013 07:57 PM

In South East Asia we tend to be quite easy going with dress codes unless you are going to a fine dining restaurant or a religious site. Keep cool and light. No jackets or ties required. Smart Casual is as dressy as you need. Bring a hat and brolly. Even in Chiang Mai, a light sweater is enough. And keep hydrated!

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