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Teresa May 11th, 1999 10:26 PM

My family and I are going to Bangkok and Phuket in September. How bad is the rain? <BR>Which gives the best exchange rate: travellers cheques or cash and in which <BR>currency? Also, can anyone tell me which day <BR>trips are most worthwhile? Has anyone been <BR>to: Siam Water Park, Magicland, Oceanworld <BR>Amusement Park, Dreamworld? Which is best? <BR>Are they expensive? I would love to talk to <BR>anyone who has been to Thailand, as this is <BR>the best way to gather useful information. <BR>Email would be great.

toom May 12th, 1999 02:22 PM

In September, the rain should not be very bad, and it is the last month of rainy season. <BR>T/Chq is much better than cash for bank buying rate. It should be around 24-25 Bahts against 1 AUD, around 60 for GBP, and 36-37 for USD. <BR>I will go for Dreamworld.

Teresa May 12th, 1999 10:33 PM

Toom, Many thanks for the advice. <BR>Have you been to Thailand recently? <BR>Can you tell me any more about Dreamworld? Do you know if rides are <BR>included in the entrance price?

toom May 18th, 1999 09:37 AM

Teresa, I went to thailand last christmas. Actually, i didn't go into Dreamworld, just passed it enroute to somewhere else. So I can't help you with the ticket price. I expect that it should not be over 250-300 Bahts. It does have a website "", but doesn't show the ticket price. Normally, the ticket should include the rides. It is quite far from Bkk, compared to Magic World, but i think it is more modern, and has many things to do for a day, quite crowded on weekend. <BR>I hope this would help.

Mary Jul 29th, 1999 06:21 AM

Our family of 5 went to Bangkok and Phuket in March 99. Spend no more than 3 days in Bangkok. Sounds as tho you have been to Bali as well. We did in 97. Don't expect Thailand to be like Bali. Apart from the clothes we found everything else expensive. Travellers cheques or cash is much the same and book your trips before you leave Australia. It's much cheaper. Do a day trip that covers a few things as it's not as spectacular as Bali. Save your tours for Phuket and as I mentioned before, pay in Australia. Nothing is free in Thailand; towelletes, bread etc, they'll charge you for. The shopping we found was better in Bali and the people far more friendly and less likely to rip you off. However, Phuket is lovely and the water and beaches are superb. The snorkling is fantastic. Remember to take your own towels (or the ones from your hotel) despite them saying they're supplied. We had to buy 2 very small and smelly ones on one of our day-trips. <BR> <BR>See the transvestite show in Phuket which is quite appropriate for children as you really can't tell that they are men. It's very well done. Make sure you stay in a hotel that other Australians frequent as many of the other nationalities kept to themselves which didn't give the atomosphere Australians are used to. <BR> <BR>Also if you drink coffee take some! Coffee is awfully expensive and it's all instant. Some cups cost me nearly $5 a cup! What I had to do for a fix! <BR> <BR>If you need anymore info please feel free to email me personally. <BR> <BR>Hope you all have fun.

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