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tignard Mar 20th, 2005 06:56 AM

A day trip from Singapore to a very nice beach or island!!!

I am looking for a day trip to visit a very nice island or beaches from Singapore. It would be better with a ferry but rentinga car could be OK. I read that beaches in Singapore are not so nice. The same for Bintan. Any recomandations are welcome.


anna_h Mar 20th, 2005 07:55 AM

I went to Bintan a couple of years ago and think it would be great for a day trip. The ferry took about 40 minutes and there are some lovely hotel resorts at the other side.

rv224 Mar 20th, 2005 08:21 PM

Bintan is much better than the beaches in Singapore. Other good beaces are in Malaysia but it would take too long to drive there (unless you fly).

wein Mar 21st, 2005 12:44 AM

depends what u mean by nice beach. Sentosa has nice sand (altho it was transported from somewhere else) but no clear wter. But then again Bintan's water is not clear either.Try the east coast of M'sia. Tioman, etc but cant be done in a day trip.

Cicerone Mar 21st, 2005 01:09 AM

There are not really any ďvery niceĒ beaches near Singapore. Beaches in Singapore or OK but not spectacular, what are you looking for? If you just want a little change of scenery from the city for a day, I would try the beaches at East Coast Park or Pasir Ris. You can rent bikes and ride a good bit along the way in East Coast Park. Pasir Ris is part of a national park on the north coast that has a very long and wide beach. The website for national parks in Singapore at, it has links to East Coast Park and Pasir Ris, and is full of ideas for visits to other parks as well.

There is a windsurfing area near East Coast Park with a nice beach where you can rent lasers and windsurfers and have lunch or dinner. Pasta Fresca Seasports Centre, 1212 East Coast Parkway, Singapore. Tel 65-4495118 (formerly the Europa Windsurfing Club).

Another place is the Ponggol Point area of Singapore, which is on the causeway between Singapore and Malaysia, about a 20 minute cab ride from downtown Singapore, you can also get there by public bus in just over an hour or so. You could hire a boat to take you to the various mangrove inlets (sometimes can see crocodiles), and you can stop at Selator Island. Pretty but not spectacular beaches, but if you like waterskiing a good way to spend the day. There are some seafood restaurants at Punggol good for lunch or dinner. You will definitely feel like you have left the city behind. Take a look at

You could go to Pualu Ubun, which is an island in the waterway between Singapore and Malaysia, and most of it is a national park. You can rent bikes and explore the little bit of wild jungle and wildlife left in Singapore. There are some good seafood restaurant here as well. Go to the website for national parks in Singapore at, this site is full of ideas for visits to other parks as well.

You could rent a car and drive to Desaru in Malayasia, which would take somehting under 2 hours each way. This is the closest true beach area from Singapore. Pretty good beaches and better than what Singapore could provide. A pretty drive. I would not make this trip on a Friday afternoon or back on a Sunday, as you will run into big jams of Singaporeans leaving or coming back into the city on the weekend. I believe you can also take a ferry from Singapore to Tanjung Belungkor, and then a taxi to Desaru. You might search a Malaysian or Singapore tourist board site for info.

You could fly or take a public catamaran to Tioman Island, not my favourite island, but a better beach than Bintan. Go to for flight info, flight takes about 40 minutes. The boat ride is a bit long for a day trip, about 4.5 hours each way. A very pretty ride on a nice day.

I donít like the beaches in Bintan, and donít think they are worth a day. IMO a pleasant way to spend a day is lounging by the pool at your hotel . . .

tignard Mar 28th, 2005 01:45 AM

Dear Cicerone,

Thanks for your time and your detailed answer. With the information you gave me, I would choose Desaru in Malayasia. Are there only beaches or is it possible to visit a bit around ? Do you know a website?

Regarding the rental car, it is very expensive in Singapore. The best rate I found is with Hertz (150 SGD). Do you know local renters? We will rent a car for one day. I think that we will do the trip on Saturday, the 30th of july to be precise.

Thanks again for your help,

Cicerone Mar 29th, 2005 01:33 AM

There is a little bit of info on Desaru at You might also try the website, or get their book for Malaysia (their Singapore book may also have info on day trips to Malaysia).

It would be preferable to have a car, as you can then drive around to the various beaches, fishing villages, etc. However, you could also use public transport and then rent a bike (no advice on this, sorry) to get around to some of the nearby beaches. You might want to go to a hotel for the day and use their beach as a base.

It is usually cheaper to rent a car in Malaysia than in Singapore. What you could do is take a taxi or bus from Singapore to either Johur Bahru or the airport for JB. I believe Hertz, et al have offices in either JB and/or at the airport, check their websites. The website for JB airport is, they may have car rental info. You can take a bus from Singapore to JB airport, where you could then rent the car, this would be easier and faster than renting in downtown JB. Check prices on renting from Malaysia versus Singapore, and also add in the time/money it will cost you to get to JB or the JB airport, and then decide.

If you use public transport, I think the fastest way to get there would be to take the ferry from the Changi area to Tanjong Belungkor, and then hire a mini-bus/taxi to take you on to Desaru. You could take a bus to the ferry point at Changi (possibly the subway to Changi and then a bus). I donít think the mini-van would cost much more than S$8 or so each way, you might post a question on this on the website, as few people here have been to Desaru and donít think any have gone by ferry (including me). Ferrylink(Tel: 545-3600) runs the ferries, I could not find a website for them.

I think you could also take a bus to Desaru from Singapore, but may have to change in Johor Bahru. Try

As your trip is on a Saturday, you may run into traffic going out by car/bus over the causeway in the morning, as Singaporeans will be leaving for the day or weekend. Start early or take the ferry.

IMO, this is a lot of time, money and trouble to go to for a very average beach. If this were my trip, I would stay in Singapore and spend the day at the sailing club in East Coast Park. Alternatively, go out to Sentosa and have lunch at The Sentosa Resort and Spa, and take a stroll on their beach. Book a spa treatment and they may even let you use the pool for the day, take a look at their website at

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