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glover Jul 7th, 2010 09:01 AM

Borneo Rainforest Lodge or Tabin Wildlife
Having read Kathie's wonderful trip report re Borneo Rainforest Lodge from 2005, we're considering Borneo for mid Jan. during our 2 month trip to SEA. I've emailed them re availability around that time, so don't even know if BNL is an option yet. But am wondering, Kathie, if you or anyone else considered Tabin Wildlife Reserve not too far away. Asking because it's cheaper and advertises a birding package. We're moderate birders and so of course want to see birds - but husband has always been interested in orangs. Just trying to get some ideas/opinions as we decide which to choose (assuming either is even possible).


Kathie Jul 7th, 2010 11:09 AM

After researching the options, opinions seemed to be that the Danum Valley Conservation area is the most protected primary rainforest area in Borneo and the place where one is most likely to see orangutans in the wild. So that sold me on it. Have you seem this thread over on Thorntree?
This is the best info I have found anywhere on seeing orangutans.

You will see birds at BRL. You are assigned a naturalist for your stay and you can request to take trails where you are more likely to see birds.

Since I didn't go to Tabin, I don't remember a lot about it. Perhaps someone here has been and can give you some info.

StanKase Jul 7th, 2010 06:00 PM

Katie; Are there any units at BRL that have air conditioning. In 2011(May-June) we are returning to Java but concentrating on East Java and then want to return to the Redang Islands and thought this might be the time to go to Borneo. I realize we could go to Jave-Borneo but I think Malayasia Borneo is wiser and Regang are not that far away.

Kathie Jul 7th, 2010 07:00 PM

glover, I just took the time to read about Tabin. I believe I had it confused with another place we considered. It's fairly new and looks very interesting. You won't have as good a chance of seeing orangutans, but it has lots of other wildlife. If you go, I'll be interested to her your report.

Stan, no air-conditioning at the BRL. The windows are screened and there is a ceiling fan. For being in the jungle, it was pretty comfortable.

glover Jul 8th, 2010 07:24 AM

Thanks, Kathie. Tabin is apparently run by the same group/folks etc as BRL and not all that far away. I'm in touch with management who has so far just told me there's availability at both places and that Tabin would be better for birds (though they don't say why). They have a package specifically called a birding package. Tabin is obviously less "upscale" than BRL. Yes, like you, I was thinking "less chance of seeing orangs perhaps at Tabin" - and perhaps that birding may be every bit as good at BRL - just not as promoted. . . . Guess I'll ask management some more questions and maybe consider whether there's any marked difference in "getting there."

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