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Dixie Oct 4th, 1998 09:26 PM

Been to island of "Koh Samui"???
Looking to go to Koh Samui in November. I am looking for an airline to get to the island from Bangkok,and how to book it over the net. Anyone stayed at "Poppies Samui" heard it was nice. It's on Chaweng beach. Any other recommendations on this beach?

Uwe Oct 5th, 1998 10:19 AM

Hey, <BR>Bangkok Airway or Airline, every hour or so. Don't find a way to book it over the net. Going myself in november this year and staid there last year in september, was great at Lamai Beach.

Dennis & Lois Oct 9th, 1998 07:29 PM

We flew to Koh Samui on Bangkok Airways - booked with World Travel Service in Bangkok - they also booked our hotel on Chaweng Beach "Chaweng Buri Resort" - Bungalow - reasonable price (breakfast included) - great place! Beautiful beach.

Charlie Oct 12th, 1998 09:17 AM

You can book Bangkok Airways flights through your travel agent or through,,, etc. <BR>

Charlie Oct 12th, 1998 09:18 AM

You can book Bangkok Airways flights through your travel agent or through,,, etc. <BR> <BR>Don't forget to check,, and for internet booking of hotels on Koh Samui.

Kim Oct 16th, 1998 05:57 PM

My husband and I stayed at the Poppies in 1995 for a week. I can't say enough wonderful things about it. Fantastic bungalow with marble bath, tiled floors, reading window with big pillows, ocean view, simply fantastic. But the real story is that my husband had been sick for two weeks and got significantly worse one day. Frantic, I ran out into the street to find a doctor. An hour later, discouraged, terrified, and near tears after hearing horror stories about Thai medical clinics from other tourists, I was heading back to the bungalow when the owner of the Poppies appeared. He followed me to my husband (who was incoherent at this point), took my hand and told me he was going to track down his family doctor who may or may not be on the island. In a half hour, the doctor came to the bungalow with a full medical bag, and in excellent English diagnosed my husband, prescribed medication, pulled the pills out of his bag, talked to me with concern and respect (as opposed to most American doctors), and handed me a bill for $40. I almost cried. Within 12 hours, my husband was back on his feet; within 24 he was almost back to normal (he had had amebic dystenterry for 3 weeks and we were told that if he hadn't had medical attention when he did, I was going to have to fly him out to Singapore! Lesson: Take care of yourself). Everyone at the Poppies was so wonderful to us - making him special meals, always checking up to see if we needed anything, etc. This was a wonderful place at its finest. I love the Poppies. Have a wonderful time.

David Hudson Oct 21st, 1998 09:25 PM

Just back from two weeks in Thailand including five days in Samui. Have made some critical comments overall elsewhere on this site, but it still is possible to have a good time at Samui. <BR> <BR>Chewang Beach is supposedly the well heeled area - pity the road system behind Chewand is like something out of B Grade Western movie. Avoid the xxxxx star resorts. Excellent place just In Shewang Noi (just south of Chewang proper) called New Star. For 1200 - 1800 B you can have a self contained well provided bungalow in a lovely beachside setting. <BR> <BR>Fly or bus/ferry from the mainland but make your return plans before you hit the island. There is virtually no independent travel advice available in Samui - most agencies are tied to single providers and provide poor advice. <BR> <BR>We were disappointed in the monkey shows which simply highlighted man's inhumanity to our nearest species. Hiring a car is good - but avoid the unisured versions. Hiring a bike is OK if you don't mind the horrendous accident statistics for the tourists. One look at the young European girls trying to negotiate busy streets with minimal bike skills says it all. <BR> <BR>Food is great and cheap, the beaches are fine in the main, but you may care to stay away from the so-called "high life" <BR> <BR>David Hudson

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