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Paige Nov 28th, 2001 12:14 AM

2 weeks in Thailand
Hello! My husband and I have never been to Asia and are thinking of spending 2 weeks in Thailand, sometime between Feb and April. We'd like to spend 5-7 days at a beautiful beach and don't want to go where malaria is a concern. What would you advise? Thanks!!

Paige Nov 28th, 2001 01:43 AM

Also, we don't want to spend more than $150US per night for hotels. I've been reading old posts about beach areas and now I'm really confused! I know we wouldn't like Patong on Phuket. Are other places on Phuket really nice? How about Hua Hin, Ko Samui and Krabi? We're not interested in nightlife and prefer beautiful scenery, peace and quiet, some shopping and good snorkeling. Good daytrips are a plus, too. How would it be to spend a week on Phi Phi? <BR>Do you need a malaria vaccine before going to Chaing Mai, Chaing Rai and the golden triangle area? What's the deal with malaria pills?

cristina Nov 29th, 2001 02:17 AM

Hi Paige,<BR><BR>I was in Thailand last august, we first visited the north (just Chiang Mai), and then the South, spent two days in Patong, just for the shopping, but preferably stay in other place and go to patong to do some shopping. Then we spent a couple of days in Phi-Phi, in Phi-Phi hotel (affordable), and finally Krabi, my favourite, paceful and relaxing. We were lodged at Sand and Sea Resort and the bungalows were very good, it is also affordable. If there´s anything I can help you with, feel free to email me!<BR><BR><BR><BR>

Kathie Nov 29th, 2001 07:50 AM

Thailand is a good place for your first Asian travel, as it is warm and friendly and easy to get around. The only places in Thailand that have malarial risk are the border areas near Burma and Cambodia, so that won't be a consideration in choosing a beach. I've been to Phuket years ago, and stayed at teh Phuket Yacht Club, which was lovely. Not all of Phuket is like Patong. <BR><BR>This year I'm going to Hua Hin. It's reported to be beautiful and quiet. There are lots of other beach options in Thailand as well.

scigirl Nov 29th, 2001 08:37 AM

I just got back from a trip to Thailand. I was in Krabi for a few nights - it is really pretty and still quite undeveloped. We had a day trip to Phi-Phi. I was not at all impressed by Phi-Phi. It is totally over-run by tourists and shops selling t-shirts and cheap souviners. Whatever natural beauty the place has is covered up. There were even piles of uncollected garbage laying about here and there. Yuck! Phi-Phi was about the last place I'd want to be stuck for a week.<BR><BR>In Krabi we stayed near Railey beach. From there it is possible to take a boat to close by islands (Bamboo island, James Bond island, Phi-Phi, etc.) and go snorkeling. It is a very quiet area with a few hotels and resorts. We stayed at the Thai Village Resort Krabi. There are several nice places to stay in the general area. I don't think you'll have a problem finding a place for $150 USd or less a night.<BR><BR>I don't know the malarial risk for Krabi specifically. However, my husband is a physician and working currently in Bangkok and he said pretty much all of Thailand outside of Bangkok is considered a risk area for malaria. I'd suggest talking to your doctor about how you can prevent malaria and also suggest taking a very good supply of bug spray.

scigirl Nov 29th, 2001 10:43 AM

Paige,<BR><BR>Here is a link the the CDC's information on malaria:<BR><BR>

sue Nov 29th, 2001 02:28 PM

Hello, this is really a couple of questions to scigirl,i tried to e-mail you direct,but it was returned!!!,we are staying at the thai village resort in krabi next april,did you enjoy your stay there??? how far was railey beach away?? could you walk there??? what about hat napp thara beach[national park] i have heard it is lovely there ,and not far from the hotel,.Hope you can answer some of my questions,<BR> thanks<BR> sue

////////////////////// Nov 30th, 2001 06:25 AM

hey, my best friend moved to thailand and she's having alot of trouble there, and i want to get a little information about that place so i can go and vist her and cheer her up... could some one email me and give me info? my names rachel...

scigirl Nov 30th, 2001 08:14 AM

Sue - I sent you an email. The hotel was very nice - I recommend it highly.<BR><BR>Rachel - you may want to start a separate post with some specific questions. There is a lot to do in Thailand - so it would be a little too much information to send in an email. A travel book, like Lonely Planet or Fodors is a good place to start getting ideas about the sort of things you could do in Thailand.

Harzer Dec 5th, 2001 03:13 AM

Hi Paige!<BR><BR>The recommendations given above are all fine. I particularly like the beaches south of Patong, called Karon and Kata. Even the best hotels in this area are quite unlikely to cost more than half what you are suggesting. I can not advise on the best ones to try, as their standards fluctuate. The Amari Kata Thani at the bottom end of Kata Beach has a lovely beach in front.<BR><BR>Note that some hotels in these area are in fact quite a way back from the beachfront, so enquire as to location before booking.<BR><BR>Harzer

Barb Dec 6th, 2001 09:57 AM

I just returned 2 weeks ago from Thailand. Spent 5 nights at Ao Nang Beach on Krabi. It was a good place to get tours to James Bond, Phi Phi, lots of nice restaurnats, etc. There are few hotels directly on the beach. The one we stayed in was $60.00 a night. I suggst spending a couple of nights at Phi Phi. It was beautiful, more secluded & not at all like the person who described it. The water was a beautiful green & a good place to swim. Maybe because of Sept 11 it wasn't crowded. I know tourists are way down in Thailand. I wouldn't spend a week there as that are lots of other things to see & is easier to do that from Ao Nang. Email me if you have specific questions.

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