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A handy guide for those who want to stop candid photography.


Jan 13th, 2015, 10:15 AM
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A handy guide for those who want to stop candid photography.

I disagree passionately with the negative comments on the Fodors Asia Forum threads linked below, directed at myself and other photographers who take candid photographs of people who are in public places:


I feel these opinions are based on a lack of understanding of the issues involved. I've discovered that this lack of understanding is strongly engrained in some otherwise very intelligent people here, and facts seem unlikely to change this, as it is based on an emotional response.

The people posting this opinion clearly feel they are standing on the moral high ground.
But instead of directing their moral outrage at one fellow being social on the Fodors site, here's their chance to show they actually care about the issue, through their actions, instead of just words.
(although with their high morals I'm sure all of them are already doing just that)


The following institutions give approval, celebrate and even worse, promote candid photography of people in public places.
You'll need to stop giving them your money, which can be spent by them promoting a practice you consider immoral.

You'll also need to vote with your feet and boycott even free events at these institutions. To do otherwise means you are participating in promoting the practice you condemn.
(note that in no way do I compare my photographs to the quality and high standards of these artists and institutions):

Here are some of the museums you'll need to boycott
(an incredibly incomplete and hastily gathered list, courtesy of Google):

• Musee du Louvre, Paris
• Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
• National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, India
• University of Fine Arts, Osaka, Japan
• Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoto, Japan
• San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
• Tate Modern Museum, London
• Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C.
• National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
• Guggenheim Museum, NY
• Centre Pompidou, Paris
• National Portrait Gallery, London
• Kunsthaus Zürich
• Musée d'Orsay
• Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
• De Menil Collection, Houston, Texas
• Victoria and Albert Museum, London
• Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris
• Musée Carnavalet, Paris
• Museum of Modern Art, New York
• The Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois
• J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California
• Institute for Contemporary Photography, New York
• The Philadelphia Art Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
• The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
• Museum of Modern Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
• Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

• You'll need to direct your anger at and boycott National Geographic.
But you'll probably need to stop reading all magazines and newspapers from all over the world, whether print or digital, as they either print articles of tips about how to take candid photographs or use those kind of photos themselves.

• You'll need to stop reading books, because almost every major publisher has printed books both celebrating and promoting the work of street photographers.

• You'll need to stop watching network and cable television, who do the same.

You'll even want to boycott fashion articles because photographers like Bill Cunningham take candid photographs of people on the street.

You'll be want to make sure you condemn the work of photographers like:
Mathew Brady, who documented the Civil War
Dorothea Lange, who so famously showed the plight of immigrant farm workers during the Great Depression
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Alfred Stieglitz
Robert Doisneau
Robert Frank
Walker Evans
David Goldblatt and Peter Magubane, South African photographers who so powerfully showed the devastating effects of apartheid. (Magubane was actually shot by police and had to recover in a hospital)

And an incredibly incomplete list of famous photographers you'll want to condemn:

• Berenice Abbott
• Christophe Agou
• Yūtokutaishi Akiyama
• Nobuyoshi Araki
• Eugène Atget
• Xyza Cruz Bacani
• James Barnor
• Lou Bernstein
• Brassaï
• Manuel Alvarez Bravo
• Henri Cartier-Bresson
• Mark Cohen
• Joan Colom
• Bill Cunningham
• Maciej Dakowicz
• Peter Dench
• Robert Doisneau
• Ken Domon
• Don Donaghy
• Nikos Economopoulos
• Alfred Eisenstaedt
• Martin Elkort
• Elliott Erwitt
• Walker Evans
• Arthur Fields
• Robert Frank
• Leonard Freed
• Lee Friedlander
• Cristina García Rodero
• Herbert Gauls
• William Gedney
• George Georgiou
• Bruce Gilden
• Shigeo Gochō
• Sid Grossman
• Hiroshi Hamaya
• Siegfried Hansen
• Erich Hartmann
• Tadahiko Hayashi
• Lewis W. Hine
• Yasuhiro Ishimoto
• James Jarché
• Richard Kalvar
• Osamu Kanemura
• André Kertész
• Hiroh Kikai
• Ihei Kimura
• William Klein
• Josef Koudelka
• Seiji Kurata
• Kineo Kuwabara
• Dorothea Lange
• Jacques-Henri Lartigue
• Jens Olof Lasthein
• Guy Le Querrec
• Arthur Leipzig
• Yau Leung
• Helen Levitt
• Vivian Maier
• Susan Meiselas
• Louis Mendes
• Jeff Mermelstein
• Olivier Meyer
• Joel Meyerowitz
• Xavier Miserachs
• Lisette Model
• Inge Morath
• Daidō Moriyama
• Shigeichi Nagano
• Masatoshi Naitō
• Nek Vardikos
• Hildegard Ochse
• Mitsugu Ōnishi
• Trent Parke
• Martin Parr
• Mark Powell
• Raghu Rai
• Brian Ramnath
• Tony Ray-Jones
• Ronny Robinson
• Willy Ronis
• Boris Savelev
• Jamel Shabazz
• Irakly Shanidze
• Raghubir Singh
• Aaron Siskind
• W. Eugene Smith
• David Solomons
• Brandon Stanton
• Fred Stein
• Louis Stettner
• Gary Stochl
• Beat Streuli
• Christer Strömholm
• Issei Suda
• Homer Sykes
• Yutaka Takanashi
• Takeyoshi Tanuma
• Sam Tata
• Anya Teixeira
• Alexey Titarenko
• Toyoko Tokiwa
• Haruo Tomiyama
• Peter Turnley
• Jeff Wassmann
• Garry Winogrand
• Alex Coghe
• Michael Wolf
• Tom Wood
• Michio Yamauchi
• Nakaji Yasui
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