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Christy Apr 30th, 1999 03:19 AM

Cheap Thailand or Phillipine travel?
Hi everybody, <BR> My best friend and I are looking to do some travelling in July and we're on a budget. We're looking for beautiful beaches and some good nightlife. Thanks in advance for any help! Christy! <BR>

Tom May 4th, 1999 01:17 PM

Your best bet is to pick up the Lonely Planet guide to Thailand. It has a complete description of the islands and mainland, with a special eye for the budget traveler. I was in Thailand last July and can relay that it can be experienced on a very modest budget. As far as islands, I only went to Koh Samui, which was beautiful, but the beaches left a little to be desired. Phuket is probably somewhat nicer with a more substantial nightlife. If it were me, I wouldn't miss Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Otherwise, I've only been to Manila, and Thailand was far superior. <BR>Also try the Lonely Planet web site and message board. Thay generally have more budget-conscious contributors that have travelled to Asia.

Christy May 5th, 1999 08:43 PM

Thanks for the advice. What is in Bangkok and Chaing Mai? How hard is it to travel around from town to town. Thanks again--Christy! <BR>

toom May 6th, 1999 02:46 AM

Bangkok is the capitol so you can have many things to explore. The royal square, temple of the emerald buddha, the temple of dawn, and national museum are located in the same area. If you arrive in June, you would be able to enjoy shopping (amazing grand sale). The nightlife is great. <BR>Chiang Mai is famous for its scenery, important temples and parks. You can take buses to travel around in both cities. There are trains and flights linking these two cities.

Kay May 7th, 1999 02:35 AM

My suggestion would be to catch a train in Bangkok and go to Hua Hin. There you can find alot of activity, a beautiful beach, and nice guesthouses for $20 or less a night.

Christy May 12th, 1999 09:13 PM

All the advice is great! If I were to spend a week or so there, with 2 other people, how much do you suggest taking (money wise)? Is it better take travllers checks or cash? What about ATM's? We like to stay in modest accomodations and do a lot of outdoor activites. Can't wait to hear from you all. <BR>

Pete May 18th, 1999 09:54 AM

I would suggest to have cash about 2500 Bahts, just for your taxi or bus from the airport and for your early days of living there. There would not be any problems finding ATMs in major cities, and they accept credit card. <BR>Estimate accommodation about 20$ a night, 5$ each for your meals for a day. I think you may need to check whether you have to pay airport tax in local currency before you return home or not. Last time i had to pay at the airport.

Bill and Lorna May 30th, 1999 07:29 PM

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