Bangkok to Angkor Wat?

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Bangkok to Angkor Wat?

I'm looking to travel to Angkor Wat from Bangkok and heard the roads and trains are unsafe? Is this true? How much are prices and ways for getting there?
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There is no train all the way to Siem Reap, though you can take a train to a place near the Thai/Cambodia border. The other land option is a mini-bus to the border, then a truck from the border to Siem Reap. It's an all day trip, long and dusty, but very cheap. It isn't unsafe, just very uncomfortable.

The fast and comfortable option is to fly. Bangkok Airways has about 5 flights a day between Bangkok and Siem Reap. Roundtrip Airfare is approx US$250.
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If you want to save money and go overland, go to and read the page about how to do it right. It is quite an ordeal, but if you have the time, much cheaper. If not, fly. It is $140 one way on Bangkok airways.
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John G
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I am flying from Bangkok to Siem Riep in July. I have read that driving to Siem Riep from BK is VERY uncomfortable (bumpy roads), dangerous (land mines if you stop to pee in bushes along roadway), and you can be stopped by corrupt "police" in Cambodia and ordered to pay a toll to use the road. Plus, it takes such a long time. I think flying is only one hour.
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Thanks alot is very helpful. He goes over a lot of the scams that people try to pull over on you along the way and has great images of the road from Bangkok to Siem Reap before and after construction in 2001.
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As someone already mentioned my website (, I'll leave that alone, but I wanted to address the one poster who commented about landmines and corrupt police.

First of all, peeing in the bushes is perfectly safe, the road between Siem Reap and the border is one of the most heavily traveled roads in Cambodia and you'd have to walk a considerable distance (as in several hundred meters if not several kilometers) to encounter mines. Most of the surrounding countryside is actively used rice fields. No one need be concerned about stepping into the bushes to answer nature's call here.
Secondly, yes, police do stop the vehicles and extract a toll. Why is this any different from a highway with a toll booth in any western developed nation? Just because they don't have fancy toll booths that deoesn't mean they can't collect a users fee for using a road. We do it in the west, why not Cambodia? And besides which, these tolls are the concern of the driver, not the passengers. The police will even give a receipt for the passage. I travel this highway twice a month, these are simple tolls, it's no big deal.

I can't understand why nobody thinks anything of stopping their vehicle on the highway in a western nation and handing over a dollar or whatever the fee is and a road blcok (which is what a toll booth is - it's road block), but do it in a third-world country where instead of a fancy toll booth you have a guy in military uniform using a bamboo gate, and suddenly it's extortion and robbery. I don't see the difference.
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Are the Cambodian toll takers armed?
What is the punishment if you don't pay the toll and try to pass?
Could that be the difference?
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