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milan1912 Jul 13th, 2020 12:58 PM

Booking a villa for a longer period
Hello everyone!

So Corona is probably putting me into home office again in october (university). And I had the idea that maybe I could find other students and we would be doing a Digital Nomad style semester abroad somewhere in Asia.
I was looking a bit for a Villa and was wondering if there is a good site to look for? only allows up to 30 days. And is it smart to book from such sites for a ~2-3 Month stay? Or are there other options?
Did anyone do something similiar? Book a Villa with more people for a longer time in Asia?
The idea of a pool, beach and hot weather during my university semester sounds very fun and was looking for some input since i never booked a villa or anything similiar through e.g..

Also I am looking for any tips location wise! Should it be Thailand? Or Bali? Any recommendations would be great!
Time of travel: October to end of december


MmePerdu Jul 13th, 2020 02:11 PM

Before you book anything, and assuming you live outside of Asia, check to see which countries will allow tourists to come into the countries that interest you and also how long you're allowed to stay. Those 2 factors may narrow the choices considerably.

This thread has some current information about Thailand:

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