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tulip Jul 29th, 2003 05:15 PM

Attn: Langkawi Experts and James A
Hi Everyone. I actually 2 detailed questions. We're in BKK Nov 24th 2003. We need help choosing the best beach for our timeslot: Langkawi(malaysia), Phuket, or Krabi. We're looking for white sand, clear warm water. Option of snorkeling, jetskis to rent. No interest in diving. Right now we're leaning to Langkawi, but would love any tips on how to get there from BKK. Thai Airways, and Malaysia Air doesn't offer flights from BKK to Langkawi. They offer flights from BKK to Phuket, BKK to Penang. Does anyone know of any direct carriers from BKK to Langkawi? If not, what is the 1) cheapest and/or fastest method to get to Langkawi from Penang? It seems that Phuket and Krabi are much more convenient to get to, and I'd love your opinions if you think Langkawi is worth the hassle. We're not planning to go to Malaysia otherwise. If Langkawi isn't an option do you advise we go to 1) Phuket or 2) Krabi? Thanks so much. I have to decide on this by tomorrow!

JamesA Jul 30th, 2003 01:43 AM

Phuket is lively with lots to do.
Langkawi is quiet with little to do.
Hope that helps!
Getting to Langkawi from Bangkok is a nuisance, you have to fly to penang, 1 flight per day which gets into Penang late. Then you have to overnight and fly on the current '1' flight per day Penang to langkawi at 10.30, though come November it should go up to 2 flights, but still not convenient.
The alternative is to fly to KL and then connect, that is easier.
You can go overland by train from bangkok on the daily Penang Express and get off just across the border and then road to the coast and boat, hassle unless you love trains.
You can also train to Trang in Thailand but it's only once a day and 2nd class is best on offer, then you road to coast and boat to Langkawi.
Now...balance that against 16+ non-stop flights every day Bangkok-Phuket !
Big difference.
My suggestion: I see nothing that Langkawi can offer that Phuket or Krabi area cannot. Langkawi is quiet, so if you want a quiet location on Phuket head for Cape panwa, Evason, or maybe Chedi at Surin Beach. You also have a wide choice of quieter beach locvations such as Kata or Karon where you can find a great beach hotel like the 'Karon Beach Resort'.

I think the beauty of Langkawi is great, but my own opinion is that there is simply nothing else on offer there. I know people rave about the Datai resort, fine, you can find the same in Phuket or Krabi.

My advice being busy time of year is make it easy, fly to Phuket and choose any hotel from $30-$1,000 in an area/beach that suits your tastes.



suziuno Jul 30th, 2003 06:43 AM

I have been to Phuket,Krabi and Langkawi,all 3 places have alot to offer,however as you are in Bangkok,i would suggest Krabi,beautiful beaches[especially out on the islands],great scenery,and lots of cheap restuarants.

tulip Jul 30th, 2003 08:56 PM

Thanks for your replies. We've decided to do Krabi. Suziuno, any recommendations for accommodations in the $50-60 range with private bath close to Rai Lei or Phra Nang beaches? Also, did you think the excursions to Phi Phi worth it? Did you make it to East Rai Lei? Also, do you know of any jet skiing for rent around this area or do we have to go to Phuket for that? Thanks!

JamesA Jul 30th, 2003 10:00 PM

Try this local link for Krabi, then check the accommodation reviews, they have Ao nang, railey and Phuley beaches. For late ov/early December I guess $50-70 will get you a very nice place.

Not sure on the latest on Jet Ski's, certainly in Phuket. Don't want to sound like your Granny but do be VERY careful with jet Ski's, they can be dangerous and a sight I saw in Penang a few years back was, well....deeply sad! Not a fun spoiler but.....please take care!

Phi Phi trip worth it, also go Sea Kayaking around James Bond islands and the lessor islands and caves around Phang Nga which is very near. Sea Canoe do great trips with a guide who explains everything, you kayak under some islands into open caves (don't know the technical name ) but great fun.

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