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I sometimes read what Benita writes and think”am I on the same trip.?” It was sea bass...we are near the ocean...hello.....You can not bring back a plastic carrier bag full of stuff, throw it in the suitcase and say there I am packed. A little organization is all she needed. She has bought enough shit to open her own store in Portland.

It has been fun having these two along.
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“Fun??”—- I think interesting—- and of course—-FUN...

Glad our fall trip to India will just be the two of us—total relaxation

Benita’s store will be a department store, not just a shop...
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Finally home. Long trip home but Qatar Business Class helps a lot.

When I attrived at Bangkok Airport had my luggage wrapped. Stood in line about an hour waiting for check-in to open. Two suitcases were under weight and one over weight by six kilos. They found someone to help me open my case and get out six kilos and carried the extra weight in my carry on. Had bag rewrapped and continued on. This sounds easier than it was - had lots of tears, begging and carrying on, etc. but survived. Should have weighed my luggage when packing. Note to future self always weigh luggage.

Had planned to take a shower in Doha but all rooms were full. Quick cup of coffee and boarded plane for Boston. 13.5 hours - eating, movies and cat naps until arrival in Boston. No declaration forms to fill out-was asked at customs if I had any alcohol, fruit or cigarettes. Went right thru. Picked up luggage and waited about 30 minutes for bus to Portland. Saw one couple at entrance to US having their bags checked.

I only got one mosquito bite. Actually think I got it on the plane. Only advice I can give about the mosquitoes is that on both my trips to Asia, I bought mosquito repellent soap in a loufra from Amazon and it seemed to work well for me. Or possibly it could be those pesky little bugs do not like older dried up skin.

Anyway, the trip was wonderful and I had a blast. I slept for twelve hours straight and definitely miss having my coffee delivered to me instead of having to do it myself. Thank you for those that followed along. Even though Bobby was bored by my posts every day, he always read them and made inappropriate comments. Thank you to you both for planning a wonderful trip for me. It exceeded my expectations.

P.S. My entire family had bets on how many items I would buy. So last night as I was unpacking, they counted. The official/unofficial count was 501. And believe it or not, they thought I purchased some great items as compared to last time i visited Asia. They wished I had bought more silver items (Bobby how about another trip to Lin Jewelers?) and brought more of the bagged coconut strips from Hoi An. They loved the clothes I had made, especially the coat and jacket.
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Welcome home! I enjoyed traveling along with you via Fodor's and your posts have made me look forward to my trip to Bangkok and Vietnam even more. 8 more weeks, but who's counting. Did you ever get the name of the place where you had the shoes made in Hoi An?
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All the worrying re could have saved the gray hairs. Glad you are home safe and catching up to your self
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Laurie, the shoes are all over the place. I think K and B bought most of them near to the Anatara Hotel.

K found one card and will send to you.
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I loved tormenting Benita— a few times I did step over the line, however.

Along with the junk (1 kilo of rice, enough pepper for the entire state of Maine, monk bags, coin purses, passport covers), she did get some good stuff—jewelry, real and junk, bespoke clothing, blouses, glasses, lessons on thai bathroom etiquette, shoes, boots, silk items, etc, etc.

The 4 of us had tons of fun, lots of sleep, fabulous meals, mostly Asian, tons of wine and gin & tonics in the clubs, an overload of shopping, several fun cyclo rides, excellent drivers, especially Dr Nut, lux hotels, relaxing swims, great massages, and at least one or two sightseeing adventures— Halong Bay Area being the best of these.
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I got K's email. Thanks!
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This was such a fun read. You are seriously hilarious. The butt in the pool rant had me laughing out loud. I think you missed your calling as a comedy writer. I seriously think you should send your posts into SNL. You might get hired for Weekend Update! But really, very enjoyable and I wrote down the names of a few of the hotel and restaurants you frequented and emailed the Halong Bay boat info to myself. Glad you had such a good time.
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Did the author die?
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