2-week Asia Tour


Apr 13th, 2000, 02:29 AM
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2-week Asia Tour

we want to tour Asia for two weeks. Please recommend must see places - thinking of China, Japan, Nepal, India. Any ideas? Or is this too ambitious for two weeks. Please also give recommendations for travel agencies originating preferably from Europe.
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Apr 24th, 2000, 08:00 AM
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I personally do not care for country-hopping, but of course preferences depend on what you like to see and do in each of the countries you visit. China, Japan, India - you can spend 2 weeks in each of them. Some folks suggest a general overall tour of an area to get a feel for which particular one you want to spend more time in. That is not my idea of touring either and spending a few days in an Asian city will not give a feel for what an entire country is.
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Apr 24th, 2000, 10:47 AM
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I agree with CB. Two weeks is barely enough time to get a feel/flavor for any country, let alone those as big as China and India. I am very familiar with China and know that one cannot really see Beijing and the surrounding area in two weeks.
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