Airport at Siem Reap

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Airport at Siem Reap

Now for my latest question as I count down the days until my 3 week trip to Siem Reap- I will be flying in from Bangkok and read on a blog somewhere that the flight into Siem Reap is pretty hair-raising. I'm an ok flyer but would love to hear from someone- as long as the ascent into Siem Reap is supposed to be a rock 'n roll flight, I'm ok- just wanted to know when I should break out the prayer beads (only kidding- sort of!)Thanks again all!
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I didn't find the descent into Siem Reap particularly rough. On the other hand, the descent into any airport can be rought dependig on the weather and wind conditions. There is nothing I know of about the Siem Reap airpoprt that would make it particularly susceptible to strong crosswinds or updrafts, etc.

When you read a blog or a trip report, remember that is one person's experience. It may be entirely contrary to the experiences of others.
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We flew Bangkok to Siem Reap on Bangkok Air last month, and it was very smooth and easy. The plane is a turboprop for the one hour flight, and they managed to serve a nice lunch with coffee and tea service following. The new (1 year old) airport in Siem Reap is very nice.
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I have done the flight into Siem Reap twice and have never found it any different to most flights. Make sure you have a passport photo available to hand over for your visa. If you don't you will be charged too much for the pic!! You will also need 20 dollars in CASH for your visa. At least that was the case two years ago, the last time we visited.
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I agree with everyone else that there is nothing intrinsically rock 'n roll about the approach to the airport under normal conditions -- it isn't at all the way people describe the approach to the old Hong Kong Airport, for example.

If anything, our approach was remarkably peaceful. I recall marveling at so much seemingly undeveloped land so close to a nation's capital city as we made our long, gradual descent. I realized afterwards that it was sunset and there just wasn't that much electric lighting in the countryside.

The airport, as stated, is new and lovely.

Do review visa requirements carefully and be sure that you have the requisite free pages in your passport that aren't amendment pages.

Procedure at the airport was, ahem, somewhat casual and unpolished. On our one visit last summer, a tour group stampeded independent travelers. The local officials seemed to want to restore some order but were uncertain how. Lots of stories from friends, including the one about the customs official who tried to make friends with an attractive young foreign woman who was trying to exit the country but was called aside and asked for her email address and the possibility of later contact. He did have the good form to first inquire whether she was married.

But I digress... we loved Siem Reap and think back often on our time there. Have a great trip.
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The flight is easy. Nothing to worry about. Try to sit in the front of the plane. This means that you will be in the front of the line for a visa. No big deal, just a small time saver. Make sure you bring a fair amount of US dollars. This is the only currency accepted in Cambodia.
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I agree with everyone else that the flight has been just fine & normal when I have done it. (Obviously rough air with bad weather can happen anywhere)

On our flight in Oct we were seated at the back of the plan and that is where they unloaded from so we were first in the visa line. So don't worry too much about where you end up seated as Gpanda says they are small planes so the line is never very long.

Have a fantastic trip.

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Our Bangkok Airways flight/landing into Siem Reap last week was calm and smooth. No problems at all. We exited from the rear of the plane.

I recommend having a supply of USD $1 and $5 while in Siem Reap. Everything seems to cost $5...although you can easily bargain down from $5 for most items.

If you need to buy some last minute souvenirs before leaving Siem Reap, there is a lovely Cambodian handicraft store (Artisans d'Angkor)in the airport, next to the departure gates. I thought my shopping was complete, but ended up buying a few small, inexpensive gifts at the airport store (small palm baskets filled with spices or tea for $3.50 USD; silk business card cases for $5.00). By the way, if you visit the main store in Siem Reap you can see the young apprentices making these beautiful crafts.

Have a great time in Siem Reap!

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Thanks so much again, what a great group you are!! I did know about the bills, the photos, recently ready here I think about the open pages on my passport, and all the rest so I guess I've done my homework, thanks to all of you. Again, I don't mind hairy flights and now it sounds like that one person's blog was a stretch. Only 21 more days!!!
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