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bangkok/laos/vietnam/cambodia...URGENT: Serious helpers wanted

bangkok/laos/vietnam/cambodia...URGENT: Serious helpers wanted

Jun 9th, 2010, 06:12 AM
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hi archerlalu,

your 11days for three country really very short, but you still can see the main sites for each cities.

Arrive Bangkok 2nights: 19-20jun

Fly morning to Siem Reap for 2night: 21-22jun

Fly to Hue via Saigon (Vietnam airlines) for 2nights: 23-24jun

Fly to Hanoi for 4nights will able to include an overnight Halong bay: 25-26-27-28jun

Fly to Luang Prabang for 2nights: 29-30jun

Fly to Bangkok on 01july…

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Jun 9th, 2010, 08:04 AM
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I would fly from BKK to Siem Reap (2or 3 nights for Angkor is a minimum ).
Tale a fast boat to P.Penh(5hrs on the river;don't seat inside...great river life)
P.Penh(try to stay at the Quay Hotel/top rooms/views/1 or 2 nights)
Fly to Hanoi /Halong Bay (2 or 3 nights)
Fly to Luang Prabang and spend the rest of your time there(see Travellerni comments above...)
will gladly give you more details if you want
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Jun 10th, 2010, 03:50 AM
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You guys are all amazing, really appreciate all your suggestions. We all do mix and match right now... so thanks for the fresh details as cestgaston and daniel added. Keep suggesting. We still have a week to consider.

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Jun 22nd, 2010, 04:48 PM
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hi everyone..we did it..we are in hanoi and so far so good. we viewed all your comments and mixed and matched.

the weather here is good for sands and waters...

i just drop by to let you know that everything turns out very well...so far...

will tell all our details once we get a good access on the internet.

right now, at 7:38 am, june 23 in hanoi....waiting for the minivan for Halong Bay's.

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Jun 22nd, 2010, 05:04 PM
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Great! Have a wonderful time!
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Jul 1st, 2010, 01:29 AM
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Hi archerlalu,

Care to you share and post your achieved itinerary detail?
I am pretty interested on how you have mixed and match the trips as I am planning a similar travelling routes as yours in dec.

Thanks in advance.

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Jul 9th, 2010, 08:59 AM
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hi everyone,

we have not expected that everything turns out very well and will be...we are still in singapore right now and tomorrow we'll be heading to kuala lumpur for the last leg of our Asian (actually ASEAN destinations)before we head back to our old life in Hong Kong.

we have actually 22 days to explore ASEAN nations, i just concentrated on asking your suggestions and inputs for bangkok-laos-cambodia, etc since we have not been in these placess before.

For Lfyl for similar travelling routes; and the rest (scotters,kathie,dogster, smeagol,travellerni, silverwool,cestgaston,and daniel77) who have helped us to "mix and match" or the "will be best if", here is the best itinerary details we've made with no regrets so far.

I would pinpoint in this message, too the highlights and "must see places" or "forget about it/nothing special" in case others would want to consider if they do not have much time to extend their stay but still want to see places for such.

June 19 hong kong-bangkok
arrived around 2pm, headed straight to hualampong staion for Vientiane 10 hrs train ride, was in the Vientiane, Laos in the morning around 6 am. we hired tuktuk and went straight to the bus station to check for luang prahbang. while on our way to the bus station, we decided if there will be a very early bus to luang Prahbang we better skip Vientiane since from the first impression, your recommendations and the lonely planet's. i thought it was a good choice not to stay. ( YES, skip Vientiane, trust me)
So bus to luang prahbang for another 8 hrs vis Viang Viang...a must see and i recommend this).

June 20 morning till June 22 afternoon -Luang Prahbang. A must see place. i higly recommend this. Waterfalls, food, atmosphere. By the way we stayed near the night market.

June 22-24 we flew to hanoi, vietnam. Food is great, people very accomodoting except our travel guide for halong bay who only think how to make money and telling you he is very tricky (for those who will book their tavel tours around hanoi, you better be looking for the rigt agent and ask the agent about the guide expertise, otherwise you wont get what you suppose to have for the whole set-up)Liek, we supposed to have kayaking and agent told us all inclusive but the guide kept insisting it is not included and we need to pay more). Anyway, a day and a half for hanoi is just fine. Halong Bay, nothing special.

June 24-26 Saigon, flew again by Jestar (usd 80). Food is toally great, stayed at madam Cuc's gesthouse, very accomodating. food again very good. We went for Chu chi tunnel...people who love world war stuff and memories you are gonna love it sy\uch as booby traps, fox and spiders holes, more traps, shooting range. Hanoi or Saigon...Saigon is mcuh better.

June 26 in the afternoon by bus headed to Phnom Pehn.
Food is so-so, poeple average, sights like Genocide musuem/or the so called S11 under the reign of pol pot; and the killing fields...if you still have the sympathy to those been killed and tortured, fine, you go and share your sentiments. But for those, just wanna see it, you better think twice...it is so creepy, may also haunt you in your dreams. i do not recommend to those with weak hearts or stomach. It is not the displays or stuffs still there but the place per se..It will definitely linger.

june 27 around bus to Siem Reap. 8 hrs drive just fine though it was in the evening.

June 27-29 siem reap. One thing to say, a very must see (angkor wat- amazing. a must, a must, a must see...people great, accomodation very cheap, food is great ,guide or travel local agent-you better be wary/ or haggle very hard)

june 29 mid morning- bus to thai border poipet,

Juen 29-30,Khao San area, food is cheap and good, so mcuh fun at night, accomodation is cheap BUT dont stay near the night market. it is noisy. The place is partying till 4 or 5 in the morning. Every night. it is good to party till you drop but i only suggest do not stay aging do not stay nearby the night market if you want a good sleep. We saw thailand before especially abngkok, that is why we did not spend so mcuh time here unlike others are so eager to see thailand, well i guess becoz of too much booze, partying, rock and roll and booze again...just leave it to the youngsters though. Others may ask, what about the beaches of Thailnad, agian been in ko phi phi and Phuket...not impressed so we just dropped the "bitches oopps beaches"

July 1-july 8 morning to bali, lombok, gili island (gilli air only), yogyakarta and jakarta(jakarta 1 day only

july 1-ubud bali ( very nice place), lombok area like Mataram, Sengigi and Bangsal area. DO NOT TRUST THE INDONESIAN tourism board in lombok, most especially the travel agents and guides. ( they are crazy). We can help to travel these palces because lombok is the only access to get to Gili island. so i suggest you better book your hotel and travel itinerary from anywhere in indonesia to Gili island to avoid a very very big hassle) If there is another way to reach GILI island you better do the other way. WORST moment of our travel journey so far.

Gili Air is a must. So peaceful and lovely. perfect for scuba dib\ving, fresh sea foods, A bit expensive but GILI people is a plus factor to stay longer. Though they said Gili trawang is much better because of so much partying, booze and booze and the "stuff". Well, guess really good. by the way, no Police in the islands (Gili Air, Meno and Trawangan).

Yogyakarta, 1 day and half is fine to see the Boroubodor. It is okay because a UNESCO world heriatge but not as perfect 10 as angkor wat. 6 points for boroubodor.

Jakarta 1 day or transit is fine.

July 8-10 singapore, been here before, need to open wide your wallet...too expensive, even entrace to any sights or activities, Though food is great, people of course are urbane and helpful, but still expensive. Maybe, that's what we pay for for being civilized. No offense and no biased. ( I am a filipino though and I am asian, too)

July 10-12 morning Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Mallaca, Bintang.
A bit expensive, Mallaca/Maleka.. a must see.
People not easy to approach. Food is average. Accomodation is mid range.
Kuala Lumpur, sorry i dont like it. Just went here becoz of the Petronas and the only cheapest way to get a return ticket to Hong Kong.

THIS IS IT. Our 22 days travel experience. Hope others enjoy reading this, amy somehow get some tips and hints whether to stay here or there. I am Asian that is why, it is okay for us to stay in avery short period of time and we concentrate on cultures, higgligts of the each country and we do not party so mcuh that is why we do not need longer time to ease up the hangovers or to lower down the effects of whatsover stuff and whatnot.

Again to those who helped us to bring the best in our travels. Thank you very much.

Bear with our travel story, but it was a very great travel. imagine 22 days hitting 7 countries and we ahve seen all the major attractions and we still kicking.

Just more discipline, right food and when have time tyr to get some rest or ven nap in between, do not drink/party too much. Spend wisely but not cheaply.

thanks again and travel while we can...
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Jul 9th, 2010, 09:08 AM
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correction (the july 1-ubud bali...we can help to travel to lombok===must be a WE CANNOT HELP to travel to lombokj). Really sleepy though. Thanks.
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