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dgunbug Sep 13th, 2016 09:12 PM

Asia in July or August? Are we crazy?
We will be in California for a wedding at the end of July next year and thought that it might be a good opportunity to add on a trip to Asia. Having been to China once before, we thought we might fly into Hong Kong, which I have not yet been to and explore the south and southwestern areas of China. I am concerned though about the heat and rain as I've read that July and August at the hottest and rainiest months of the year in those regions. If we do go to China, which of the months would be best - July or August? In the alternative, does anyone have any better suggestions? Tibet and Nepal are out because of the high altitude which could be a problem medically. Are we crazy to do Asia in the summertime?

Kathie Sep 14th, 2016 07:39 AM

Remember that Asia is huge and is affected by many different weather systems. For instance, July/August is perfect for much of Indonesia.

Hong Kong will be home and sticky - not the best time to visit. Take a look at some weather sites to see what can be expected in places you are interested to visit. I like, but another poster recently recommended that gives a more general picture of weather in various places and is a great starting point for your research.

Happy planning!

rhkkmk Sep 14th, 2016 10:21 AM

go for it

dgunbug Sep 14th, 2016 01:04 PM

Bob - go for China?

crellston Sep 14th, 2016 01:11 PM

Lots of places will be OK in Asia at that time of year. It is perfect weather fro exploring the Malaysian Borneo and the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Likewise, it is high season in Java, Bali and Lombok but although the weather may be great, it will be crowded as Europeans flock there for their summer hols.

Basically, I don't think you are crazy, far from it. Places in SEA will be less crowded, cheaper and greener than in the high season.

I find this site pretty useful for narrowing down places to consider as far as weather is concerned

CaliNurse Sep 14th, 2016 02:48 PM

what part of California are you visiting?? Gtg???

dgunbug Sep 14th, 2016 03:44 PM

We will be in LA. Where are you calinurse?

dgunbug Sep 15th, 2016 04:16 AM

After further research, I see that the yunnan province is not too hot, but it is their rainiest season. Has anyone traveled there during July or August and if so, how bad was the rain? Is there a reason to be concerned about flooding during this time of year?

rhkkmk Sep 15th, 2016 07:55 AM

go for a trip, any trip

CaliNurse Sep 16th, 2016 07:18 PM

Darn, Dgunbug. I was hoping you'd say the SF Bay Area, where I am. We'd have so much to talk about! Maybe in Florida some time.

Sorry for diverting the topic...

I'm with Rhkkmk...Just do it!! Any trip!!LOL!

dgunbug Sep 17th, 2016 03:09 AM

Calinurse - please be sure to let us know if you are ever in Florida. We are in Boca Raton. Of course we are going to do it! We are honing in on the Yunnan area of China. Sounds like, while rainy season, it will be the coolest as the region is mountainous.

CaliNurse Sep 17th, 2016 10:27 AM

Thank you, Dgunbug!! Sounds like a great choice of place for Asia. Enjoy the planning!!

shelemm Sep 18th, 2016 02:04 PM

After a lot of studying of climate, We went to the Gansu Province in August. We had nothing but clear skies and mild temps. We flew to Lanzhou and got a guide and driver to take us to Bingling Si - our top destination - which I am told can only be visited by boat in August. We saw many other magnificent sites such as the Labrang Monatsery in Xiahe, Langmu, Jiuzhaigou (super crowded but gorgeous), Huanglong, and Songpan. Many other magnificent option in this part of China.

I've been to Hong Kong in August. The humidity is outrageous. Worse than Shanghai, which is tough but doable.

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