ATM or TC in Bangkok?

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ATM or TC in Bangkok?

I'm getting conflicting info on this question: Tis better to use ATMs or Travelers Checks in Bangkok?

Normally I find TC a real headache. But I've been told that the overall fees or ATMs make them attractive in Bangkok. Any opinions from frequent Thailand travelers?
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There is no one-size fits all answer to this.

I use ATMs, but I have an account that doesn't charge me for use of foreign ATMs and refunds any fees charged by foreign ATMS. I pay only the 1% premium on foreign exchange, which, since the premium is on the wholesale exchange rate, means I do better than currency exchanges.

Check and see what your bank charges.
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I notice at the exchange places that TCs get a better rate than my US cash does. But there might be a fee? I don't know.
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Yes, Carol, there is a fee for travelers checks, so the very slightly better exchange rate evens out between US$100 bill and travelers checks. If you opt for TC, buy large denominations, as you pay the same fee whether you are cashing a TC for $20 or for $100.
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Always use my trusty no fee
Venture double miles on everything big bank ATMs only.
TCs so frequently scammed in BKK Amex many others may not
redeem them if stolen there are so many inside theft
jobs a giant hassle fees to cash.Visa
CC works well 0 transactionfee 0 liability
for me in past.
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ATM - have never paid a fee and rates are good.
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ATM of course....T/C's are passee....
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ATMs. other than the obscure AEON machines, or the 2 Citibank branch machines, assess a 150 baht transaction fee. Some home institutions will reimburse these fees. Other home institutions will add their own fees. ATM rates are usually the best rates.

Traveler's checks are assessed a 33 baht fee. They get a very good exchange rate, usually better than cash. Few stores and shops will accept TCs. But, there are exchange booths and Banks everywhere in Thailand.

Most credit card advances are not only assessed a fee, they also accrue interest from the moment the cash touches your hand.
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It is easy to cash travelers checks in Thailand. You must have your passport for identification and sometimes in the city they ask difficult questions like "what is your hotel room number!"

I always have travelers checks available. I can get them without any fees through my credit union. The fee to cash a travelers check is only 33 baht while the fee to use an ATM is 150 baht plus any charges tacked on by your bank. When you bring travelers checks with you only bring the largest sizes you can get. Since you are paying a fee per check don't waste it on small travelers checks.

In the major cities of Thailand there are many banks and mini banks used for currency exchanges. These currency exchange banks have good hours open just about every day and up to late at night. They take travelers checks. The rate you get with a travelers check is a hair more than ordinary cash. Some hotels and stores may cash them but often at a lower rate.

I always have cash (big bills only, newer series, no tears, stains or dirty looking,) travelers checks and debit card for some cash from ATM's. With an ATM remember to take out the maximum so you do not have big fees for small withdrawals. I do have credit cards but only for purchasing flights or emergencies.

(When I do use a debit card in an ATM for cash after a couple hours I check to see how much came out of my checking account.)
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