advice on itinerary to the east


Mar 11th, 2007, 12:09 PM
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advice on itinerary to the east

My husband and I are planning a trip out east next year! There are many cities and places that interest me but not sure how much time is needed in each. We want to visit singapore, kuala lumpar, bangkok, ho chi min city, hong kong, tokyo, macow, and maybe beijing. Can we do all these cities in one trip and if so how long do we need. Mind you though, my husband and I tend to fly through most cities that take 3 days for some, we tend to see it in half the time. And the other question I have is safety, how safe are each of these cities for a young couple to visit?
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Mar 11th, 2007, 05:58 PM
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all of those cities are perfectly safe, but one always needs to exercise caution just as you might at home...

my preference for a first trip would be as follows and to that you need to sometimes add 1 full day for travelling, except HK to macau...

singapore--2-3 days; K/L--2 days; bkk--min 3-4 days; saigon--not sure but think 2 days; i will add hanoi for 3 days instead of saigon; HK--5 days; macau 2 days max or one as a full day trip from HK...

don't forget two days for jet lague upon arrival from the west...
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Mar 11th, 2007, 07:14 PM
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OK here goes.

Beijing 2 days full for basic visit (Badaling section of the Great Wal, Ming tombs, and palace route is a full day) The other full day will be Tiananman Square and palaces, along with other local palacesand spots of interest. But 2 days is a bare minimum...keeing in mind I tend to travel quickly also.

Hong Kong, I would guess should be doable in 1 full day, seing as it is so small an area.

The other cities I haven't been to myself, and will be visiting several on my own trip in 2 weeks.

As others have said, though, figure a day lost each time you travel to another city. So, if you were planning to visit 7 cities in one trip, dedct 4-7 days for the transfer time..or travel red eye flights whenever possible.

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Mar 11th, 2007, 07:33 PM
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My main thought about this intinerary is that it is all cities (and airports - you are going to see one heck of a lot of airports). Each will have it's own character (cities that is) and unique things to see but wouldn't you like to get out of a city in at least a few countries?

Hey Bob -- if ibizagirl's id is any indication, I'd be willing to bet jetlag will just be a minor nuisance I'm no spring chicken and I find it's the jet lag coming back that kills me -- as long as I stay up that first day in Asia and reverse the 12 hour difference, I'm usually just fine.
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